Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today I got the "all clear" from my doc for next Tuesday. He's really happy that my liver enzymes are pretty much back to normal, but was concerned about my low potassium level. UH, HELLO??? Been sweating my ASS off moving for the past two weeks, what do you expect?! I figured the Gatorade I've been drinking would replace the electrolytes, but I guess I should have been eating more bananas, too. He put me on these HORSE PILL potassium supplements for a month. It's ALWAYS something.

Hey, at least it's all systems GO, right? NOW is the time I should enter some sort of bubble. ONE WEEK, and one DEEP BREATH. It's really REAL this time. LOL Somebody give me a sedative.

I'm pretty pissed at the so-called b/f for not being there as much as I needed lately. This could be the beginning of the end. Getting laid before I get cut isn't as important as knowing someone will be there. He's high most of the time, anyway, and I sure don't need that shit. Not that I don't wanna be high, and not that I don't have the means. Just think it's best that I stay focused. Is that selfish? Am I a bitch for thinking that way? I need people around me who GIVE A FUCK right now.

I'm OFFICIALLY out of the ever-growing ghetto. I called them this morning to tell them I was ready to do the walk-thru today, but never got a call back. I did one more check through the cupboards/closets, made sure everything was in order, and just dropped all my keys in the after hours slot at the office with a note telling them I had vacated. "Called about doing a final walk-through, but never received call back. Here are my keys." FUCK 'EM. They have fucked with me for the last time. That bitch NEVER returned my phone calls. I patched the wall, cleaned the shit out of the place (even tho I never paid a security deposit ~ I did it as a fucking COURTESY), so FUCK 'EM.

Brotherman has been SO GREAT, I treated him to some Kraft mac & cheese when we got the last little bit unloaded. He even vacuumed my old living room floor for me after he loaded up my bike and a few more little things while I was still at work. Friday and Saturday he's going to help me get unpacked and make the place ready for when I get home from the 'rent's after recovering for a couple weeks. He's even going to get me a new phone for my landline since the one I had at the old place took a dump a couple days ago. My "little-big bro."

I am REALLY stoked to be out of that hell-hole. Tomorrow night I plan on relaxing, but I know me, and will be unpacking and breaking down boxes. I HATE clutter. If not, I may just take a hot bubble bath and relax with a movie or something. I owe me, too, and need to stay healthy, clean, and relaxed.

Where all the morphine at??? LOL

Happy HAPPY hump day!!! WOOT!
Treble Puppy 1 Doctor WOO HOO!!! CUT ME, MICK!

Final Walkthrough!

After work today I'm doing my final walkthrough at the old place and bringing the LAST load of stuff to the new place. I can't wait, and should be home by 6:30 (let's hope), which will be the earliest I've been home in over a week.

My co-worker came down last night and fixed that hole in the wall. He did a fantastic job, and with some paint you're not even going to be able to tell the doorknob went through it.

THEN I get to start with the unpacking. The living room is full of boxes, as is the spare room, but I have a few safe havens ~ my bedroom, the living area proper, and the porch. I've definitely got my work cut out for me this weekend.

The dog has adjusted VERY well, not ONE accident so far! I think I was smart in bringing some of her personal things when I finally brought her up here last weekend, just to let her know it's HER place too.

I really need to concentrate on the spare room/den first, as that's where the higher bed is and where I'll be recuperating when I get home from my parents after surgery. THAT'S next TUESDAY morning. Yipes, it really came up fast! I'm still waiting for the results of my last blood test, but I'm pretty sure it should be fine and it'll be all systems go.

Sorry I haven't been around much, but I promise to post comments over the weekend.

Have a great day, kids!
Treble Recliner

Sunday, July 29, 2007

Postcards From the NEW Edge...

I busted ASS this weekend, kids. I'm exhausted. I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned the old apartment, and had one more load to do, but brotherman and I got into it because he thought I was taking too long, so he took off to the 'rent's. I finished what I was doing in about 20 minutes and just came back here (HOME!) and unloaded what I had in my car.

Ten minutes after I was in the door, MOMS calls me: "HEY, brotherman felt bad, said he wanted to go back to load up, but you were gone, so we're in the neighborhood on our way back to my house. Mind if we come by?"


They were here about 15 minutes, Moms LOVES the place and said, "Holy shit, good luck putting all this shit away." LOL She slays me.

