Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Storm Pics

I know I haven't been around much and feel guilty about being so lazy but hey, I gotta make sure all my insides stay in working order, right? I thought the first two weeks would be the toughest, but this last week has been a bear. Emotionally I'm great, it's just the physical shit that's killing me right now. I will say that the doc did an EXCELLENT job. Once this incision heals and fades, I'll hardly be able to see it.

Anyway, brotherman has been coming over practically every day since he got back from vacation to make sure I'm alright. Well, that and he knows I have food. LOL Yesterday we got a brief but pretty intense storm and I thought I'd share pictures, since that's pretty much my life right now. Oh, that and I got my flower box mounted and planted some Vinca. Enjoy, and keep the good vibes coming.
Hope everyone's having a great week, and has a safe, happy Labor Day weekend!!!
Treble Labor Day 1

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Shoot Me...

I've been so bored I can't stand it. Making myself stay put is killing the fuck out of me. I went to Michael's the other day and got a latch-hook rug for one of the bathrooms. OOH. Yesterday I made/simmered spaghetti sauce. Yea. Everything wears me out. And they're only showing the "jump the shark" episodes of "Charmed" in the morning (the ones with that stupid "BILLIE" ho), so I'm forced to watch The Price is Right. Don't get me wrong, Bob Barker is cool and all, but come ON...bring on the Drew already.

Today, I woke up and the "nummies" are gone in my belly. Holy fucking SHIT, the pain is indescribeable. And my incision itches. I "rub/scratch" it, but because the numbness has worn off, the nerve endings just scream. I'm out of pain meds, and ibuprofen barely handles this shit.

I know I made the right decision, getting this done and all, but FUCK I wish it was over already. I thought it was, but the second part is sucking pure hairy ass.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Convalescent Pictures

I promised I'd post pics of the flowers and such when I had a chance. Here ya go!
Flowers just seem to make all the difference. That's me in the corner of the mirror. I didn't take pics while I was in the hospital. Have you ever tried to focus a camera with a demerol buzz? Yeah...didn't think so.

Cool balloon! When it finally started dying, I was still at the 'rents, so I pulled it open, walked out into the living room with a big breath of helium and said, "thanks for the really made me feel better." They laughed their asses off. Guess you had to be there, but I really needed my "tummy pillow" because we laughed so hard.

This is where I was, pretty much 24/7. God bless mom for lending me her laptop, even if it WAS just dial-up.

You know me, can't pass up a great cloud pic.

Owl Central...those little buggers kept me up with their screeching every night! I'm actually missing it now.

I took this the day I came home, hoping it was gonna rain. No dice. Friday night, though, we got a great storm, and there's promise of more where that came from tonight.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! The smiley mug below held a beautiful bouquet of daisies and yellow roses. They think they know me, huh?

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Free at LAST!!!

Holy shit, I am EXHAUSTED.

I got up early to say "bye" to pops before he went to work and to thank him for taking vacation time to take care of me. I called him this evening to reiterate. It meant a lot, even though we didn't get to do a "Mini Floyd Day" last week. We still had a blast.

Moms took the day off to take me to the doc, grocery shopping, and all around make sure I was alright to be "on my own."

We decided to do the grocery shopping before the doc appointment. Holy FUCK!!!

TWO HOURS in the grocery store took it OUT of me, we came back to my place to put the "perishables" away, then back to their house for a few, then it was off to the doctor.

I told him I changed my mind and asked if he could put everything back. He just says, "OH, Lady K, I KNOW you're just kidding me, right??? LMAO!

"Everything looks good, you're healing wonderfully, you look great..."

I get another 3 weeks off, and, in the meantime, I'm "allowed" to take a bath AND get into the POOL!!! (Read: work more on my TAN, yeah!)

I have canned goods for DAYS all over my countertops. My girlfriend is gonna come down and help me unpack the last of my stuff and get my kitchen organized. I know, I know...Lady K??? Needing help organizing her KITCHEN??? Y'all just WAIT for my first REAL dinner pictures here...

I know where I want things, just don't have it in me to be running around the place at the moment.

I'm just happy to be HOME, and so is the Madster! First thing she did was climb up on the couch with me to reconnect. I've really missed that. The leaning was a bit much, so she got down and reconnected with everything else. LUCKILY, no carpet accidents. She was more interested in making sure nobody took her hidden bones or toys. I couldn't help but giggle. Cutie girlie-girl.

