Friday, June 22, 2012


Over ONE DOLLAR.  a fucking DOLLAR dishcloth? 


Friday, May 27, 2011

Two Years Later...

End of the World yeah, sure, I got a cat, same thing. Sue me. What can I say, I kept a promise.

I'm convinced the cat (Larry, Sir Lawrence of Olivier, LONG and funny story)

we call him "Fat Boy, Fred, Meestah Meeestah....HEY YOU, terrorizor of my DOG, whatever.

For all intents and purposes, I'm just gonna call him "dickhead."

Dickhead doesn't want me to finish school with a 4.0. Fatboy wants to keep walking on my head while I try to sleep.

Larry is an Asshole. Larry likes to terrorize the dog. We are talking several "BAPBAPBAP's to the k-9 nasal area daily. Said dog was here first.

Like I said Larry is an asshole.

Larry's time will come. Little does Larry know that he and the aforementioned Dog will be best friends before .... hmmm..let's just say Labor Day is coming...

holy shit has it been a year??

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Holy cow and wow and what a fucked up life this can be. My dad's been going thru some real bullshit with his heart, which scares the living crap out of me. Brotherman got a job, which is REALLY cool, and I've been WRITING again, as opposed to blogging. Sorry, peeps, just some things i just can't share. Met a boy (well, a man...), he's a vet (NO NOT animals). Served Desert Storm and Afghanistan, and we've been really hitting it off and getting to know each other.

Yeah, new relationships are TOTALLY exciting...LMAO. He's gonna meet the 'rents for PIEROGI DAY! Yeah, it's that time of year again...I'll try to post pics for you guys, but I can't make any guarantees.

The weather down here has been TOTALLY wonky. The last two days were like 90 degrees and DRY as HELL, but today it was windy and dry, and only like 75 out. Hello? Is this REALLY April in AZ? Too strange. I am ready to move back east. My best friend from high school called me and said she's really getting sick and tired of the fucking snow. LOL! Said I needed to "step up the plate" and just take the snow outta there.

I DO miss the snow, but with my skinny ass, there's no WAY I could deal with the cold. NO WAY, unless ya dress me like an eskimo. LOL is GREAT, bloodwork still superclean, no cancer, no nothing, all levels are good, captain...the only concern I've got at the moment is my throat...I am pretty sure it's the weather, but this sore throat shit has got to GO. I'm afraid to go to the doc because of fear of nodes on my chords, and if that turns into yet ANOTHER surgery, I won't be able to talk for at least six weeks, let alone SING. I'm not inviting trouble here, seriously, but my voice is TOO important to me, what with me running that 976 hotline and all...LMAO

Just wanted to stop in here and give y'all an update.

Been talking to J off and on the last few days...he's doing REALLY WELL.

Hope everyone is doing great in their own corners of the world!

~ Lady K Treble Bass

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Okay, okay, okay!

I HAVE been very negligent in posting. (Thanks, Alkelda, and yes, I'm back, even if it's not every day...ha ha)

The B12 shots seem to be working, I feel good! No, I feel GREAT! I'm all "Tony the Tiger" great! I just hate climbing the walls after I get one of these things. I swear the cops would think I'm on meth or something for the next 3 days.

Whatever. I sure as hell am not gonna wait over an HOUR just to get a friggin' B12 shot and put up with the unruly mexichildren, only to be called back, have my vitals taken, escorted to the "secondary" waiting room because doc didn't have an exam room available, wait another 20 minutes,then called back to the exam room and wait ANOTHER 15 minutes for the doc to come in, that's for sure. ALL just to get a fucking SHOT for crying out loud. ONE SHOT!!! Should be in/out, bing/bang, stick, bandaid, there ya go, see ya. Dang. I wouldn't care if they just came into the waiting room and stuck me in there! It's not like I had to pull my pants down or something. I know, I know, all that insurance privacy stuff. I WORKED for an insurance company, I know all about that shit. Like these people are gonna know me in the next 5 minutes? My doc walked in when I was getting my vitals taken and I said, "hey doc! just here for my b-12!" And now he wants to see me in 2 weeks to get bloodwork done? NOT.

My hematologist said you can't O.D. on B12, but this dude today says you could have problems if ya get too much of it. I'd believe a specialist over an MD any given day, sorry.

I read enough about my "condition," I eat my bananas (sorry, Bradley, again, but ugh, there are other ways to get potassium), I eat lots of spinach, strawberries, cottage cheese, bacon, chicken, and beans/legumes. I get my protein. AND I've made it a point to drink at LEAST 2 glasses of milk a day. I've gained 4 pounds! What the february do these people want? The state is paying for my stuff and the docs know it, and I'm not gonna let them milk the system. JEEZ. It just wouldn't be fair. There are more important illegal immigrant pregnant mothers who can't control their mexikids in the waiting rooms.