I cleaned up, went over there for dinner (they now live literally FIVE minutes from me), then came home, took an unexpected nap (I'm just gonna lie down for a minute), and woke up just in time for these cool sunset shots from the new pad:
If I were a cat, I'd be SO purring right now. I'm a "dog person," and my dog is completely passed out behind my chair right now.
As soon as I took that pic, I got THIS:

Stevie Wonder is playing in my head right now..."Isn't she lovely? Isn't she won-der-ful..." This little girl is my WORLD. She's five, and is digging the new place, as am I. Okay. Time for bed, and my last week at the salt mine before the "final cut." Pink Floyd. Check it out.

Treble Puppy 1

Saturday, July 28, 2007

Another Deep Breath...

I am hereby moving to the state of FLUX. I LOVE that word because it rhymes with...well, you know...Yep, you know where MY mind is these days!

Friday's EKG was IDENTICAL to the one I had last October, so that is a GREAT sign that my heart is in the right place. They wanted a UA, but I ended up peeing all over my hands instead of in the cup (gross ~ I HATE that little cup), so I have to go back and do another one. (BTW ~ YES, I washed my hands, nonny, and doc and I had a good laugh over THAT shit.) They took blood right there and then, so peeps, KEEP YOUR FINGERS CROSSED that my enzymes are where they should be. If this shit gets postponed again, there's a good chance I'll drive my car off a cliff at the Grand Canyon.

Yeah, THAT'S an aphrodisiacal anecdote that'll get me laid before this surgery FOR SURE!

In other news, two of our local news helicopters crashed into each other Friday while trying to get footage of a police pursuit, and 4 people died. Some sick bastard took this photo:

I can't believe this happened right here. I mean, it's nothing compared to 911, but for our community's tight-knit news crew, it was one of the most tragic things we've ever witnessed. If you go to http://www.azcentral.com/, you can probably see footage. (It's like a train wreck-you can't NOT watch it.)

Luckily, they got the guy the cops were after. Supposedly, they are now charging him with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter. I'm not sure how I feel about that, but if it weren't for his stupidity, this tragedy would have never occurred.

I'll never get laid if this shit keeps happening...


Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monsoon Cometh!!!

I took this pic around noon-ish, and it started raining this afternoon, just as I was loading empty boxes into my car at work. I COULD bitch about it, but the temp dropped down to 79 and the humidity has my skin "just so," so I figured, "screw it, I gotta get this done, my hair will deal."

I busted ASS when I got to the old place. I want as much shit out of there as I can possibly get out so cleaning this weekend goes ever-so-smoothly. I made about a hundred trips to the dumpster. Luckily, I had a "garbage BOX," which is a LOT easier to load onto a portable dolly and run back and forth to the dumpster than a bunch of garbage bags, and holds a LOT more crap. PLUS, you can stack a couple of bags on top of the box and make short work! (Not so easy to "bounce" down the curbs ... my box with stacked bags tumbled into the parking lot TWICE and thank GOD nobody heard the salty profanities spewing from my mouth while I was righting said box/bags and grumbling my fucking ass all the way to the dumpster.)

Brotherman was supposed to help. I get there right after work...he's not home. DICK. The humidity felt about 100% and I was downing water like I'd been through the desert on a horse with no name.

After about the 50th dumpster run, he finally calls me and says, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Me: "Uh... I'm waxing my fucking CAR, nutsack, what the FUCK do you THINK I'm doing? Where have you BEEN, you said you would help, dillhole."

Bro: (Laughs his ass off) "Sorry, I went to the bar after work...I only had a few, I'll be over."
Butt Pirate MOFO.

I gotta hand it to him, though, he came over and busted ass, hauling shit to the garbage and then offered to pack a BIG load of boxes in his Explorer (by then it was raining again) and helped me get shit settled. I FINALLY got my little nightstand into my room, so that's pretty much done.

Yes, Nonny, moving SUCKS ASS and I don't think I will EVER do it again. Well, let's just say I've learned a lesson in NOT being such a packrat. Dang.

I'M HOME now, and calling it a night. MUST...STAY...HEALTHY!!! Of COURSE I'm going back tomorrow to go jungle ape on all the shit I'm throwing away. I MUST say it's been kinda cool destroying useless things I haven't used in over 4 years. The sound of breaking glass in a dumpster is MUSIC, I tells ya, and GREAT therapy! If it were legal and I had more time, I'd take some of this shit out and use firecrackers or M-80's or just use it for skeet shooting or blow the shit up somehow. Or hell, just light a fuckin' BONFIRE.

HEY. Growing up with two brothers DOES that to ya. Doesn't make me less of a woman, right? LMAO!

Happy Hump Day! HEY. Speaking of HUMP...Check out "Stick's" profile pic on her(?) comment on my last post. I must say I'm a little disturbed. My take is "naked treadmill."
Weird Monkey Umbrella 2 Non, the monkey's for you...

