Monday, April 16, 2007

Two Weeks Out

That's fourteen days. YEP, I'm starting to shake a little bit. I really wish surgery was tomorrow. Tying up loose ends and dealing with the nightmares! I'll get over it, that's just who I am.

So far, training replacement newbie is going well, and dealing with "old newbie" and her "I'm not the center of attention anymore" bullshit is on my last nerve. We shall see. DAGNABBIT I wish there was more we could trust her with to occupy her time. What a piece of work. Some people just don't GET the fact that you GO to work to WORK, and not socialize and shit like that. Life isn't all about flavored creamers and what's for lunch. SHEESH.

I know once I'm done sleeping my ass off that I'll probably be calling in there daily to check on shit. Sad, but at the same time, this is the first time I've really cared about a job this much.

OH!!! Rain came out of NOWHERE today. This morning, blue skies. Right around 12/1'o'clock, clouds just built up and it got windy, cold and NASTY rainy. I would've LOVED it, had I not been IN it doing an "office supply run." Still...pretty cool for this time of year down here.

Happy Hump Day, people!


captain corky said...

I'm going to try to keep you entertained while you are recovering Lady K, and I'm definitely going to be here for support.

Lady K said...

cork ~ you're sweeter than chocolate. I'll be here for you, too, when you're not getting ANY sleep. Feel that baby kicking for me, will ya?

limpy99 said...

I go to work to blog. That's not wrong is it?

Big Pissy said...

I used to go to work to blog.

Then I decided to quit work and just blog all the time. ;-)

Lady K said...

limpy ~ I WISH I could blog at work.

BP ~ give me two weeks and y'all will be sick of me.