OH! And NOTHING, and I mean NOTHING, NOT a WORD of CN, even with mom accidentally setting off her car alarm while we were unloading the groceries. I'm surprised he didn't have the "neighborhood watch" all over the place.

Happy HNT! Wanna see my scar??? LOL

Treble Recliner

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Creepy Neighbor

Remember the incident in my parking lot the first week I moved into my new apartment? My next door neighbor came over to make sure everything was alright, then the maintenance/security guy showed up, and they both assured me they were part of the "neighborhood watch." I was grateful, and told them that I'd be away for a couple weeks because I was having my boobs done.

(I didn't really say that, it just made me giggle ~ doesn't take much these days.)

Anyway, my next door neighbor said he'd keep an eye on my place while I was gone, and got my cell number "just in case" anything looked wonky. Fine, whatever, I knew brotherman would be going over there every couple days to gather mail and check the place out, too, so I wasn't worried.

After surgery, I'm in the hospital, and creepy neighbor (CN) calls me to see "how I'm doing." Okay...I think it's a nice gesture, tell him I'm okay, he chit-chats for awhile, says things are quiet on the homefront, good...great...see ya around when I get home. Whatever.

Next day, still in the hospital, CN calls. Again. Wants to talk. At this point I'm enjoying my Demerol buzz and jello, watching Regis & Kelly, and really don't want to talk. He says he's collecting my newspapers for me. Okay. Got it. Later.

I get to the 'rent's house. CN calls me. AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN. Once he even called me after 11pm, asking whether or not he should KEEP said newspapers. I just told him to pitch 'em, as it would only be old news by the time I got home and I'm getting enough network news shoved down my throat every night anyway, and I didn't even ask for the subscription anyway.

THE NEXT MORNING, he calls me up asking whether or not he should throw the papers away. "YES, I told you that last night when you called," I said. "Oh, that's right." I told him I didn't want to talk, so we hang up. FIVE MINUTES LATER he calls again, I didn't answer, but he leaves a voice mail saying, "I went ahead and called the paper and told them to stop sending them."

Who the FUCK? What gives HIM the right to DO something like that? I met the dude ONCE, under duress!!! CREEPY!

He kept calling every day, then last Sunday I finally answered. "I've got bad news," he says. Okay, I bit. "What's up?" He proceeded to tell me that he and his wife and kid were probably going to move soon, got some deal where they could rent to own a house nearby. "I definitely want to stay in touch," he says. Then he starts asking shit like, "so you're living alone?" and "Do you have a MySpace page? I've got one..." "What's your email address? I can send you funny jokes and stuff, and make sure you're okay..."

Uhhh...WHAT the FUCK?

Brotherman's on vacation, but one of my girlfriends is coming down this weekend to hang out, so I should be fine. Supposedly CN's a "stay-at-home-dad," but I've yet to see a wife or kid. Normally I give people the benefit of the doubt, but this is creeping me out, big time. Maybe I've been reading too many "psycho" books.

I'm a little nervous about going home now.

Hope you're all having a great day!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stir Crazy

I am going nuts around here. It's too hot to do anything outside except hang out in the pool, which I can't until the doc says it's okay. My 2-week follow up isn't until Wednesday afternoon.

After that I'll be home and at least have high-speed and cable, but still...

The highlight of last week was a trip to Michael's with my mom, then to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.

OOOOOHHHH!!!!!! (Actually I was so stoked I could hardly keep still when we got home. )

I know, pretty pathetic, huh?

What do you do when you're well enough to be up and about but don't have the doc's release to go back to work? (Not that I'm complaining about the "vacation" time.)

I got a small cross-stitching kit at Michael's. Bad idea. I got about 10 stitches into it and lost my place on the guide, then ended up having to rip out all the stitches. I should have started with one of those kid's beginner patterns, or one that had the picture printed on the matting, but the picture I picked out would just go "perfectly" in my guest bathroom. How do people have the patience to DO this? At this point I'm thinking a paint-by-numbers dealio would be better for me.

Better yet, I DO have a big ol' porch now, and have $34 left on a Home Depot gift card, and they have a pretty good garden center. Gardening is therapeutic, right? I've always wanted a nice herb garden. I also have a window box I can mount on my porch wall pretty easily and get some cool flowers. Hmm...

Have a great week, peeps!!


...or should I say, "SCREEECH!!!"