Pimp My Crib!!!

(I got the idea for that title from Junebug's comment on my last post.)

This move is killing me! I don't think it would be so bad if not for the heat and unbearable humidity. The monsoon keeps teasing us every day with the prospect of rain, but I must admit I'm glad it's holding off for awhile.

I still have a boatload of work to do at the old place, and am really glad I gave myself extra time to get out of there. Four years of acquired CRAP is really hard to pack. I've thrown so much shit out it's not even funny.

Brotherman is helping me tremendously. Tonight we're going to start making dumpster runs with more crap that I don't need, and I'm going to pack more little things. I only have 2 more pieces of little furniture I need to move, and the rest goes to the dumpster with a note saying "free to a happy home." I don't care if it's an UN-HAPPY home, just take the fuckin' things.

On top of all that, I still need to clean the place and patch a doorknob hole in the wall. One of the guys at work is gonna do that for me tomorrow.

At least I still have the whole weekend to work through it, then it should be smooth sailing. Well, except for UN-packing the little shit. I'm sure I'll be making dumpster runs from here, too. Luckily the new place is in the middle of two big ones.

I promise pics when I get things worthy of them.

Happy Hump Day, peeps!
Sweating 2 Tired

Sunday, July 22, 2007


This move came off without a hitch. My boys from work TOTALLY stepped up to the plate, as did the BF. I couldn't have asked for a better team.

My new place is ALL that I could ask for and MORE. There's SO much LIGHT in here! My plants are gonna LOVE it! I even went to Home Depot and bought a "chalkboard plant." I have NO idea what this thing is. It looks to me like a cross between parsley and a bonsai tree. It was so "out there," I had to get it. I was there to get nails & mollies to hang pictures and such, but hell, it was only a buck, and it looks really cool.

Anyway, as far as the new place goes, I'm SO HAPPY...BUT.

There are drawers that just won't stay shut. The "cool" closet shower in the master bedroom bath needs some work, and I'm just finding little shit that I just cant live with. Yeah, it's less money, more space, but come ON. I don't mean to be a picky bitch...

I just got the computer hooked up over here, so I'll post pics of the new pad as soon as I can.

I'm sore, I'm tired, and I'm hittin' the hay. Just wish there was someone there hittin' it with me. My dog is already snoring on my feet.

Happy Monday, you's guys!
Treble Tiki KiwiNonny, just thought you'd get a kick outta those last 2 visuals. Seriously. WTF?

Friday, July 20, 2007


More than likely, it'll be at least mid-next week until I can post again, unless I can do it from work. With things being the way they are there, it's hard for me to even get a REAL smoke break.

Hey, at least I've been using break time to get all my utilities changed over, right? LMAO.

Anyway, I know y'all are there in spirit, right? Sitting there in your air conditioning, playing on the computer, playstation or xbox, drinking/smoking GOD knows what, while I'm trying my BEST to deal with the heat and drive a 17-foot truck. Right. Little me. In a HUGE truck. THIS should be comical, if nothing else. Not that I'm guilt-tripping or anything. HA HA!

Have a GREAT weekend, good people! I picked up the keys to my new pad and it's "REAL" now. The carpets were still wet when I got in there, and the air wasn't even ON, so it was hotter than HELL. I shut all the blinds and turned the fans on, so hopefully when I get in there tomorrow morning it won't be STIFLING. I'll be sure to post pics when I finally get this rig set back up and running...

Treble Movers

Thursday, July 19, 2007


I can't pick up my moving truck until 9am Saturday morning. By then, it will be at least 100 degrees with 60% humidity. I've got THREE guys' manpower confirmed, but come on..."I'll be there" doesn't necessarily mean they WILL be there. Moving sucks. I miss my estranged best girlfriend, who is an EXPERT at packing and moving.

AND, there's TOTAL drama at work. NEVER good, when you've got shit going on on the homefront at the same time.


I get on weather.com every day, three times a day, to see what's in store. Those weather Assloads on the news have NO CLUE. Do they EVEN look at the RADAR? It changes HOURLY here...I really had no hope for today, but this evening I saw some clouds to the south (not worthy of sunset pics, to my dismay) but I kept watching, and saying, "uh, I think we may be getting some weather later tonite."

I was packing and focused, and then took a break, started posting and heard the rumbles and ran outside. HOLY COW. I am SOAKED from head to toe, afraid of the lightening hitting the golf course next door, all the while moving all my plants into the rain. HEY...take the moisture in the desert, right? I RAN. This close to surgery, the LAST thing need is to get electrocuted by lightening. LOL Seriously. Again, take the rain while you CAN here. Wet feet and plants are a good thing. THUNDER is soothing. No WONDER I have recordings of this shit...

