Monday, April 30, 2007

The Blustery Day

I got nothing, really. I pretty much slept all weekend. Saturday I woke up and there was a major dust storm going on with really high winds. I managed to muster the energy to take some pictures, which really don't do it as much justice as some video would have:
The wind blew my chair around like a paper bag!It snapped branches off the trees like toothpicks.
The sky kept growing more angry looking by the minute. Did it RAIN? Nope. It "tinkled."
Today it's supposed to reach 95. Summer's arrived in the desert. Thank God I'm not gonna be moving in this heat.
Happy Monday, kiddos!
Treble Sweaty

Thursday, April 26, 2007

For the LOVE of PETE, STOP!!!

I went home early today, again feeling "truck-hit." Work is pretty cool with it, all that "take care of YOU" shit and everything...

Now Moms is sick as hell now. Mind you, she's not one to go to the doc, but she did, and they've been making HER stay home, not knowing what's going on. Same kind of URI shit I'm dealing with, but if she's not better tomorrow, they're gonna put HER ass in the hospital.

WTF?! We're good peeps! Hardly hurt a fly, for cryin' out loud!!!

Can we GET a fucking BREAK here???!

Surgery's rescheduled for May 15, God willing.

Happy Friday, kids.

Treble Screaming I'm Frustrated

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Visitor

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm gonna have another visit from "auntie" before this is all said and done. AND I'm gonna have to buy tampons again. I was gonna give my last one away as a "parting gift" to my boss as a joke. Ha bloody ha, get a good laugh in (sorry for that one, guys). I'm sick, weak, and tired of whining about this fucking surgery already. You guys are probably sick to death of it, too. Just get me well and cut me already! DAYAM!

The other day, I had my french doors open to take in some of the fresh rainy air outside. I was up doing something, and B/F says, "um...we have a visitor."

This AMAZING looking cat jumps my porch and just strolls in, acting like he owns the place. I mean AMAZING. LIGHT caramel color with darker orange-ish rings around his tail, and BLUE eyes. The picture doesn't EVEN do him justice, but MAN he was friendly: Wish I could have gotten some shots in some better light. I am NOT a cat person, but I was ready to adopt this little guy. He couldn't have been more than 2, and just seemed to take a liking to me. Since I have a dog (who was NOT going ballistic, as she usually does around cats), I still decided I didn't need the drama of leaving the two of them alone while I was at work every day. Pet blood would be hard to explain to the landlord. I have enough shit to explain to them as it is, and there's enough drama here right now for a fucking reality show.

I put him back out on the porch with a saucer of milk and a little dog kibble.

Bad idea.

The next day, I got up, cracked the door for what's going to be the last of "cool" morning air for 5 or 6 months, took the dog out, came back in, went back to bed, was JUST getting back to sleep when B/F says, "uh...guess who's back..."

WHA-WHA-WHAT? Little guy came in, climbed right up on the bed, PAST the dog, and settled himself right in, purring his little ass off. My dog was nothing but curious. Holy shit. WTF? I'm NOT a cat person, and neither is my dog! Mads didn't even BUDGE, bark, chase, or growl.

I gave him some more milk and sent him on his way but he hasn't been back since (typical male, HA!). CUTE little bugger, though, I must say. And I gotta say, too, I miss him. He HAD to have been somebody's pet, but when he started clawing at my couch I started thinking, "hmm...male cat...they spray EVERYWHERE to mark their territory, and I SO can't stand the smell of cat piss."

I really hope he found a good home and didn't wind up in some cheapass Korean restaurant. Oh I know, bad joke. I can be SO not P.C. sometimes.

Happy HNT, ladies & gents.

Treble Kitty 4

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Surgerus Interruptus

(Brad, I apologize for my horrible Latin there.)

Here's the dealio:

Monday I was feeling "eh...okay," but figured, hey, I've got a week's more of antibiotics to take before they put me under, and my follow-up for the Parotid thing is Tuesday. Cool.


