Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeah, I Think I'm Gonna Say See Ya

It's not like I'm LOOKING for comments, it's just that I just don't feel like writing anymore.

Hell, I don't have anything to WRITE about anymore. Not like anyone cares that much, anyway.

I'll keep this post up until I decide to delete, just so I can keep in "touch" with all of you's, but even then, the last post I had up only had 6 comments. YAY, I'm SO popular. Laughing out LEWD, pun intended.

Those of you who know me can email me any ANY time.

I have some things going on in this life that really need my attention, and though I DO take pictures and want to post them to y'all, I gotta do what I gotta do. I just need a little break.


Treble Dove

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Lovin' Every Minute of It!!!

The weather was hotter than HELL for a few days, but today it is COLD and raining cats and dogs in my neck of the woods. I actually had to break out my sweats (which make me look like a ridiculous circus clown now). Hey, at least I'm warm, right? Seriously, I got hail and lightening, thunder, and the temperature down here is below 50. CRAZY for the end of May in the desert. This time of year I never thought I'd want to go indoors to get WARM! Well, not since I lived back east, anyway.

Check THIS!!! http://www.wunderground.com/radar/radblast.asp?zoommode=zoom&num=6&delay=15&scale=1.000&noclutter=0&ID=IWA&type=N0R&lat=33.30876923&lon=-111.92140198&label=Chandler,%20AZ&showstorms=0&map.x=434&map.y=269&centerx=400&centery=240&lightning=0&showlabels=1&rainsnow=0

Hope that link comes through. I LOVE looking at the radar stuff. And I am NOT going to complain, because next week it'll go back up into triple digits, and I won't see anything like this until at LEAST November. This has just been a really cool surprise.

Another cool surprise is that the DES called me back (finally) about my unemployment situation. Looks like I will probably get some RETRO payment because somewhere, somehow, my account got put into a dormant status and that's why nobody was returning my calls. I was a squeaky wheel and got some grease. I'll believe it when I see it, but at least I feel like I can take a deep breath.

I was gonna go camping this weekend, but conditions are not optimal. Meaning, I'd freeze my little ASS off and probably blow away in the wind that's been going on.

Hope everyone has a really nice, fun, safe Memorial Day weekend!

ex's and oh's!!!

Treble Rainy Bundled Flag

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mama's Magic Balls

Holy crap, peeps! My mom made home-made POPCORN BALLS this week. She hasn't done this since we were growing up! Every year when we were in gradeschool (Catholic, mind y'all), she and my dad would LABOR to make 2 to 300 of these suckers for every kid in the school. They'd be buttering up their hands, rollin' 'em up into balls, and once they'd cooled off I'd tuck 'em away into baggies, and they'd go into a sack for Santa to hand out to the kids just before we got our Christmas vacation.

Lo and behold, I had a taste of this wonderful treat this weekend, and I started cooking and eating again. I even had a moment on the phone with brotherman that actually ended with a lot of childish antics and laughter. Good times!

I DID have the good sense to take a picture of these magical balls! (LOL I'm so juvenile I just like typing "magical balls..." ~ yeah, I'm a dork)

...She STILL won't give me the friggin' recipe.

Have a great Monday!!!
Treble Magic Wand

Friday, May 16, 2008



I wish I could have said yes, but I know who I am. I'm gonna be sad for awhile, but I know I'm making the right decision here. He's a great person, he really IS, but for the rest of my LIFE? I just can't even see it. I hate to hurt ANYONE, but I really have to think about ME. Am I selfish? I sure FEEL like it right now.

I have an interview with a REAL company on Monday afternoon. Keep all y'all's fingers crossed!

Keep the good vibes coming, k?


Hope everyone has a great, safe weekend!


