Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Goes By...

Sorry I haven't been around, kiddos. Been having more health issues to deal with. Right now it's my FEET, which make me feel like I'm a stigmata victim or something. I have a doc appointment on the 4th (the soonest I could get in, believe it or not), so I'll know WTF more about that hopefully soon. Meanwhile, a lot of soaking, rubbing, and slathering of whatever I can get my hands on to make them feel better is going on. (watch it, Limpy ;-) ...)

They've been promising rain for about 2 weeks, then they say it won't. Typical end of July shit. Southern AZ got smacked pretty hard with all the tropical Dolly weather. Makes me want to move down that way. Just my luck, I'd just get settled in, and the weather would develop here.

Hope everyone is having a great month! By the way, I had a dream about NONNY the other night...anyone heard from her?

Treble Cactus

Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Population: ME.

Dropped off my car LAST THURSDAY. I understand that they were closed for the 4th holiday and all that, but today is...

YEP! WEDNESDAY, JULY NINTH! The fucker STILL hasn't looked at my car. Gave me a TON of excuses, so tomorrow morning I think I'm going to just GET my car and get it into a shop that has people who WILL look at it AND keep me posted.

I am ONE PISSED BITCH right now. The common courtesy would have been at least for this assflicker to CALL and TELL me that he wasn't able to get to it, so I would have the option to take it somewhere else. THEN, I called him today, and his SON tells me that the "compression tester" they were going to put it on was BROKEN, and they had to order a new one, which is "supposed to be in first thing in the morning." BULLSHIT.

I believe seething is a good descriptive word here.

Not to mention, mother nature is teasing us with wind and dust and clouds every night, but no rain in sight. And YES, y'all, I'm taking my hormones, ha ha.

Okay. Done venting. I had to do it or my family and my dog were going to suffer.

Thanks for listening.

Thank god for my awesome cooking skills, even though I have NO appetite. I made some more home-made bbq sauce today, and really am thinking about patenting the recipe. I'll post pictures of some ribs this weekend, if I'm not too busy kicking that mechanic's balls into his throat.

I'm gonna go do some laps in the pool and blow some bubbles. The pool is like bathwater right now, but it'll at least help me sleep tonight, right? And blowing bubbles...come on! Who doesn't like that in the summertime, right?

Treble Bubbles

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

And It Gets Even BETTER!!!

My car is fucked. I went to the grocery last week (not even a mile from here), and the damn thing started overheating. It was only 10:30 in the MORNING. WTF?
Brotherman took a look at it over the weekend, replaced the thermostat, checked the situation out, and thinks I have a blown head gasket.
Okay...How the FUCK am I supposed to get to ANY job interview with a blown head gasket? We don't know for sure, but I can't get more than 1/2 mile without the dang temperature guage pegging out.
Ain't life grand?
On to bigger and better things!!! I was looking for a song I was writing a long time ago, and came across an autobiographical story I wrote when I first started camping/hunting/fishing down here.
It's kind of a long story, but it may be coming to this blog soon.
Meanwhile, as long promised, here's ONE pic I will share (reluctantly), taken a few days ago, and then a couple of sky pics. Hope everyone is having a good week. I'll try to get some more pics posted soon.
Yeah, I'm being a pool pixie.

Virga! The air at least SMELLED like rain.
The sunsets here are AWESOME this time of year, even though it's miserable outside. At least the cicadas are starting to whine. Gotta know it'll be raining here soon...
Peace, kids!