Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Visitor

Yeah, yeah, I know I'm gonna have another visit from "auntie" before this is all said and done. AND I'm gonna have to buy tampons again. I was gonna give my last one away as a "parting gift" to my boss as a joke. Ha bloody ha, get a good laugh in (sorry for that one, guys). I'm sick, weak, and tired of whining about this fucking surgery already. You guys are probably sick to death of it, too. Just get me well and cut me already! DAYAM!

The other day, I had my french doors open to take in some of the fresh rainy air outside. I was up doing something, and B/F says, "um...we have a visitor."

This AMAZING looking cat jumps my porch and just strolls in, acting like he owns the place. I mean AMAZING. LIGHT caramel color with darker orange-ish rings around his tail, and BLUE eyes. The picture doesn't EVEN do him justice, but MAN he was friendly: Wish I could have gotten some shots in some better light. I am NOT a cat person, but I was ready to adopt this little guy. He couldn't have been more than 2, and just seemed to take a liking to me. Since I have a dog (who was NOT going ballistic, as she usually does around cats), I still decided I didn't need the drama of leaving the two of them alone while I was at work every day. Pet blood would be hard to explain to the landlord. I have enough shit to explain to them as it is, and there's enough drama here right now for a fucking reality show.

I put him back out on the porch with a saucer of milk and a little dog kibble.

Bad idea.

The next day, I got up, cracked the door for what's going to be the last of "cool" morning air for 5 or 6 months, took the dog out, came back in, went back to bed, was JUST getting back to sleep when B/F says, "uh...guess who's back..."

WHA-WHA-WHAT? Little guy came in, climbed right up on the bed, PAST the dog, and settled himself right in, purring his little ass off. My dog was nothing but curious. Holy shit. WTF? I'm NOT a cat person, and neither is my dog! Mads didn't even BUDGE, bark, chase, or growl.

I gave him some more milk and sent him on his way but he hasn't been back since (typical male, HA!). CUTE little bugger, though, I must say. And I gotta say, too, I miss him. He HAD to have been somebody's pet, but when he started clawing at my couch I started thinking, "hmm...male cat...they spray EVERYWHERE to mark their territory, and I SO can't stand the smell of cat piss."

I really hope he found a good home and didn't wind up in some cheapass Korean restaurant. Oh I know, bad joke. I can be SO not P.C. sometimes.

Happy HNT, ladies & gents.

Treble Kitty 4


captain corky said...

I love cats. I have two of them. When My little cat throws up the big one eats it. Pretty discusting! Yet I still love them both.

Lady K said...

cork ~ I don't hate cats, just prefer dogs. That cat was pretty darn cool, though.

Callie said...

I prefer cats to dogs. I have a male cat, and he doesn't spray. Then again, I had him snipped, so that seemed to fix any ideas he had about maybe trying to.

That cat is gorgeous! From the picture, though, it looks like he has huge paws.

limpy99 said...

If you fed him twice, he'll be back.

Lady K said...

callie ~ to each his own. Cats aren't bad, I had one as a kid, and hate the litter box thing. Then again, scooping dog poo isn't the best, either. The paws on this guy aren't what they seem in the picture, although it does look like he's gonna grow up to be a tiger.

limpy ~ I know, I know. I just couldn't help it. Ask me about the pet squirrels on our porch in OH growing up...they LOVED cookies.

Big Pissy said...

I am not a cat person.

At all.

I don't want to see them dead or anything, but....

Lady K said...

BP ~ I'm with ya there, but THIS cat was "different" somehow. I actually have been hoping he comes back. How sick am I?