Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Say Hello To My Little Friend!!!

Minds out of the gutter, pervs...LOL

I HONESTLY have no idea where I got this gadget, but it is really helping me to exercise my left hand and get more strength back in the digits. Alkelda, whether you know it or not, you helped put a proverbial fire under my ass to get out my guitar again. I can't remember half the lyrics and cords in the songs I used to play, but I'll get there soon enough. Now I have a few new ones to learn! ;)

I found this last picture on my cameraphone. I actually thought there was a snake up in the tall palm tree at my parents' house. Freaked me out, and they giggled because it was just an old branch from the vines sticking out. It sure looks like a friggin' snake to me, that's for sure. The sun in the pic is pretty cool though, right?

Hope everyone has a great day!


Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Got Ripped Off!!!

Okay...About 5 1/2 years ago, I went to the pound to get a puppy...she has been the love of my life (my kid) for a long time...Little did I know, I was actually getting THIS (a KID):
Yes, ladies and gentlemen, my "dog" thinks she is a friggin' GOAT. She climbs to the highest points of my sofas and just stands there. She climbs up onto my parents' fence and eats the grass (ok, it's a low brick fence, but still...). ANYTHING I cut up to eat, she HAS to have a piece of it or she will bark her fool head off until I let her try it. Today it was watermelon. WATERMELON!? I know she likes carrots and other vegetables, but ya ever hear of a dog wanting watermelon? Tomorrow I'm going to see if she likes grapefruit...

Hey, maybe I should see if she likes jalepeno peppers...I know she likes the regular green ones, heh heh heh...Okay, no, that would just be plain mean. Funny and video-worthy, but mean. Not to mention I'd be cleaning up the dog puke and other whatnot for days.

The only thing she won't eat is peas. Oh, or lettuce. I can mix ANYTHING in a bowl and put peas or lettuce in there, and she'll just pick around it and leave that shit in the bowl.

And they say dogs are stupid.

Have a great Monday, everybody.
Treble Puppy

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I Acted Normal When I Was Nervous...

I had to go back up to Phoenix today to the EEOC, after filling out all the discrimination paperwork and whatnot.

After sitting there for FOUR FUCKING HOURS, I was finally called in, only to have the investigator tell me in less than TEN FUCKING MINUTES that my case is only valid for companies with 50+ employees. They can't just tell you this shit over the phone?

$8 in parking later and sitting in traffic on the way home, I just realized..."fuck it."

I mean, not, like "fuck life," or anything like that, but just okay, I'm pissed, I'm gonna continue to be pissed, but in the meantime, I need to focus on other parts of my life.

That date I had for "'Mockingbird??" Was B/F, long time friend, comes over to watch the new CSI episodes on Thursdays, and reminded me we're supposed to go see Rush next Thursday. Then we got into it over some stupid shit and I told him to just find someone else to go. Just as well. Really. Good LAWD I don't know why I hang on to that. He didn't even thank me for dinner, even though it WAS just a frozen pizza and some cheap beer...

Anyhow, tomorrow is another day, it's FRIDAY (thank God for the lot of y'all), and next week is the dawn of a new day for Lady K. Come hell or high water (high water being the joke of the century, seeing as how I live in the fucking DESERT), I will prevail.

Hope everyone has a great, safe weekend!!
Treble It's Friday

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

"Round Here

I just have a little trouble acting normal when I'm nervous.

Treble Crow

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Okay, NO, I'm Not Obsessed

...but I really DIG on this guy's voice, and...



My hair IS as short as his right now. And I am just as scrappy/skinny. But I have that "hourglass figure" thing going on, and I'm not manly. Nor am I tall. Five feet? That's pretty shorty, right? ha ha! I

I'm gonna try to get my family to get to take some pics over the weekend so you kiddos can see...

Callie, I'm really TRYIN' here! LOL If the 'rents won't cooperate, you're just gonna have to do with a mirror/camera shot. K? LOL

Have a great weekend, peeps.

By the way, check my girl out....


I know some of you out there can't stand Sheryl, but I think she does an AWESOME job with this song. I'm not a huge religious person, but this song has always kicked my ass.