How does one go to school to study the weather, I wonder?

I'm moving this weekend, and according to weather.com, it's due to rain. Should be interesting.


To Corky, Allyson, and Max...HUGS, HUGS, HUGS to you. Max, Auntie LadyK (IF that's okay with your mom & dad) sends all the BEST to you, and know that you're SO welcome to the world. Uncle Matt, I'm working on my next "embed. "...birdman, you BETTER look me up if you're ever down here. Drive safe back home, my man.

Finally, YAY, it's still storming! (VERY RARE for it to do so so long here!)It really IS thundering, lightening, and pouring down RAIN like CRAZY down here. This might be the "east side's year!" I'm really excited about it, but the floods should be starting showt-ly.
Treble Rainy Thunder Jump For Joy

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rocket Scientist Here


Where there's a will, there's a way, dammit! Last night I get a two-hour thunderstorm, and NOW THIS! Birdman, tell me how proud you are of my diligence!

I'm not a political person by any means, but Nine Inch Nails really kicks my ASS with this tune AND video:

I'm still afraid to publish this post, being my first "embedded video" and all. Is it supposed to be all "invisible" on my screen?

I don't even care that it was supposed to storm tonight but didn't. (freaking weathermen, anyway!) I am jumping for JOY that I figured this out. Now if I can just remember how I DID IT, I'll be really happy.

Maybe this means the doctors will be cute and the interns will be giving me sponge baths in a few weeks. LOL

Happy Hump Day, my funnies!

P.S. I tested it. It worked. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!
Treble Jumping Jacks<<<<<<<<---- this is ME. I REALLY jumped up out of my chair like a kid around a Christmas tree for the first time. YAY!

Monday, July 16, 2007


First storm of the monsoon season, and I got some really COOL pics of one of the BIGGEST dust storms down here in a long time...Dust coming, and a MOTHER of a dust devil forming, but never touching down...
Those last two pics aren't clouds, just a WALL of dust. They said it was about 4200 feet HIGH and spanned just about the length of the whole east valley. CRAZY! Even the news helicopters stayed out just long enough to get minimal pictures of this monster.
We ended up getting a HUGE dust storm, then after dark it poured for about 1/2 hour. Hey, at least it rained, right? Just enough to make it miserable all day Tuesday, and then they're calling for more thunderstorms for the rest of the week. I'll TAKE IT!
Have a great Tuesday, kiddos. As I close this post, there is yet more thunder out and it's pouring again! Looking at the radar on weather.com, it looks like the cell coming through is HUGE. YAY!
Treble Thunder

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Good GOD, Y'AWLL!!!

All I'm gonna do is post pics, due to um...reconnecting with the BF.
Here's what it's like down in THE DESERT HELL these days. I went for sushi Friday, and when we got outside, I HAD to get out the camera:

Holy cow. Mondays suck ass, but hopefully these pics will make yours worth while. I've more stories to share, a fight scene to give, but I really gotta get back to packing and then get my tired, sore ass to bed. Have a great Monday, loves!


Thursday, July 12, 2007

Overwhelming Frustration

FINALLY I can title my post. Jesus WEPT, I've made pierogis in less time than it took blogger to fix that shit.

It's been a LOOOOONNNNGGGG week, kids. All kinds of changes at work, all kinds of political bullshit (which I hate), lots of packing and LOTS of throwing shit out that I've been hanging on to for YEARS. LOTS of personal drama. At least I don't air it at WORK. LOL

Change is always hard. People change, geographical locations change, feelings change. People are born, people die, and people just ... stagnate.

In a way, I HAVE been stagnating (is that a word?) lately. I've been putting off learning more music, among other things. Sure, I pick up my guitar once in awhile, got new strings on my favorite guitar, some new pics, and god KNOWS that SOMETIMES I pick up my bass (which I know NOTHING about, due to my own ignorance) and TRY to learn something but get so frustrated that I just put it back down. Maybe once I get into my new place and the dust settles, I can revisit that. Just something to think about. I know, I'm rambling.

I've been putting off a LOT of packing I SHOULD be doing. Lord KNOWS I'm running out of time here. I wish I had more help.

Personally, should I stay or should I go? Should I stand up to the world and say, "HEY we're going to Vegas?" I'm not afraid to be alone, but it's really hard to jump off that cliff, if you know what I mean. The boy sure has me thinking, that's for sure. I think that was his point.

Have a great, safe weekend, you readers out there. Hopefully there will be some cool monsoon cloud pics come Monday.


