Saturday, December 29, 2007

New Camera!

I'm bound and determined to figure out how to use my new camera, and guess what? YOU ALL get to be the guinea pigs while I post the "newbie" pics. Lucky YOU'S!!!

I took some really cool pics with it, and even managed to use the USB cable they were so nice to provide, but the software is a mystery to me. It's NOTHING like the simple shit I'm used to with the Nokia camera phone. I will say, though, that the pics are SO much sharper. . .

Christmas day at the 'rents, after opening presents and whatnot, my dog was TOTALLY exhausted...

Another pic of the shelf above the sink in my kitchen. I think it's probably time to make a wish on that wishbone up there...

Took the pup for a walk across the street, and of course I'm hardly ever without the camera now, and caught the cool lights on this house. Not the greatest, but give a girl a break ~ I'm learning a new view. This is gonna be SO cool!

Right now I'm watching/listening to the "David Gilmore In Concert" DVD I got in my stocking this year. It is, without a doubt, one of my favorite concerts ever (God BLESS my mom for remembering I mentioned wanting it!). If you don't know who he is, TWO WORDS, Assjackals: Pink Floyd. Although not an actual PF tune and not a DG original, I LOVE this.

Enjoy, peeps!
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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Who Ya Gonna Call?

Yeah, I WISH my only problem was a playful poltergeist and Bill Murray could step in with his comedic antics.

Christmas was AWSOME, I do have to say, despite the fact that I couldn't keep anything down. We're not sure if it's because of everything going on or if I just had a touch of the flu. My mom and I are going with the "nerve factor" because of the upcoming roto-rooter test.

Here's how it went down today: Checked in, they asked the usual questions, started the I.V. (This chick was GOOD ~ I barely felt it, don't even have a bruise, and the mark is TINY!) They let my mom come back and we sat waiting for them to take me back to the rectal snake doc. I was wigging, but I'm tellin' you guys, the night before was the WORST compared to this. I got about 1/2 hour's sleep at a time from the time I drank the doses of colon-blow until I checked in. The procedure itself was nothing, until I heard...

"Lady K, I want to also give you a barium enima to get some more pics."


Twice in a MONTH? You've GOT to be fucking KIDDING ME, right?

They wheeled me back, I got on the table, then the ASSHAT BLOWFUCK doc in charge comes in and tells me he thinks it may be a good idea to RESCHEDULE because I'm still groggy from the snakeotomy? I said, "I don't THINK so. NO, you WILL do this TODAY. I didn't just go through the depths of HELL cleaning my colon last night for NOTHING, and will NOT be doing this again. If you have a problem with this, PAGE MY SURGEON and let's see what HE says. HOP TO IT." So he did. And they did. I cried my fool head off. I felt like a complete baby, but it HURT because of the pressure and the fact that they kept rolling me from side to side and making me hold my breath and making me pinch up my ass to hold that liquid in, all the while with what felt like a tree branch up my ass. The fact that it was also coming through my womanhole didn't help my dignity, either. Thank GOD the nurse was understanding. That doc/technician had the worst bedside manner I've EVER encountered in my LIFE. What a douche. So sorry you had to miss your golf date, sourpuss! MAN he was a dick. I can see detaching yourself when you're in the medical profession, but what the fuck happened to compassion? Fuckwad.

Apparently he treats his staff like shit, too, from what I heard...

Anyway, I came out with flying colors, and even got color pics from the snakeotomy. I won't share. Well, I can't anyway because they're not on a disk. ha ha.

I've got a follow-up on the 7th to go over results and schedule (ugh) yep, another surgery. Not looking like it can be done through laparascopy, so Lady K gets the knife yet again. Another 4-6 weeks off. I like vacation and all, but come ON.

Back to Christmas. I did say it was great, right? Spending time with the fam was really fun, and Santa DID in fact bring me a sweet digital camera. I'm still learning how to use it, and even got the software and USB cable to download pics. I'm gonna do that right now, then get some sleep. I'm exhausted, and Ms. Muffet amazingly enough has Strep Throat, so I have to go in to work early. If I get sick and have to postpone surgery, I swear I'm going to brain the bitch. We pretty much all think it's in her head, and I have NO idea why she is still employed there. At least I bring in legit medical documentation. They don't even ASK her for hers. I'll ask the same question you guys are probably asking: Who the fuck is she BLOWING over there?

Hope you all have a great weekend and if I don't get a chance to post before then, a HAPPY HEALTHY, PROSPEROUS New Year!!!

Treble Snake Butt Dance

Sunday, December 23, 2007


First off, I MUST say HELLO to BRAD the Gorilla. You made my holidays brighter, with your gruff self. Keep those banana drinks coming. It's about TIME you came out of hiding, you naughty gorilla, you!!! I'm smiling from head to toe over here!