Tuesday morning I awoke at 5-ish in the a.m., shivering my ass off. We're talking, no matter WHAT I did I just couldn't get warm. No offense to anyone, but I felt like an epileptic under a strobe light, buried under snow having a fit. THREE thickass comforters, AGAIN, PLUS the heating pad by my shoulders, PLUS the dog on my feet, and you STILL could have used my chattering teeth in some weird B-rated horror movie. All you'd need are the bats/birds/werewolves crashing through the window. The computer graphics these days would have made me coughing up a lung nothing less than spectacular, I'm sure. Yes, it was green, and yes, I know that's gross. Just...EWW.

Okay. A little TMI here, but trying to keep it positive, right?

So when the doc's office opened I called to see if I could get in earlier. 1:30. Cool, I get to sleep. I also figured out how to work the alarm clock on my cell phone. Bonus. Right.

I TRIED to sleep. Hacking up lung after lung (how many lungs can a Lady HAVE?), I gave it up and took a shower, thinking it would make me feel better. Well, I gotta admit, feeling clean always makes you feel better. But I was still cold. VERY cold. And the pelting water even hurt my HAIR. Fever city. Back up to 102.7. I should try to dial that in as a radio station down here sometime.

It was 77 degrees when I left the house to go see the doc. I was wearing a heavy-duty sweatshirt, heavy socks & shoes, and a pair of jeans. UnTHINKable this time of year down here, but I was still shivering. SHEESH.

So docs says the parotid thing seems to have passed, but I have an upper respiratory infection.


Needless to say, surgery is hereby postponed until further notice (dammit!). I got some major serious (kickitouttame) antibiotics going on now, and I gotta say, since I've taken the first dose, I feel like I can breathe, and the coughing has gotten a HELLOFA lot better. Well, and the cough suppressant helps, too. HA!

Seriously...whomever has that fucking voodoo doll out there...I IMPLORE you to take the fucking PINS OUT! And while you're at it, get the black cloud off me while you're at it. Lol

Happy Hump Day, kiddos.

Treble Sick In Bed

Monday, April 23, 2007

Laughing My Fool Head Off!

Pre-op went GREAT. I really like this guy. I told him to just cut along the dotted lines, which made him laugh. I like a doc with a great sense of humor. Moms couldn't go with me, 'cause now SHE's sick. Does the fun EVER end with this family? Pops is doing WAY better, and his doc gave him clearance to go see "The Pink Floyd Experience" last night(which we've been planning on for at least 6 months), so he and my brother went while I laid on the couch with 3 blankets trying to get warm. UGH, I really wanted to see that show.

Anyway, they gave me orders for new blood work, you know, for anemia, infection, to see whether I've been muling illegal drugs, and all that happy shit. The part that had me laughing so hard is that they want to do a PREGNANCY TEST. When he told me that I about fell outta my chair giggling. He says, "I know, it's about 99.9% sure that you're NOT, but it's standard procedure. Okay, doc, whatever you say. More giggling. Then he got down to business about the 1% risk that they could knick my bowels or bladder or something.

Just what I wanted to hear, but ONE-PERCENT is nothing, and he says he's done thousands of these procedures. I asked if he could order a sedative with my starter IV - no problem, "we need to keep your blood pressure under control, and being calm before you get into the O.R. is a good thing...just don't expect a heavy buzz." LMAO. BTW, the BP was 124/74...EXCELLENT! OH...and the even BETTER news...NO ENIMA! WAHOO! (I know, gross-gross-gross. y'all are welcome for that visual.)

He did say that if I'm not over this "whatever it is" that's been causing me grief, we'd have to postpone. Again. I was afraid of that. I've got my follow up appointment for that gland thing tomorrow afternoon, so while I'm out and about I might as well have the vampires at my arm and get it over with. GOD I hate needles...

SO! LOTS of rest, a good episode of Heroes, which starts for me in about 1/2 an hour, some comfort food Stouffer's lasagna, and off to bed.