Here's to whirrled peas!


Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can You TELL I'm Bored?

I should be cleaning, and it's too chilly today for the pool, so here I sit. None of the drives on my computer are working right now, so I can't play the CD's I want to play while I'm scouring all the websites and filling out applications. Daytime TV ain't what it used to be (except for ELLEN, whose show I'll miss the most WHEN I finally start working again).

Anyway, I've always loved Train (duh, see previous post, ha ha), so I thought this song would be appropriate for me today...


I'll never give up hope.

Wish I could have embedded it, but it's been denied. Oh well. If you can, enjoy!!!

~Lady K
Treble Angel 3

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mondays Still Suck

Hope everyone has a great week!!! I'm still job hunting. Yay. I'll get some pictures posted soon, I just need to get someone to work the dang camera.
OH! P.S.!!! The play Friday night was FANTASTIC. The cast was AWESOME, and the girl who played Scout was amazing. We even got a commemorative copy of the BOOK, which I'm reading now. I know there's only so much they can do with that stuff on stage. I really thought this was a powerful story. It was worth sitting in the traffic-crawl, towards the BLINDING sun, mind ya, to get downtown (there was a Diamondbacks game the same night). Anyway. I really enjoyed it.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

I'm a PIXIE!!!

I got the rest of my hair cut off today. I am now a pixie. I lost all that weight (even the "little" jeans I got are too big on me now), and NOW I have hardly any hair. Everyone used the word "adoreable," and told me I should go shopping, and that was all good...

And wait...I guess I should be glad I'm growing pixie wings instead of something else, right? And wings are girly, right? hee hee! and "hee hee" is girly, right? I'm not a butch or anything because of this, right? I just like to keep it simple and shit.

Are pixies allowed to cuss?

LMFAO Whatever. Did I mention I'm going to the theater on a date and I want to wear a dress? No, really. I'm going to see a play downtown. "To Kill A Mockingbird." Don't ruin it for me, I never read it in classes...sounds pretty heavy, though.

If it stays this chilly, I might even wear nylons or some girly pixie crap like that. I'm more worried about my neck getting cold...

Thanks for hangin' in there, y'all...I'll send pictures soon, I mean it!


Saturday, April 5, 2008

Shopping GOOD...

Job search BAD...

I found GREAT deals on clothes at Sears this week (2-for-1). I'm shopping in the MISSES department, down to a size 6PETITE!!!! WOO HOO!

Anyway, now all I need to do is find SHOES, and I'll post some pictures.

Meanwhile, it's been windy and weird down here. Weather is YUMMY cooler than usual, so I'm able to run around for interviews and my car is holding her own and whatnot.

I can't believe how GREAT I look in these CLOTHES!!!!! I'm back to my tiny scrappy self again!

And NOW I'm beating myself UP for getting RID of all my "skinny clothes" when I moved...

What the hell was I THINKING?

Hope you all are having a good weekend. Who the fuck cares, no one comments anyway...

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Some Anniversaries Just SUCK.

No matter what I do, this time of year gets to me. I still think about Joe and what life would have been like if he didn't fucking kill himself. What a dick. April-Fool's-joke-killin' assweasel. I still hope he rests in peace.

Okay, 'nuff said. I got enough downers in my life right now. Speaking of which, where's my vodka, god dammit? ;)

On a lighter note, I had a really great time with my mom today! It's SUCH a blessing that she's retired now. She saw a sign up the street that said, "Now Hiring," so we did a few (more like 7 or 8) drive-bys to catch the phone number. We now think we're stalkers, ha. She called me a dork and I told her she was a brat and although it was MAYBE a 15 minute ride, we laughed our fool heads off, which is what I needed most. I really REALLY missed her when she was on vacation.

Tomorrow we're going shopping. She LOVED the new pants I bought, but said I should have gone a size smaller... I have NO fashion sense anymore.

OH ~ the sign turned out to be a number for another temp agency. I emailed my resume as soon as I got home. Cross your fingers, kids! Maybe THIS place will get me to somewhere I can actually FIND.

And not in da HOOD, yo! Although if that doesn't pan out, I can always use Limpy's "suggestion." LOL

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