I want to wish EVERYONE a Merry Christmas, from the bottom of my heart. Thank you all for the well-wishes. I don't know what I'm in for this week, more tests, and probably more surgery. HEY. If I have to spend my holidays in the hospital, as long as they FIX this shit, I'll be one happy little elf.
I got all my hair cut off yesterday. It looks GREAT! I "enhanced" it with a little color/highlights, and can't wait to stun everyone at work tomorrow. WOOT!
AND ... I baked my fool head off, too:

Kolaczki and Polish Sweet Bread! YEAH! AND, brotherman was here, so we made breakfast for dinner. Eggs, potatoes, bacon & toast. (sorry, no pics, we gobbled too quickly) Simple, hearty, and a couple kolaczki for dessert. Don't get better than Christmas at a Polock's house, let me tell ya! LOL

I REALLY hope you all have a GREAT holiday this year.

Treble Manger 3D Santa

Monday, December 17, 2007

Picture Time!!!

I've been really remiss in my blogging and visiting you all. I DO think about you guys, but time gets away from me, I've been in a lot of pain and have had some really horrible problems because of these complications. My energy level is nil. I know this is gonna sound like I've lost my mind, but I am REALLY looking forward to the aforementioned anal probe. Only ~ and I do mean ONLY ~ because I know it will be the beginning of getting back to "normal," if that's even a possibility with me. HA!

So the temps have been down into the 30's at night and 50's during the day kind of weather, PLUS, don't have to shovel sunshine!
I took some really cool pics of an incoming winter storm we got which brought a TON of rain to the valley. I'm also posting pics of some of my Christmas decorations and my porch at night. They're not the greatest, but like I've said, Santa just may bring me some cool camera equipment this year. We'll see. That shit's not cheap.
Anyway, here ya go. Keep the warm wishes coming, and for all y'all back east, just keep WARM!
I'm planning on taking a little stroll around the neighborhood soon to take pics of some of the houses/apartments. Some of the displays this year are off the HOOK, PLAYAHS!
Happy Tuesday kids!
Treble Christmas Angel

Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I went for my IVP test this morning. Hopefully the LAST test of the year, before the dreaded roto-root next month. What's the IVP you ask? Well...

An IVP or Intravenous Pyelogram is an X-ray exam of your kidneys and other parts of your urinary system, including your ureters (tubes leading from your kidneys) and your bladder.

This test took a little over an hour; my "ureters" weren't cooperating, and I had to be moved into some weird positions. if the CT dye scan wasn't bad enough last Friday, now I've got bruises on BOTH arms. I look like a fucking heroine junkie. Thank god it's cold here, cuz if I were wearing short sleeves, SOMEONE would be dragging me to the nearest methadone clinic or something. (NONNY, where the fuck are you with the jokes on THIS one?)

FUCK I hate this.

I DO get a break for Christmas and New Year's. Actually, if they could get this shit taken care of NOW (and I do mean NOW), I wouldn't mind spending my holidays in the fucking hospital. Just stop this fucking pain and make me WELL again. That's ALL I want for Christmas this year. The way they are scaring me, I'm actually thinking about writing a will. I have NO idea how to go about doing that. I don't even want to THINK about it.

I can't even have a DRINK because of the antibiotics they've got me on. Guess that's what the pain meds are for, right? LOL

Happy Thursday, peeps. This too, shall pass, through whichever orifice it decides, ha ha.
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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Off to See the Wizard

Well, let's just hope he's a wizard. My GYN surgeon is sending me to a colon surgeon today. YAY, hooray for me. Just what I need, more stuff shoved up my ass. I couldn't be more thrilled...NOT!

I think today is just a consult, but GYNOMAN faxed over all the test results from Friday and I got my blood drawn yesterday. I guess they're putting a rush on all this shit (no pun intended) because of the severity/urgency of the situation. I can almost guarantee a colonoscopy will be ordered very soon. I can't wait for THAT roto-rooter test. Thank GOD they knock you out. The barium enima while I was awake was already pushing it. Can you say, EXIT ONLY?

Sorry I haven't been around y'all's blogs, but I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I've just been putting in long hours at work to make up for all the time I've had to take for this medical stuff. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into yet another surgery for me. Yes, I'm a fighter, but one can only take so many punches before the spirit gets weak, ya know?

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies and good vibes/wishes. It's nice to know I've got such a great support system.

Happy Tuesday. How many more days till Christmas? I only have ONE MORE gift to get, then it's on to the wrapping and stuff. I DID finally get my house done, and managed to make that whole 20lb turkey this past Sunday. And yes, I got pics of everything. Just need to get 'em all organized and posted.

Comfort & Joy,
Lady K
Treble Xray Christmas Lights

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Technical Difficulties...