Happy Tuesday, peeps! 7 more days!!! Hope everyone's week started out with a GOOD bang.

Treble Doctor

Sick Weekend

I was sick all damn weekend. Apparently this stone in my Parotid gland backed up all that poison into my system. I felt like I got hit by a truck, with a 102+ temperature, aches, pains, all that happy shit. I'm still on the antibiotics and my fever broke around 3 this morning. Unfortunately I couldn't get back to sleep, what with my dog snoring like a buzzsaw and the coughing waking me up. I think the worst is over.

Speaking of the worst being over, they sent pops home yesterday. I was too sick to go over and see him, but plan on calling sometime today.

I have my pre-op appointment with the doc today, too. Yikes, only 8 more days to go and I'm off to morphine heaven. This should be interesting. Moms is going with me for moral support. That could be one of the reasons I'm not sleeping well these days, too, knowing I've got so little time. I just gotta keep telling myself that this is for the best and things will only get better after that.

I think I'm going to stay here in this apartment for another 6 months, if we can work out some kind of deal. That'll give me more time to pack, do some minor repairs, and not stress out so much while I'm recovering. We'll see what they have to say.

Happy Monday!
Treble ShockNervous 2

Thursday, April 19, 2007

Stepping Stones

Pops looked HORRIBLE when I went to visit this afternoon. I bawled like a little girl all the way home. BUT!!! When I talked to him later in the evening, he sounded a LOT better, and even talked about the turkey sandwich he got for dinner. His breathing sounded a lot better.

They're still trying to get rid of the fluid around his heart and trying different meds, and his temperature is WAY down.

MY GOD the TUBES on him everywhere are just NUTS. They're toying around with the idea of an angiogram on Friday. The ultrasound on his heart showed that the left ventrical is weak. If they can't get his heart rate under control, they'll have to go in and "shock it." FUCK.

I totally hated seeing him like that. I am NOT ready for this shit. NOT. I've decided to make a HARD effort to quit smoking, although stress and anxiety just make me want to smoke more. It's amazing I'M not having a fucking heart attack what with work, home, and upcoming surgery shit. JEEZ. Will Mother Nature just get this BLACK CLOUD OFF OF ME??? Who's got the fucking voodoo doll, for crying in a bucket!? Take the PINS OUT!

Then again, I talked to my girlfriend in Virginia, and THEY'RE going through hell because of all that insane bullshit at VA Tech. My thoughts and prayers are with THOSE families, for sure.

DEEP BREATHS. LOTS of 'em. And LOTS of prayers, if ya got 'em.

And hopefully, some SLEEP tonight.

Hope everyone has a happy, healthy, stress-free weekend.

Treble Prayer Love ya, Pops!

And the Fun Never Ends...

Yesterday I went to work, even tho I felt like crap. I needed to get March billing closed out so we could start on April and attempt to get caught up. Once I got that done, I was gonna just go home and collapse and get the rest the doc says I need to get over this Parotid gland thing.

Oh, but nay.

Around 11:30 I get a phone call from moms, who says she's at the E.R. waiting for the ambulance to bring pops in. It's his heart again.


Of course I dropped everything and went down there. The last two times weren't NEARLY as scary as this one. They managed to get him stablized, but admitted him anyway. Thank GOD he was as the doc's office when all this went down.

Needless to say, I'm a little freaked out and I didn't get much sleep last night.

And I still feel like crap.

Hey! I'll have six weeks to rest, right? ha ha.

Happy HNT.

And the Fun Never Ends...

Yesterday I went to work, even tho I felt like crap. I needed to get March billing closed out so we could start on April and attempt to get caught up. Once I got that done, I was gonna just go home and collapse and get the rest the doc says I need to get over this Parotid gland thing.

Oh, but nay.

Around 11:30 I get a phone call from moms, who says she's at the E.R. waiting for the ambulance to bring pops in. It's his heart again.