Okay, contrary to what you all might believe, I'm not sleeping my days away. I wish I could say that. I've been getting up early to the sounds of a screech owl that lives in the tall palm tree in my parents' backyard. My dad finally got a good pic of him, and when I finally get back to my real computer at home I'll try to post it. There are actually two. If I happen to get up in the middle of the night to smoke or something, they scare the hell out of me, flying out of their nest on the prowl, swooping by me with their loud screeching. I'm finally getting used to it.

That is my excitement right now. So far, every day is getting better, and I should be home by next Wednedsay. I feel like I could go now, but the 'rents won't have it until my first follow-up with the doc, so I'm being a good patient. I'm actually milking it for all it's worth. I've also discovered a new ice cream: Blue Bunny Peanut Butter Panic. It's worse than any addiction to pain meds I could ever have. Once this carton is gone, that's IT. NO MORE. I swear. I mean, really, how much do I have to eat to keep up my strength? How much strength do I need to just sit/lie and watch TV or read? I know they mean well but seriously.

I've watched several movies and read two books in this first week. I'll do reviews later, as I wouldn't want to bore you guys all in one sitting.

One movie I WILL mention, however, is Miss Potter. It recounts the life of Beatrix Potter, author and creator of "The Tales of Peter Rabbit" and such other children's books. I LOVED it and instantly thought of Alkelda. Girl, if you haven't seen it, I really think you'd love it. Rene Zellweger did a fantastic job.

Hope everyone's having a great week.


Monday, August 13, 2007

At a Loss...

For the life of me I haven't been able to think of anything to post.

Just wanted you all to know I'm still here, still alive and better every day, still on dial up,and still without cable. It's hell, but it's been really fun reconnecting with the 'rents.

They won't let me do ANYTHING, and I'm starting to like it. At first I was rebelling, and now I'm just gonna milk it for all it's worth. I won't be going home till sometime next week, so I might as well enjoy it while I can, right?

I'll probably do a post and comment on all your sites sometime tonight when there is absolutely nothing on. I actually broke down Saturday night and watched "America's Got Talent..." When I saw the Glamazons, I really thought I was hallucinating from the pain meds. (shudder) I can't believe they actually went on to the next round.

Happy Monday...with the heat being the way it is and me not allowed to get in the pool, it's gonna be a long week.

(insert smilies here)

Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Home!!!

Hey kids, they sprang me from the hospital yesterday. I'll be at my parents for the next week or so, and they have (Gulp) dial-up. Birdy, I feel your pain. It was tough enough being away from the computer for the few days I was, but then again I was all hepped up on Demerol, so what did I care? LOL

I'm still in bed for the next few days or so, taking it easy, getting up only to walk a little bit to keep my circulation going to avoid blood clots. I'd rather do that than have those weird leg-massager things on my legs. After 2 days my legs were all sweaty & itchy. Eww!

I can't say that my recovery in there was the most pleasant of experiences. I mean, don't get me wrong, the demerol was FANTASTIC!, EXCUSE ME. Let her WATCH and LEARN, isn't that what it's all about? Anyway, they had this numbing medication going into my incision through little tubes tied to a portable carry-pouch (similar to a fanny-pack) to keep it saturated so the vessels could heal (I still don't know what it was) and it kept leaking and messing up my gown. All they did was give me clean gowns. They tried to change it once, but put even thinner gauze on it and some kind of weird clear tape, but still ~ leaking. Come ON! Then they had a "head nurse" come in and look at it (at this point I didn't CARE who saw my nether region) and she said the tubes just weren't in far enough. So what does this "teaching nurse" do? Tries to shove it in there further so it wouldn't leak. It hurt like hell. Damn, when they took the catheter out it didn't even hurt as much. Not to mention, We're trying to get the deeper tissues to HEAL, not mess up the internal stitches.

Enough of that. I got the staples out before I left. The incision is CLEAN, and there should be minimal scarring. Now if they could only keep me in bed HERE I should be alright. It only hurts getting in/out of bed and having to stand up straight. I'm thankful that nobody will be coming in every 2 hours to check my vitals...

Thank you all for all your support. I got lots of flowers and took lots of pics. I won't subject you all to the way my stomach bruised ~ just gross. I'll post pictures when I get home. I don't have the cable to do it here, not to mention this IS dial up, right?

Have a GREAT WEEKEND, people!

(ma's laptop doesn't have smiley central, but you know they're there in spirit) :0D

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Here We GO!!!