Not to mention, every time I get one of these B12 shots I climb the walls and practically up on the ceiling like a spider on crystal meth or something. NOT cool, because I can't sleep for two or three days. I'm thisclose to just running up to the corner to get some sleeping pills, which I know won't be good for my liver. Lord KNOWS I don't need another week in the hospital or worse.

Okay, I've vented, and, better, I've pretty much told y'all....

I FEEL GOOD! (Yes, insert James Brown song here.)

Have a great weekend, peeps, and I will keep ya posted on the jobfront. I really am considering going back to school for xray or ultrasound. Any ideas?

Treble Roll

Friday, February 13, 2009

Thanks to Saint Jude, American Idol, and Headphones Rule!

I want to thank Saint Jude for answering my call. My health is good, and I feel better and stronger than I have in almost 2 years. My hair isn't even falling out anymore! THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I got another B12 shot Thursday and am climbing the walls like a cricket or something. This time it hurt and burned, so next time I think I'll try it in the "hip" area where there's more muscle tissue or whatever. She said she thought she felt a tendon this time, and that's pro'lly why it hurt. Gotta go back for 2 more, then hook back up with the vampires for analysis. Other than that, things look good for me, health-wise! WOOT!

Okay ~ I swore I'd never watch it again...I was really getting into repeats of "House," but it wasn't on, so I ended up flipping channels...again. It's cold here (yeah, yeah, I get cold even when it's 70 out) or I'd have just gone for a walk. I wound up HOOKED on American Idol again. I am kinda digging that they have 4 judges now, and still think Simon is a dick, although he seemed a lot softer. Randy is being more critical, at least from what I saw. I really wanted to shoot Tatiana, or whatever that emotional, annoying chick's name is. She needs to get a grip. The girl cries at the drop of a dime. I am NOT liking the whole "mansion" dealio, though. And the dramatic music? Pa-LEEZ. Whatever happened to keeping it real?

SO...I decided, now that I can sit long enough and I'm sick of repeats, to play on the computer. Only this time it's not to surf unless I'm looking for recipes or information (or visiting you guys), but to customize some shit. My brother sent me 2 disks' worth of his music library a few years ago for Christmas, and now that I'm getting used to Vista (yeah, LONG, LONG story), I was able to transfer all those files, and here I sit, HUGE smile, listening to Pink Floyd on my headphones.

I want to blast it all over the place and sing my lungs out, but I don't want to disturb the elephant and rhino zoo that lives upstairs. I'm cool like that. Wish they were.


Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Yoga is COOL

So....Everything is NORMAL!!! I'm down to 109-112, still can't gain anything, but things are cool. All my bloodwork is coming back good, except low b12 and potassium. MORE BANANAS! (No offense, Bradley, but I am pretty much banana-ed out) The b12 shots don't hurt at all, it's just when they push it that's a little uncomfortable. HEY, I got no meat on these bones and I hate needles! I am doing everything I can to eat right and read up on foods that are high in b12. MILK is a good food! LOL

I got up early this morning to look for jobs (yes, I am STILL looking ~ ugh), then I was flipping channels on the TV and came across this lady that was doing yoga, so I said, "what the hell, let's try this."

Yoga is cool. I feel energized, organized, and I even cooked myself breakfast instead of eating my usual bowl of Total. I think I might just set my alarm and do this every day!

Hope everyone is having a great week.

tap tap this thing on?

Music Note

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Still Kickin'!!!

Went to the doc (actually, 2), and bloodwork is GREAT, liver enzymes and kidney functions are back to normal!!! FINALLY! The only thing that's all wonky is my potassium (HUGE horsepills, even when you cut them in half they stick in your throat) and my Vitamin b-12 is low, so I have to get shots for a few weeks, then the vampires can have at me again. I'm drinking lots of milk, eating GOOD food, i.e. balanced diet, fiber, (sneaking Crunchberries here and there) and have gained about 3 pounds that seem to be staying. That B-12 shot, though...I was climbing the WALLS that day, and now I sleep like a baby at night, and seem to have more energy during the day. We'll see what the next blood tests say. I was kinda bad over the weekend, smoking...

On to oncology...mammo looked okay, but she wanted to take more pics of the lymph nodes on my right side. Most action I've gotten in a LONG time, ha ha! The ultrasound was actually more painful than the mammogram, but since then, those nodes have shrunken, and she said we could just keep an eye on them rather than have one or both taken out for analysis, if that's cool.

HEY...the more I can avoid another surgery, the better, right?

I knew there was a light in the tunnel I've been through!!!

Happy Monday, kiddos!