Of course I dropped everything and went down there. The last two times weren't NEARLY as scary as this one. They managed to get him stablized, but admitted him anyway. Thank GOD he was as the doc's office when all this went down.

Needless to say, I'm a little freaked out and I didn't get much sleep last night.

And I still feel like crap.

Hey! I'll have six weeks to rest, right? ha ha.

Happy HNT.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007



What am I...EIGHT? I went to the doc, thisclose to surgery, because my throat's been bothering me for the last couple days and if I get sick they just won't do the "getitthefuckoutomy" I've been needing/dreading for the past year. Doc wasn't available, so the nurse practitioner came in. She feels me up and tells me she thinks I have the mumps. YES, I said MUMPS.


NP says she needs to pull DOCTORMAN in for a sec, even though HE's the one I wanted to see in the first place. We won't go there... HE says, "yeah, you have all the symptoms for mumps, but from what I'm seeing, your Parotid gland might have a STONE."


Okay...kidney stones I could deal with. Gallstones, maybe. But passing a stone through one of my salivatory glands? (insert gagging noises here) HOO BOY. I asked, "HOW does one actually PASS a STONE through there?" The NP replied, "well, it comes out in your mouth. Most people don't even know it's there."

I'm thinking..."'d be kinda like eating Grape Nuts, right? You're just munching away on a cheeseburger or a salad something and all of a sudden.....'OH! CRUNCH...musta been that Parotid stone I've been wanting to pass for so long...' EEWWW. "

Sorry, but that is SO SERIOUSLY not getting it for me.

All this, my hair is beyond short and WAY beyond the color it needs to be, I feel like shit, and I might have to postpone the "getitoutomy" yet again.


My only salvation was brotherman's suggestion to go HERE . God only knows why the Blackeyed Peas did their original version of this, but God bless Alanis for her parody. I sure as hell need the laughs right now.

Happy Hump Day, kiddos. Thank god it's not "mump day." ha ha

BTW: Has ANYONE seen NONNY? Seriously.


Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Weeks Out

That's fourteen days. YEP, I'm starting to shake a little bit. I really wish surgery was tomorrow. Tying up loose ends and dealing with the nightmares! I'll get over it, that's just who I am.

So far, training replacement newbie is going well, and dealing with "old newbie" and her "I'm not the center of attention anymore" bullshit is on my last nerve. We shall see. DAGNABBIT I wish there was more we could trust her with to occupy her time. What a piece of work. Some people just don't GET the fact that you GO to work to WORK, and not socialize and shit like that. Life isn't all about flavored creamers and what's for lunch. SHEESH.

I know once I'm done sleeping my ass off that I'll probably be calling in there daily to check on shit. Sad, but at the same time, this is the first time I've really cared about a job this much.

OH!!! Rain came out of NOWHERE today. This morning, blue skies. Right around 12/1'o'clock, clouds just built up and it got windy, cold and NASTY rainy. I would've LOVED it, had I not been IN it doing an "office supply run." Still...pretty cool for this time of year down here.

Happy Hump Day, people!

Barenaked Ladies

I can't figure out how to post videos on my blog. I feel like an idiot. Who do I have to blow to get a little help in that department? Hitman used to be my go-to guy, but he's kinda MIA. I did talk to him briefly over the weekend but he was preoccupied. He DID send me some pics of a snowstorm he got, but I've been preoccupied, too. Training a newbie replacement gives me NO time and exhausts me.


I WANTED to post a YouTube video I found, but couldn't for the LIFE of me figure out HOW to do it. I DID manage to find and subscribe to "Stumble" (or is it 'StumbleUpon?'), which is a pretty cool site and gives me cool shit every time I hit the button it decided to install on my toolbar. Hopefully this will keep me enthralled while I'm laying in bed with my morphine/demoral/percosets (however you spell that stuff) and bored out of my mind in a couple of weeks. ha ha.

video kicked my butt. I laughed so hard I cried (and watched it about 20 more times). I've always liked BNL, but never really realized it until I started getting into "The Bathroom Sessions" on YouTube. I LOVES me some unplugged stuff. Their "Down to Earth" bathroom version also kicked ass. Check it out!

