Thursday, July 19, 2007


I can't pick up my moving truck until 9am Saturday morning. By then, it will be at least 100 degrees with 60% humidity. I've got THREE guys' manpower confirmed, but come on..."I'll be there" doesn't necessarily mean they WILL be there. Moving sucks. I miss my estranged best girlfriend, who is an EXPERT at packing and moving.

AND, there's TOTAL drama at work. NEVER good, when you've got shit going on on the homefront at the same time.


I get on every day, three times a day, to see what's in store. Those weather Assloads on the news have NO CLUE. Do they EVEN look at the RADAR? It changes HOURLY here...I really had no hope for today, but this evening I saw some clouds to the south (not worthy of sunset pics, to my dismay) but I kept watching, and saying, "uh, I think we may be getting some weather later tonite."

I was packing and focused, and then took a break, started posting and heard the rumbles and ran outside. HOLY COW. I am SOAKED from head to toe, afraid of the lightening hitting the golf course next door, all the while moving all my plants into the rain. HEY...take the moisture in the desert, right? I RAN. This close to surgery, the LAST thing need is to get electrocuted by lightening. LOL Seriously. Again, take the rain while you CAN here. Wet feet and plants are a good thing. THUNDER is soothing. No WONDER I have recordings of this shit...

How does one go to school to study the weather, I wonder?

I'm moving this weekend, and according to, it's due to rain. Should be interesting.


To Corky, Allyson, and Max...HUGS, HUGS, HUGS to you. Max, Auntie LadyK (IF that's okay with your mom & dad) sends all the BEST to you, and know that you're SO welcome to the world. Uncle Matt, I'm working on my next "embed. "...birdman, you BETTER look me up if you're ever down here. Drive safe back home, my man.

Finally, YAY, it's still storming! (VERY RARE for it to do so so long here!)It really IS thundering, lightening, and pouring down RAIN like CRAZY down here. This might be the "east side's year!" I'm really excited about it, but the floods should be starting showt-ly.
Treble Rainy Thunder Jump For Joy


Callie said...

Glad you're enjoying your rain!!

Sucks about the moving truck, though. Just have everything by the door and ready to load.

And, if you want to know the God's honest truth, I was going to go to school to become a meteorologist after high school. However, due to family drama, I missed my opportunity. I love weather - everything about it. It's so cool.

Lady K said...

callie ~ the rain was awesome!

It does suck about the moving truck, but it's supposed to rain for the next WEEK straight! We only get it in the evenings, so the move should be okay.

Hey, it's never too late to go back to school! The only thing keeping me from meteorology is the math. Go figure, I chose accounting instead. LMAO

limpy99 said...

I'd help you move, but uh, I have the kids this weekend.

Also I live 2,500 miles away.

And I'm a huge pussy.

Lady K said...

limpy, don't make me go there, I have known some lawyers who've helped me out in my day.