My computer is fucking up, big time, so I may be offline for awhile. I'm going to take the tower in to the IT guys at work to see what they may find. I already warned them about the porn, ha ha.


Due to some complications because of my recent surgery, my body is fucking up as well, so I may be out of commission for a little while. Tests, tests, and MORE tests. And even more surgery. woo-fucking-hoo.

Please know that it's been really great knowing all of those of you who've read this blog (just in case). I'm one scared little elf right about now. I have pics of my Christmas decorations, the free turkey that I cooked today (with all the trimmings and THE best stuffing I've ever made in my LIFE), but it's late and I just don't have the energy to post them. Yeah, I can be one lazy bitch sometimes. HA! I will post them soon, if I can, along with some killer photos of the sunsets that've been going on here. The 43 degree weather has been awesome!!!

I know I joke a lot about praying and shit like that, but some good vibes and prayers would be pretty cool about now.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Who the fuck CARES?

Okay. Raquel Beezely is still reeling, yay for her, go team, we'll probably see you in Playboy soon, We GET IT. Seriously ~ is this NEWS? Is she showing her tits? Oh. No, she just wants world peace and all that fem-bot 15 minutes of glorious fame shit. Good for her! You GO girl!


Wasn't Beezley the last name of Buffy's DOLL back in the day...?

Oh, no wait...that was Mrs. BEASLEY.

My bad.

I'm not ugly. I'm no "fat, letter-writing linda," as the guys on the radio show say so eloquently, and I'm no beauty queen, but I find these superficial news tidbits hard pills to swallow these days. Don't EVEN get me started on the reality TV shit. I'm still pissed off about the radio censorship going on. I'm gonna say it while I still CAN on my blog: FUCK.

And here's another thing: Just because I happen to be female and have a cool, easy-going personality and get along with "the guys" doesn't mean I'm a dyke or a slutbag. What the FUCK? Oh, wait. It's because I'm WHITE, isn't it? LMFAO!

Have a great Thursday, whomever decides to read this little rant!

Treble F*ck

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Clusterfuck Continues...

My life has elevated to a mongolian clusterfuck (thanks, Limpy). I've been in pain for the past 3 weeks or more, sucking it up and eating ibuprofen like candy, which doesn't do a THING for it (OR my liver, thanks). Not to get too personal, but I have been starting to bleed again like a stuck pig. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but still... I thought it was part of the healing process at first, but another trip to the trusty gyno today told me otherwise. It's NOT normal to be having a "period" when they took everything OUT 3 months ago! HOLY SHIT!

Lots of deep breaths later...

He ordered a couple of tests involving dye being injected into my veins and some bloodwork. I've become an EXPERT at peeing into a cup without a DROP getting on my hands OR the outside of the cup. Needless to say, I'm a little scared, because if internal organs are starting to fuse together, I may be in for another bout of surgery. Jingle fucking bells, right? YAY.

This didn't stop me from my now-becoming-obnoxious Christmas light qwest. My brother is awsome with them; he finally finished my outside porch lights, and they look fantastic!!!!!!!!

Then, while writing this post, I was having issues with my internet connection. I GOTTA tell you, the COX IT support guys are amazing. They're patient. They have a great sense of humor, even though, in the background, drunk brotherman kept yelling that they were idiots. I can't tell you the number of times they had me restart this contraption before we finally realized it's probably the stupid ethernet cable. Thank GOD I work for a communications company and may have time to just go in and make myself a NEW one...let's just hope it's the cable and not the input connection to the tower that's jacked up. Maybe I should just ask Santa for a laptop for Christmas this year...

Happy Hump Day, kids. Hope SOMEONE out there is humping. I'm not allowed, AGAIN. Doesn't mean I can't have sex dreams, right???

Oh, and GOD BLESS the person who invented Vicoden. Really.
Treble Xray

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Good GAWD, Y'all!

This week has been a CLUSTERFUCK.

I LOVE that word. CLUSTERFUCK. It encaptures just about everything that could/would/should/ one word. ClusterFUCK. CLUSTERfuck.

Work has been jacked UP, so I've been stepping up. Those of you who know me know what I'm talking about. My back is JACKED (yet another word I love) up, but I can't take time off for the quackopractor because well, I just feel I need to be there. Good LAWD, Y'all! Not like it's going to matter.

Enough bitching.

It's Christmas Season. I am LOVING IT, and the weather has brought on/off rain, wind, and COLD here! This week promises nothing more than mid-60's/low 70's. Snow would be great, but that's for the high country. I never thought for a SECOND that I'd miss scraping ice off my windshield every morning or having to dig my car out of a snowdrift in the morning, but for some reason I really AM this year. I don't know, something about all the lights on the houses reflected off of the snow, I guess...
Treble Christmas Snow