God bless YouTube. God bless us, everyone...

Happy Monday.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Movus Interruptus

I was supposed to start moving this weekend...kind of a transition from one apartment to another, right across the parking lot. Sure, the place was in a little alcove, but there's no traffic and no brats throwing shit at my dog. I could live with that for a year while I'm adjusting to being an "it" after my surgery. NOPE. They evicted the guy and can't get him to get his shit outta there. Yeah, I mentioned this previously, and they're asking me if I can wait until mid-May.

UM HELLO??? I TOLD them I was having major surgery May 1. Does FOUR TO SIX WEEKS RECOVERY TIME mean ANYTHING to you? I GAVE my 30-day notice. HELL, they have known about this shit for almost FOUR MONTHS, verbally. Yeah. Verbally. Bad mistake. Maybe it should have been ORALLY, except it's all chicks working in the apartment office. EWW!

The property manager said they could keep me in the same apartment until I'm able to move, BUT, when asked about whether it could be at the new cheaper rate or at least the same rate I'm paying, the answer was, "Well, I'll see what I can do and get back to you." Haven't heard anything since, and this was Monday.

Suggestions, at this late in the game? Anyone? Beuller? Beuller? Almost all my shit is packed, so I'm kind of living out of boxes. I feel like a homeless person with a fucking shopping cart. I'm stepping lightly so I don't stub my toes on all the boxes and furniture I've been gradually moving into the den (where the puter is).

I've been packing for weeks, and NOW they tell me this shit? I've been here FOUR YEARS and they are totally screwing me. This shit's been going on since the staff changed. I think it's too late in the game now to hurry up and move to another complex, but quite frankly, even in this "high-end" neck of the woods, it really feels "ghetto-ish" lately.

Hey, but at least I won't ever have to buy tampons again, and it's Friday, and I have more time to ... pack more shit. OH! And no more pre-op tests are required. I came in just under the wire from the ones I had when this shit was FIRST scheduled and Cigna bent me over and denied it.

Oh, yeah, and we got a storm last night. The wind was FIERCE and I thought one of the pine trees was gonna snap and fly through my french doors. I'm so paranoid.


Have a safe, healthy, happy weekend!!!
Treble Thunderstorms

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Pizza Slut

Here's the deal. ANY "Lover's" pizza for $9.95. I had a LONG day at the office, during which I found out that the apartment I THOUGHT I'd be moving into would NOT be ready, they evicted the cat but they can't get ahold of him to collect his shit. "By LAW," I was told, they have to keep his stuff here for a certain amount of days, and asked if I can I wait until mid-May. Um, sorry, I'll be on a morphine drip...more on that later.

Anyway, brotherman and I wanted a pizza. I ordered said pizza. I was told the pie would be here in 30-45 minutes. Pretty typical, and it was still pretty early in the evening. An hour and fifteen minutes later, no pie. So I called them. The guy who answered said, "Oh, yeah, um, the girl who took your order forgot to write down your apartment number." (They DID have my phone number, NO?) He thanked me for my patience and said they'd re-do the order and have it out to me within 1/2 hour, and it would be free. Okay, I could live with that.

An HOUR later, still no pie, so I called again and asked for the manager, who sounded like she was about 12. I also asked if she had the number for their corporate office. She apologized and told me the driver was on his way and the pizza would be here "probably in the next 5 minutes."

FORTY-FIVE MINUTES LATER, no pie. This time, brotherman called them., saying that this was unacceptable. The guy who answered says, "wait a minute, FUCKER, I'll get the MANAGER for you." Managerlady gets on the phone and starts calling brotherman an ASSHOLE (true!), tells him how impatient he is, and proceeds to hang up on him.

