Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Today I got the "all clear" from my doc for next Tuesday. He's really happy that my liver enzymes are pretty much back to normal, but was concerned about my low potassium level. UH, HELLO??? Been sweating my ASS off moving for the past two weeks, what do you expect?! I figured the Gatorade I've been drinking would replace the electrolytes, but I guess I should have been eating more bananas, too. He put me on these HORSE PILL potassium supplements for a month. It's ALWAYS something.

Hey, at least it's all systems GO, right? NOW is the time I should enter some sort of bubble. ONE WEEK, and one DEEP BREATH. It's really REAL this time. LOL Somebody give me a sedative.

I'm pretty pissed at the so-called b/f for not being there as much as I needed lately. This could be the beginning of the end. Getting laid before I get cut isn't as important as knowing someone will be there. He's high most of the time, anyway, and I sure don't need that shit. Not that I don't wanna be high, and not that I don't have the means. Just think it's best that I stay focused. Is that selfish? Am I a bitch for thinking that way? I need people around me who GIVE A FUCK right now.

I'm OFFICIALLY out of the ever-growing ghetto. I called them this morning to tell them I was ready to do the walk-thru today, but never got a call back. I did one more check through the cupboards/closets, made sure everything was in order, and just dropped all my keys in the after hours slot at the office with a note telling them I had vacated. "Called about doing a final walk-through, but never received call back. Here are my keys." FUCK 'EM. They have fucked with me for the last time. That bitch NEVER returned my phone calls. I patched the wall, cleaned the shit out of the place (even tho I never paid a security deposit ~ I did it as a fucking COURTESY), so FUCK 'EM.

Brotherman has been SO GREAT, I treated him to some Kraft mac & cheese when we got the last little bit unloaded. He even vacuumed my old living room floor for me after he loaded up my bike and a few more little things while I was still at work. Friday and Saturday he's going to help me get unpacked and make the place ready for when I get home from the 'rent's after recovering for a couple weeks. He's even going to get me a new phone for my landline since the one I had at the old place took a dump a couple days ago. My "little-big bro."

I am REALLY stoked to be out of that hell-hole. Tomorrow night I plan on relaxing, but I know me, and will be unpacking and breaking down boxes. I HATE clutter. If not, I may just take a hot bubble bath and relax with a movie or something. I owe me, too, and need to stay healthy, clean, and relaxed.

Where all the morphine at??? LOL

Happy HAPPY hump day!!! WOOT!
Treble Puppy 1 Doctor WOO HOO!!! CUT ME, MICK!


Callie said...


Do NOT do anything that may hurt you. Bend from the knees. Wear gloves. Hell, wear full body armor.

Awwww to Brotherman. So sweet! Give him a hug.

And you don't need a SO who isn't there for you. Kinda sounds like he's a little too selfish for a relationship.


Lady K said...

cal ~ can I call you "cal" now?

I promise you I am pretty much living in a bubble right now. Brotherman RULES, for being the "baby." LOL And FUCK the SO. He sure wasn't there when I needed him last night, and I don't mean in a sexual way. See my next post.


limpy99 said...

I've got a banana for you.

captain corky said...

"I need people around me who GIVE A FUCK right now."

Don't we all K! You make a lot of sense and he should be there for you. I know we'll be here for you. :)

Fridaysweb said...

You don't necessarily need a *man* to take care of certain guilty pleasures, you know ;)

I'll bring the truffles and a good action flick with someone like Vin Deisel, Sam Elliot, Brad Pitt (in his gold shield and nothing else)... I'll be right back. I need a cool rag.

TheBirdman33 said...

It is looking more and more like you DO need me as the man of the house lol


I think you should put on some Counting Crows, light some candles and sit in the bubble bath.

TheBirdman33 said...

oh yeah...

I don't get high =)