Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Years Later...

End of the World yeah, sure, I got a cat, same thing. Sue me. What can I say, I kept a promise.

I'm convinced the cat (Larry, Sir Lawrence of Olivier, LONG and funny story)

we call him "Fat Boy, Fred, Meestah Meeestah....HEY YOU, terrorizor of my DOG, whatever.

For all intents and purposes, I'm just gonna call him "dickhead."

Dickhead doesn't want me to finish school with a 4.0. Fatboy wants to keep walking on my head while I try to sleep.

Larry is an Asshole. Larry likes to terrorize the dog. We are talking several "BAPBAPBAP's to the k-9 nasal area daily. Said dog was here first.

Like I said Larry is an asshole.

Larry's time will come. Little does Larry know that he and the aforementioned Dog will be best friends before .... hmmm..let's just say Labor Day is coming...

holy shit has it been a year??