I called their corporate office (*cough* outsourced call center *cough*), they apologized all over the place and practically said I'd get free pizza for life. I could care less about the pizza at this point, I just wanted the staff fired. This store is .79 miles from my house. Not even a mile, and they can't deliver me a pizza within the time frame they first gave me? UNACCEPTABLE. It's taking everything I have not to stop in there after work today and give them a piece of my mind. I never did eat dinner, and woke up starving. Anyone know of a place that'll serve a slice for breakfast?

Treble Pizza Parlor

Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am SO sick of packing. It's a GREAT thing I'm moving just across the way and not across country, or I'd REALLY be in trouble about now. The dusting/cleaning is the worst of all. Down here in dustbowl country, it collects every few DAYS, and when the weather's nice mornings/evenings and you can keep the doors/windows open, dusting is incessant!!!

I haven't touched base with the leasing office lately, so I don't even know whether my new apartment will be ready for me to start moving this weekend or not. This is stressing me out, as I've got a LITTLE over 3 weeks to be out of here. That and the clutter of boxes adding up is driving me absolutely BATSHIT. And I really hate to clean. Y'all know what it's like to move and leave everything "acceptable," right? UGH.

And the nightmares. OH, the nightmares and waking up wondering if I forgot to do something at work. I keep a notepad by my bed so I remember the loose ends I need to tie up. Just knowing I have to train someone beginning Thursday, I've got a list a mile long. Oh, and yeah, folks, she's 23. Bosslady and I are REALLY worried about the two "youngsters." Talk about having to babysit. JEEZ. It's been bad enough with just ONE. Hopefully they won't butt heads (#1 is as politically/religiously opinionated and hardheaded ~ and outspoken about BOTH ~ as you can get and doesn't do well with stress). On the flip side, HOPEFULLY they won't put their I-pods and text-messaging skills together and fuck off all day. HOLY SHIT. What if you COMBINED the two scenarios? LMAO NOW I'm super stressing. Lord knows I don't need THAT kind of rat's nest when I get back. Just throw me in the lab fixing shit and I'd be happy.

Deep BREATHS!!!! NOT my problem while I'm gone, but I know me, and I'll probably be calling my boss once or twice a day while I'm freaking out being bored in bed. Well, when I'm not eating broth and jello, catching up on my movies, and crocheting slippers for everyone going through hell at work while I'm gone. ha ha.

Tomorrow: Palo Verde trees. Even though their blossoms are yellow, and verde means "green" in spanish. Go figure. Oh wait. Palo....doesn't that mean "pale" in Spanish? hmm...thinking out loud here.

They really are pretty vibrant. And in full bloom. No WONDER I've been sneezing my ass off the past week or so...

Happy Hump Day, kiddos!
Treble Morphings Lips

Monday, April 9, 2007

Nothin' But Blue Skies...

I have cramps. AGAIN. I know, I know, enough with the whining already.

Thing is, this is the LAST TIME I'm going to go through this shit. I'm excited. I'm scared. I'm happy but sad and more than anything, afraid that I'm going to grow a mustache or get hair on other parts of my body. If I do, I'll be sure to post pictures. It's been bad enough that I get a "man hair" on my chin once in awhile. Then again, there's always a career in the circus, right? I've heard the bearded lady makes twice as much as I do right now. Hey, I can eat pizza from a cup just as well as Steve Martin did in "The Jerk."

Anyway, thought I'd share some pretty cool pics of the sky from the other day, since I have nothing better to post and I have to get back to packing. OH, the joys of moving.

I'm working on getting some shots of some bright yellow blooms from the palo verde trees near the building next door. They seem most vibrant in the mornings and late afternoons. Really quite stunning!
Treble Tree

Sunday, April 8, 2007

HOLY Pierogis, Batman!!!

Pierogies!!! Miles and MILES of pierogies...
THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY-FOUR of these suckers were made this year. I think we only lost about ten to the boiling water, which is REALLY good!

