Tuesday, April 3, 2007

All Systems Go...

...and the countdown begins. I got the news today that my surgery has finally been approved. Wow. May 1 I'm finally getting the plumbing taken out.

I can't say that I'm TOTALLY thrilled about it, but knowing I can't have kids and have been living in so much pain for so long it's kind of a relief. I guess all these mixed emotions are pretty normal. LOL I'm sure there will be more, if I don't take the hormone meds they give me. HA!

My apartment complex is working with me to start getting me into my new place around the middle of this month, so I won't have to be stressing right before surgery. Some of the guys at work said they'd help me move the big stuff, too. Even MORE excitement! There are boxes EVERYWHERE (which is driving me crazy~I hate clutter), and every chance I get I pack a few things here and there. I even know where I'm going now, and know the layout of the place, so that makes packing a little easier. I may not be completely UNpacked by the time I'm in recuperation mode, but at least everything will be there and once I'm up and about I can do a little at a time till the doc releases me to get back to work.

Am I happy? Yeah. Am I freaking out a little bit? OH YEAH. Am I freaking out a LOT? Eh...I don't think it's completely sunk in just yet. At least I have things to keep me busy for now.

Everything happens for a reason. The other day, one of my dearest friends gave me a book by Alexandra Stoddard entitled, "Choosing Happiness." I'm only about 15 pages into it, but it's already giving me a different outlook on life. It really is a great inspirational book. AND, "The Karate Kid" came on cable tonight. Wax on, wax off. I don't know what it is, but I just LOVE this movie!

I DO have to say, though, I liked Ralph Macchio more in "Crossroads" ~~ the 1986 movie, NOT the cheese/sleeze Brittany Spears movie from 2002. Rent the older one; the music in it ALONE is worth the $3.95!

Hope everyone has a happy Hump Day!

Treble Nervous 2 Karate


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I remember reading how intensively Ralph Macchio studied guitar for the movie. I always meant to check it out, and then never did.

Congratulations on getting your surgery approved! I will be thinking good thoughts for you. May 1st is May Day, and one of my favorite days of the years. Flowers for you, Lady K! I'll dance around the May Pole (not as a pole-dancer, silly) for you.

Lady K said...

akelda...I turned the light on in my den just for you so I could type a response.

I also read how Ralph studied the guitar for that movie. Once I get cut and moved (or moved and cut, as it is), crocheting and guitar (depending on the abdominal tolerance) will be my first endeavors.

"Classical Gas" has been one of my ULTIMATE, alltime favorite guitar pieces since EVER I could remember. Almost as great as the Nutcracker Suite. HUGE smiles to you.

captain corky said...

I liked Ralph Machio in the Outsiders. That was a great flick.

Our apartment is going to be completely changed around as soon as Allyson is finished with school. She has all sorts of plans for this place. My kitchen is packed top to bottom with boxes right now.

And of course I'll be here to support you in May.

Lady K said...

cork ~ I agree, The Outsiders WAS a great flick. I'm such a sucker for those 80's flicks.

It's comforting to know I'm not alone. I almost feel compelled to write some whack screenplay called, "Boxes From HELL." It's driving me batshit.

Big Pissy said...

Thank God you finally got approved for the surgery!

and you can never have too much help moving....I still have the occasional nightmare about our move. :(

Lady K said...

BP ~ I am constantly having nightmares about this move, but feel lucky to have all the help I do.