Sunday, July 8, 2007

Alright, can't "NAME" Post.

Blogger's at it once again. Asshats.


Click on the "Billie Jean" video. I was blown AWAY by Chris Cornell's version of this tune. I am speechless by this guys VOICE!

Birdman, we REALLY need to hook up so I know how to imbed this stuff..

Dude, this is for YOU! I'm SO learning this with brotherman. We are comparing it to "Great Gig" by Pink Floyd, it is just so MIND BLOWINGLY good.

Mondays suck. THIS, however, my good readers, does NOT.



Nonny said...

I'd be careful about inviting Birdman over. He knows you were the inspiration for "Bukkake Bitches" and now he wants to come down to the desert and I'm assuming, jizz all over your face.

Not that I think you'd complain.

Lady K said...

nonny ~ you're just trying to cover up for your appearance in PornWars. All we need is another porn actress addicted to Halo2.

Not that I'm ratting you out, or anything...

Holy shit you crack me up.

Big Pissy said...

Hi, K!

I'm back! :)

Lady K said...

BP! Hi! Welcome back!

TheBirdman33 said...

Hey you
I'm glad you were thinking of me =)

I couldn't get the video to work here at Corky's place though. Maybe I will have better luck when I get back to the east coast.

I would love to show you the wonders of embedding ;)

Bostick said...

Holy shit man that cover did kick ass!
I have always loved all of Cornell's stuff.

Bostick said...

NONNY! You dirty bitch!

Pink said...

be careful...once you imbed with a can never go back ;)

also couldn't get the video.

how's the foot?