Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Monsoon Cometh!!!

I took this pic around noon-ish, and it started raining this afternoon, just as I was loading empty boxes into my car at work. I COULD bitch about it, but the temp dropped down to 79 and the humidity has my skin "just so," so I figured, "screw it, I gotta get this done, my hair will deal."

I busted ASS when I got to the old place. I want as much shit out of there as I can possibly get out so cleaning this weekend goes ever-so-smoothly. I made about a hundred trips to the dumpster. Luckily, I had a "garbage BOX," which is a LOT easier to load onto a portable dolly and run back and forth to the dumpster than a bunch of garbage bags, and holds a LOT more crap. PLUS, you can stack a couple of bags on top of the box and make short work! (Not so easy to "bounce" down the curbs ... my box with stacked bags tumbled into the parking lot TWICE and thank GOD nobody heard the salty profanities spewing from my mouth while I was righting said box/bags and grumbling my fucking ass all the way to the dumpster.)

Brotherman was supposed to help. I get there right after work...he's not home. DICK. The humidity felt about 100% and I was downing water like I'd been through the desert on a horse with no name.

After about the 50th dumpster run, he finally calls me and says, "Hey, what are you doing?"

Me: "Uh... I'm waxing my fucking CAR, nutsack, what the FUCK do you THINK I'm doing? Where have you BEEN, you said you would help, dillhole."

Bro: (Laughs his ass off) "Sorry, I went to the bar after work...I only had a few, I'll be over."
Butt Pirate MOFO.

I gotta hand it to him, though, he came over and busted ass, hauling shit to the garbage and then offered to pack a BIG load of boxes in his Explorer (by then it was raining again) and helped me get shit settled. I FINALLY got my little nightstand into my room, so that's pretty much done.

Yes, Nonny, moving SUCKS ASS and I don't think I will EVER do it again. Well, let's just say I've learned a lesson in NOT being such a packrat. Dang.

I'M HOME now, and calling it a night. MUST...STAY...HEALTHY!!! Of COURSE I'm going back tomorrow to go jungle ape on all the shit I'm throwing away. I MUST say it's been kinda cool destroying useless things I haven't used in over 4 years. The sound of breaking glass in a dumpster is MUSIC, I tells ya, and GREAT therapy! If it were legal and I had more time, I'd take some of this shit out and use firecrackers or M-80's or just use it for skeet shooting or blow the shit up somehow. Or hell, just light a fuckin' BONFIRE.

HEY. Growing up with two brothers DOES that to ya. Doesn't make me less of a woman, right? LMAO!

Happy Hump Day! HEY. Speaking of HUMP...Check out "Stick's" profile pic on her(?) comment on my last post. I must say I'm a little disturbed. My take is "naked treadmill."
Weird Monkey Umbrella 2 Non, the monkey's for you...


Lady K said...

jerr ~ almost missed your last comment! The glass is always half-full. That makes me smile. YOU make me smile, too. The world needs more smiling and giggles.

limpy99 said...

Yeah, drunken moving. been there, done that.

Nonny said...

Please tell me you didn't just use the word "salty".

I seriously think you need to stop blowing the Korean veterans at the VFW, you're starting to pick up some of their sayings.

Pink said...

moving is better when intoxicated - you throw more shit away.

captain corky said...

I kind of figured that's where your brother would be. I can drink and enjoy just about anything. Have a great weekend K!

Jerrster said...

why can't we get just one of your monsoon storms here....just one.

Big Pissy said...

Hope you're having a good weekend and getting all settled in. :)