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Save the Polar Bear...Save the World

Good LAWD. I likes me some Polar Bears! Seems they are in danger because of global warming.
What does this mean? Anything and everything living inandaround there is going to be in danger, too? And what is all this about the honey bees disappearing? OK, I admit, I HATE bees (ANY flying bug, for that matter...that buzzing noise...UGH), but I DO like things made from honey. The allergies from the pollen and the stingers...not so much, but hey...they have a job, right?
I'm no tree hugger, but news like that really freaks me out a little bit. I usually don't watch the news for a reason. Mainly, I can't take it, empathetically (if that's even a word). My heart goes out to China, also all the folks in the tornado disasters here in the US. Don't even get me started on the whole Iraq shit. Can't we just all get along?
Okay, I'm done with the soap box for now.
I have a HUGE decision to make in the next few days. Big. HUMONGOUS. I just may have to find my way up to the Rim with my guitar and my dog and hike it out.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

First, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there! Hope it was a good one. Brotherman and I cooked dinner for our mom yesterday (Hawaiian Chicken) and it was pretty darn tasty. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. I baked a French apple pie, and that turned out REALLY tasty, especially with some vanilla ice cream!

And, I gained a whole pound! Woot!

Anyhoo...so the job I THOUGHT I had in the bag turned out to be a dead end. I know something will come along soon, if nothing else maybe unemployment will kick in (retro to March, I hope), since I actually sent all my reports via SNAIL MAIL, since their website won't recognize my Social, and nobody will return my phone calls. *sigh*

So far today I've applied for 6 jobs. This is getting to be a job within itself. What's really starting to piss me off is that a LOT of these companies are REQUIRING people to be bilingual now. What the fuck? Is this not AMERICA? Good grief. Now I'm being discriminated against because I'm a cracker who can't converse in Spanish? It's unnerving.

Maybe it's time to start thinking outside the box. I'll bet I could get a lot more thinking done at the pool, huh?

Hope everyone has a great Monday, and a great week!

Ciao! (ha)

Treble In The Pool

Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lady Got Some Hits and a Lick!


I got a couple of "hits" on the resume I posted on CareerBuilder.com, and will be calling these people back on Monday morning. YAY. If I don't get some income soon, you'll be hearing from me even less frequently than now. LAWD KNOWS they don't have electricity from a cardboard box under a bridge, right?

Since my last post, I have:

Lost 5+ more pounds (much to my dismay, sort of...I'm now 5' 1/2" and down to 115 lbs. ) My mom thinks I'm anorexic and shit. Believe ME, I EAT!!!

Cut my nails and ALMOST learned a new song on my guitar, although I'm trying to transpose it DOWN a step. NOT as easy as I thought it may be! It's easier vocally for me.

BABIED the carnation seedlings I planted so they don't die and so I can give a couple pots to my mom for her new gardens

Gotten in touch with music again

Gotten in touch with old friends and family

Tried to throw a pot. LOL, OH, how I TRIED. I can honestly say, I SUCK at pottery, but this is NOT stopping me. I am determined. I may not be showing pics of ME, but I WILL show pics of SOME sort of pottery that I "throw." LMFAO. My hands are SO dry from this clay it's not even funny, but this is pretty fun. (And let me tell ya, I can't get that stupid scene from "Ghost" outta my friggin' head.) Next week is supposed to be back down into the 80's, so that will be PERFECT for me to practice again...perhaps just in time for Mother's Day. If not, I'll just mush it down like I did when I was a kid and carve something into the clay...

Went to PetSmart, got some dog food and some stuff to clean the gunk outta my dog's ears. She's been suffering, since the weather's warming up, and when I finally cleaned all the stuff out (ewwww), she was running around here like she was a kid in an amusement park, knocked me down and licked my face like there was jelly on it or something. I perceived that as a "thank you, mom!"

I took her to the park and HOLY COW she was just a new person. Kinda like me, after a nice, long hot soak, which is where I'm headed right now.

Have a Happy Monday, kids!

Friday, May 2, 2008

Just Wanted to Say HI!!!

I know I haven't been posting much, but BOO!

I just have shit goin' on, that's all...

Not to MENTION, my CABLE carrier is doing their DAMNDEST to get me to go digital. I thought I did right by "bundling" all my stuff. I thought I WAS digital when I signed UP for the whole "bundled" package!!!"

Now, I think I may just call their collective asses, because even NOW they are giving me these "pixels" while I type. AND, while I watch TV, the sound cuts out, and I get these little "pixels" in the midst of my movie! WTF is THAT all about? I thought I signed UP for this whole "digital" shit. UGH.