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

G.D. Blogger and their "Title" issues!!!!"

"Packing SUCKS, Part II, and...The Office ANNOYANCE"

I'm moving starting on the 21st. I have till the first of August to be out of here. Today it was 106 out, with about 70% humidity. Hey, it's now or never. I couldn't go month to month, and I got 100 more square feet for $100 less a month, plus a SCREAMIN' deal on my move-in cost. Can't beat it. AND I think I have the manpower to move my heavy couches and "big stuff" for the low-low price of free pizza and beer. I plan to provide PLENTY of water, too, cos' this heat will KILL you if you don't stay hydrated.

Let me get to the real point of this post: The office NOSE. (Nonny, I know you know) Anyone work with someone who just can't keep their nose out of everyone else's conversation? Knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING? HOLY SHIT, I work with said annoyance.

I'm trying to train my "replacement" for when I'm out on medical leave. EVERY FUCKING TIME "mini me" (and I mean that MOST fondly) asks a question directed TO ME (even when she ADDRESSES ME DIRECTLY), said annoyance FLIES around the corner, putting her two cents in. I've been quiet about this shit for too long, dear readers. If she doesn't quit it I'm going to stroke out because I hold my tongue, or deck the bitch verbally. I've really HAD IT and I plan to say something to my boss about it tomorrow, because said annoyance doesn't know what the FUCK she's talking about; this has to do with the accounting codes I'm trying to teach. MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, GOD DAMMIT!

Anyway, after putting up with THAT shit all day, I have the pressure of coming home to pack, when all I really want to do is put my feet up and relax after days like that (which, by the way, is pretty much EVERY FUCKING DAY.) Not to mention that I'm STILL telling her to turn her FUCKING MUSIC DOWN every day, two-three times a day. FUCK I can hear it all the way back by the filing cabinets for christ on a Harley. Some people have SUCH an aversion to ANY sort of authority it's not even funny, and do things just to spite you. What the fuck is THAT all about? I'd LOVE to be a fly on the window if she ever got stopped by the cops. LMFAO!

Whew. I need to calm down. If I don't, my blood pressure will skyrocket and I'll flunk my pre-op EKG and will be SCREWED for surgery once again. I abhore nosey people like that. Can't STAND 'em, I tells ya!!!

She HAS to be blowing someone. Most of us think so, as often as she "spaces" it. Fucking airhead.

Okay, I vented, I feel much better, and I have packed enough for one night. Well, more like making a zillion hobbling trips to the dumpster in this humid heat. I can't believe how much shit I'm throwing out. HEY, at least I'm burning calories and sweating out all the toxins, right? PLUS it's less shit to move. LOL

Pretty soon I'll be posting HNT pics of my own! Wheeeee!

Happy Hump Day, kids!
Treble Shut Up Sweating 2

Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alright, can't "NAME" Post.

Blogger's at it once again. Asshats.

Just GO HERE: http://music.yahoo.com/ar-285198-videos--Chris-Cornell

Click on the "Billie Jean" video. I was blown AWAY by Chris Cornell's version of this tune. I am speechless by this guys VOICE!

Birdman, we REALLY need to hook up so I know how to imbed this stuff..

Dude, this is for YOU! I'm SO learning this with brotherman. We are comparing it to "Great Gig" by Pink Floyd, it is just so MIND BLOWINGLY good.

Mondays suck. THIS, however, my good readers, does NOT.


Thursday, July 5, 2007


Okay...things are going GREAT. I've got work all under control, got the family situation going great, surgery is going as planned...got a day off in the middle of the week, went baja out in the desert with brotherman with his new vehicle (pictures later) and ... then...

(insert Cartman saying "GOD DAMMIT!" here)

Leave it to ME to crack my foot, running around the golf course with the dog, trying to catch some random fireworks. That'll teach me.

NEAT-O! ... and ... just ... DAYAM, MAN!

Funny, too, that same scenario was on South Park last night.

That's the LAST time I wish for whirrled peas...thank GOD I had a bag of 'em in the freezer. They really take care of a baseball lookin' foot! Son of a BITCH, man. I didn't go to Urgent Care or anything. I think (HOPE) this dang thing is just sprained. It was swollen like a motherfucker and bruised, but I kept it up all night and now it looks almost normal, just hurts like hell to put weight on it.

I just gotta LAUGH my ASS off. If I don't get a VIP pass to the pearly gates, I'm gonna be ONE pissed off bitch. Either that, or Satan gets a vacation, and the world is in serious trouble.

HAPPY HNT, kiddos!
Treble Crutches