Alrighty, ladies & gents, this is the furthest I've gotten in the "Let's Rip My Guts Out" saga...

I've only been going through this shit for almost a year. A cold, pneumonia, antibiotic(and probably alcohol)-induced liver enzyme elevation, low name it, SOMETHING was preventing it.

Friday I got the REAL DEAL clearance for surgery. I'm not scared.

... ... ...

Whadda you, MAD? Fuck that, I'm scared outta my wits. I'm not so scared that I won't wake up. To me this is just another cool buzz, right?


The minute the chick mentioned the word "catheter", I started with the anxiety. I have a thing about peeing. I mean, I can pee in front of people, no problem, but the thought of something being shoved up AND staying in my ... urethra for 24 hours just sounds fucked UP. THAT and people will be ABLE TO TELL WHEN I'M GOING! Just...EWW!

She tells me they'll put it in when I'm "under," and I won't feel a thing, but it won't come OUT for 24 hours. MEANING, I'm going to be AWAKE when they pull that shit OUT. NO THANX!!! THEN she tells me they'll be getting me out of bed, walking around, that night, WITH THIS THING HANGING OFF MY COOCH? Again...NO THANK YOU!

What in the... WHAT? How ruthless ARE these fuckers? OH, someone PLEASE tell me I'm gonna be better off when this shit is all over. I've got one more day, and one last meal. Starting noon Monday, it's all liquids and a POTENT laxative. I can't WAIT! Should be better than GO-CART RACING!!!

I'll try to send you all off tomorrow, if I have time, with something to remember me by for the next couple of weeks. Maybe some cool pics of the new crib. I got everything unpacked except for the cd's and video's. WOOT!

Hope you all had a good weekend. Happy happy happy, joy joy joy!
Treble Scared 1

Friday, August 3, 2007

Almost There!

It's Friday. I'm SO happy, but at the same time, the butterflies are starting.

I have a boatload of work to do around here to make sure this place is in order for when I finally get to come home after surgery, but I've got help, so it should be short work. I'm not letting the dog in the spare room, trying to keep it as sterile an environment as I can. Well, except for all the porn I'll be downloading during my recovery. HA!

Have a GREAT weekend, my peeps! I'll try to find time to post before I get cut.

Treble It's Friday

Wednesday, August 1, 2007


I was attacked right HERE IN MY NEW PLACE last night. Maddie woke me up around 11pm, wanting to go out. Usually, she can wait, but for her to keep nudging me with that cold nose...OKAY, ALREADY!

So we go out. It was drizzling, as it does this time of year, and the wind was blowing. She does her thing, and we turn to walk back and BAM! This gang of MEXICAN PUNKASS-PUNK ASSDARTS starts walking toward us, going, "aaayyyy,,,,chica, wit' da doggie..whassup, chica?" "Hey essay, check her OUT, mang..."

(HOLY SHIT) is the only thing going through my head. I just ignored them, and that seemed to piss them off more, so they approached us going, "ah, white girl not GOOD enough for us?" And one of them kicked my dog, hard enough to make her yelp. DO NOT FUCK WITH MY DOG! I got pissed and told them to knock it off and told them to just leave us alone, then one of the other guys said "get this white bitch, essay, she "things" she better than us," and then before I could start running, little fucker karate-kicked me in my ribs.

LUCKILY, I didn't fall down and I ran home and got in long enough to lock the door, and two minutes after that they threw an M-80 or some damn fireworks shit at my door.

I'm SO glad I moved HERE. FUCK.

Doesn't seem to matter WHERE I am in this country now, I am officially a MINORITY. I am NOW a CRACKER. Pretty soon *I'M* gonna need a fucking GREEN CARD.


I called the cops, they helped, my next door neighbor came over and helped out (what a way to meet your neighbor), and this morning you bet your ASS I told the office that if this is the kind of shit I can expect I want my security deposit AND my pet deposit back and I am OUT OF HERE.


The police told me that this is REALLY unusual for this neighborhood, and they've been looking for these little punks (not so little, in their TWENTIES, christ-would-you-graduate-already) for awhile.

What the FUCK have I gotten myself INTO here? I also met the "security guy," who's assured me that they will "beef up" their patrol at night. No offense, but he is also a "whitie."

Yeah. FUCK. This is just what I needed right now.

Happy HNT, kiddos! I'd moon you, but I'm busy barricading the place.
Treble Flag