Tuesday, April 10, 2007


I am SO sick of packing. It's a GREAT thing I'm moving just across the way and not across country, or I'd REALLY be in trouble about now. The dusting/cleaning is the worst of all. Down here in dustbowl country, it collects every few DAYS, and when the weather's nice mornings/evenings and you can keep the doors/windows open, dusting is incessant!!!

I haven't touched base with the leasing office lately, so I don't even know whether my new apartment will be ready for me to start moving this weekend or not. This is stressing me out, as I've got a LITTLE over 3 weeks to be out of here. That and the clutter of boxes adding up is driving me absolutely BATSHIT. And I really hate to clean. Y'all know what it's like to move and leave everything "acceptable," right? UGH.

And the nightmares. OH, the nightmares and waking up wondering if I forgot to do something at work. I keep a notepad by my bed so I remember the loose ends I need to tie up. Just knowing I have to train someone beginning Thursday, I've got a list a mile long. Oh, and yeah, folks, she's 23. Bosslady and I are REALLY worried about the two "youngsters." Talk about having to babysit. JEEZ. It's been bad enough with just ONE. Hopefully they won't butt heads (#1 is as politically/religiously opinionated and hardheaded ~ and outspoken about BOTH ~ as you can get and doesn't do well with stress). On the flip side, HOPEFULLY they won't put their I-pods and text-messaging skills together and fuck off all day. HOLY SHIT. What if you COMBINED the two scenarios? LMAO NOW I'm super stressing. Lord knows I don't need THAT kind of rat's nest when I get back. Just throw me in the lab fixing shit and I'd be happy.

Deep BREATHS!!!! NOT my problem while I'm gone, but I know me, and I'll probably be calling my boss once or twice a day while I'm freaking out being bored in bed. Well, when I'm not eating broth and jello, catching up on my movies, and crocheting slippers for everyone going through hell at work while I'm gone. ha ha.

Tomorrow: Palo Verde trees. Even though their blossoms are yellow, and verde means "green" in spanish. Go figure. Oh wait. Palo....doesn't that mean "pale" in Spanish? hmm...thinking out loud here.

They really are pretty vibrant. And in full bloom. No WONDER I've been sneezing my ass off the past week or so...

Happy Hump Day, kiddos!
Treble Morphings Lips


Big Pissy said...

Whatever you do, don't worry about what happens at work while you're gone.

Maybe the ipod and the cell phone will cancel each other out! ;-)

Lady K said...

BP ~ Everyone at work is really supportive so far, so I don't think there'll be much to worry about.

LMAO about the cell/ipod comment! I'm reading a book by Stephen King right now..."Cell." Supposedly anyone who got a call on their cell phone at a certain time of day went completely bonkers. Go figure.

Jerrster said...

do like Jim does in the TV show The Office...swipe their cell phones...toss them up into your office ceiling then call them....and watch them freek when they cant find them.....I so want to pull this someday.

Lady K said...

jerr ~ AWESOME! What a GREAT idea!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hey, Wilgefortes! Thursday's post is for you and my friend Marvin.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

P.S. Marvin is a girl.