Monday, April 23, 2007

Laughing My Fool Head Off!

Pre-op went GREAT. I really like this guy. I told him to just cut along the dotted lines, which made him laugh. I like a doc with a great sense of humor. Moms couldn't go with me, 'cause now SHE's sick. Does the fun EVER end with this family? Pops is doing WAY better, and his doc gave him clearance to go see "The Pink Floyd Experience" last night(which we've been planning on for at least 6 months), so he and my brother went while I laid on the couch with 3 blankets trying to get warm. UGH, I really wanted to see that show.

Anyway, they gave me orders for new blood work, you know, for anemia, infection, to see whether I've been muling illegal drugs, and all that happy shit. The part that had me laughing so hard is that they want to do a PREGNANCY TEST. When he told me that I about fell outta my chair giggling. He says, "I know, it's about 99.9% sure that you're NOT, but it's standard procedure. Okay, doc, whatever you say. More giggling. Then he got down to business about the 1% risk that they could knick my bowels or bladder or something.

Just what I wanted to hear, but ONE-PERCENT is nothing, and he says he's done thousands of these procedures. I asked if he could order a sedative with my starter IV - no problem, "we need to keep your blood pressure under control, and being calm before you get into the O.R. is a good thing...just don't expect a heavy buzz." LMAO. BTW, the BP was 124/74...EXCELLENT! OH...and the even BETTER news...NO ENIMA! WAHOO! (I know, gross-gross-gross. y'all are welcome for that visual.)

He did say that if I'm not over this "whatever it is" that's been causing me grief, we'd have to postpone. Again. I was afraid of that. I've got my follow up appointment for that gland thing tomorrow afternoon, so while I'm out and about I might as well have the vampires at my arm and get it over with. GOD I hate needles...

SO! LOTS of rest, a good episode of Heroes, which starts for me in about 1/2 an hour, some comfort food Stouffer's lasagna, and off to bed.

Happy Tuesday, peeps! 7 more days!!! Hope everyone's week started out with a GOOD bang.

Treble Doctor


captain corky said...

"SO! LOTS of rest, a good episode of Heroes, which starts for me in about 1/2 an hour, some comfort food Stouffer's lasagna, and off to bed".

Sounds like a great plan. I won't get a chance to watch Heros until dinner time on Tuesday, but I'm looking forward to it. Have a good Tuesday.

Fridaysweb said...

I'm thinkin of ya, toots. That 1% thing really isn't something to worry your pretty little head over. If you were at a higher risk, it would be because you've had polyps and/or cysts that have attacked your bladder and/or bowels in the past...even if you had, though, it's still only a slim chance (I've yet to see pigs fly for real).

The sedative post-op is definately the way to go. I barely remember anything between that sedative and waking up in post-op, but I'd have definately lost it had I been awake (although, I AM a great big pussy when it comes to doctors and hospitals). No enema...hallelujah! Praying the parotid thing goes away, too!

There's so much more I could say, but then I'd be writing a book. SO glad to hear your dad's doing better. Sorry you missed the Floyd thing, but just think how much better you'll feel if it comes back around in a few months or so! I'm here to tell you, every woman should be offered this surgery when they decide that kiddies are not an option or she's done having them! xoxo

Jerrster said...

You sound positive...that's a good sign right before surgery I'm thinking...good for you.

I knew Peter Petrelli wasn't dead who they trying to kid?

Lady K said...

cork ~ yeah man, it was really intense. I intend to watch it again.

birdy ~ see my next post. As for the Floyd dealio, turns out the doc let pops GO, which was SUPER good for his recovery.

jerr ~ shhh!!! Save the Cheerleader, Save the World...LOL I know exactly what you mean, I KNEW she'd pull that shit off.

Junebugg said...

Ain't that the way it always goes, "when it rain it pours... yada yada yada"

I'm sending warm fuzzy feelings your way and I'll add a prayer for you to the ones I'm saying for Sweet Thang

Lady K said...

june ~ my thoughts and prayers are with YOU, sister. BIG hugs to Sweet Thang. Wish I was there to help out.