What a fun day, Friday. Even when you're working your ass off MAKING these suckers, it's still not work. Brotherman actually got the day off this year, and that made it even MORE fun(when the mofo wasn't pushing my buttons, dickhead). Still, we didn't get done boiling/frying until 5pm. We gave a LOT of them away. Brotherman said we should start charging these people for their "orders." Oh HELL YEAH! I felt like a kid in one of Kathy Lee's sweat shops! Did I want to pack to move this weekend? HELL no, but I did. I managed to get all my shelves off the walls, only to expose MORE work to be done. Good thing I like to spackle and have leftover pierogi for fuel.

Hope everyone had a really happy Easter. I know I did. Too much ham, but we did it up "picnic style" this year with potato salad and beans. Not to mention it was another great family kodak moment. It's not too often we have those with our busy lives these days.

Happy Easter Monday!
Treble Easter Basket Easter Lilies

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Sad Kermit

I LOVE the muppets. LOVE 'em!

The afternoon DJ on the radio said he'd seen the craziest thing he's seen in a long time. He played a little bit of it on the air, but it seems that Kermit's lyrics don't exactly agree with the FCC's rules. I think it's a bunch of horseshit, but then again, I'm not one to be easily offended. I could go off on a tangent about that, but I won't. All I have to say is, if you don't like what's being said or done or exposed, CHANGE THE FUCKING CHANNEL.

Okay. Maybe a little tangent. And I digress, as usual...

Lady K's DISCLAIMER: NOT for children's eyes!

This shit
takes the cake. I knew it was only a matter of time before someone got too high and decided to fuck with Jim Henson's furry friends.

There are some pretty messed up videos on that site. I couldn't stop laughing, even though I know it's just plain wrong. "Creep" is especially nostalgic, but still just plain wrong.

I have Friday off for Pierogi Day, so I may not post. Early to rise, early to stuff Polish noodle dough. I'll post pictures, as usual. I'm sure we'll break our record numbers from last year! Everybody wants some!

Treble Frog 3 Polish(wish I could explain how to pronounce it ~ in essence, it means "good day" in Polish)

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All Systems Go...

...and the countdown begins. I got the news today that my surgery has finally been approved. Wow. May 1 I'm finally getting the plumbing taken out.

I can't say that I'm TOTALLY thrilled about it, but knowing I can't have kids and have been living in so much pain for so long it's kind of a relief. I guess all these mixed emotions are pretty normal. LOL I'm sure there will be more, if I don't take the hormone meds they give me. HA!

My apartment complex is working with me to start getting me into my new place around the middle of this month, so I won't have to be stressing right before surgery. Some of the guys at work said they'd help me move the big stuff, too. Even MORE excitement! There are boxes EVERYWHERE (which is driving me crazy~I hate clutter), and every chance I get I pack a few things here and there. I even know where I'm going now, and know the layout of the place, so that makes packing a little easier. I may not be completely UNpacked by the time I'm in recuperation mode, but at least everything will be there and once I'm up and about I can do a little at a time till the doc releases me to get back to work.

Am I happy? Yeah. Am I freaking out a little bit? OH YEAH. Am I freaking out a LOT? Eh...I don't think it's completely sunk in just yet. At least I have things to keep me busy for now.

Everything happens for a reason. The other day, one of my dearest friends gave me a book by Alexandra Stoddard entitled, "Choosing Happiness." I'm only about 15 pages into it, but it's already giving me a different outlook on life. It really is a great inspirational book. AND, "The Karate Kid" came on cable tonight. Wax on, wax off. I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE this movie!

I DO have to say, though, I liked Ralph Macchio more in "Crossroads" ~~ the 1986 movie, NOT the cheese/sleeze Brittany Spears movie from 2002. Rent the older one; the music in it ALONE is worth the $3.95!

Hope everyone has a happy Hump Day!

Treble Nervous 2 Karate