Sunday, April 8, 2007

HOLY Pierogis, Batman!!!

Pierogies!!! Miles and MILES of pierogies...
THREE HUNDRED and FIFTY-FOUR of these suckers were made this year. I think we only lost about ten to the boiling water, which is REALLY good!

What a fun day, Friday. Even when you're working your ass off MAKING these suckers, it's still not work. Brotherman actually got the day off this year, and that made it even MORE fun(when the mofo wasn't pushing my buttons, dickhead). Still, we didn't get done boiling/frying until 5pm. We gave a LOT of them away. Brotherman said we should start charging these people for their "orders." Oh HELL YEAH! I felt like a kid in one of Kathy Lee's sweat shops! Did I want to pack to move this weekend? HELL no, but I did. I managed to get all my shelves off the walls, only to expose MORE work to be done. Good thing I like to spackle and have leftover pierogi for fuel.

Hope everyone had a really happy Easter. I know I did. Too much ham, but we did it up "picnic style" this year with potato salad and beans. Not to mention it was another great family kodak moment. It's not too often we have those with our busy lives these days.

Happy Easter Monday!
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captain corky said...

"I felt like a kid in one of Kathy Lee's sweat shops"!

LOL, Glad you had a good Easter.

Lady K said...

cork ~ I knew you'd get that one. LOL! Oh yeah. It was a really good one. I even ate some jelly beans!

limpy99 said...

Actually, in a pinch you can use leftover peirogis for spackle.

Jerrster said...

what's in those suckers?

Big Pissy said...

I bet those are tasty!

Glad you had a good Easter. :)

Lady K said...

limpy ~ I'll keep that in mind in the moving preparations.

jerr ~ 1/2 had sauerkraut (prepared with butter and onions) and the other 1/2 had mashed potatoes with cheddar & onions. HEAVENLY.

BP ~ They really were tasty! I think we really outdid ourselves this year.