Tuesday, July 10, 2007

G.D. Blogger and their "Title" issues!!!!"

"Packing SUCKS, Part II, and...The Office ANNOYANCE"

I'm moving starting on the 21st. I have till the first of August to be out of here. Today it was 106 out, with about 70% humidity. Hey, it's now or never. I couldn't go month to month, and I got 100 more square feet for $100 less a month, plus a SCREAMIN' deal on my move-in cost. Can't beat it. AND I think I have the manpower to move my heavy couches and "big stuff" for the low-low price of free pizza and beer. I plan to provide PLENTY of water, too, cos' this heat will KILL you if you don't stay hydrated.

Let me get to the real point of this post: The office NOSE. (Nonny, I know you know) Anyone work with someone who just can't keep their nose out of everyone else's conversation? Knows EVERYTHING about ANYTHING? HOLY SHIT, I work with said annoyance.

I'm trying to train my "replacement" for when I'm out on medical leave. EVERY FUCKING TIME "mini me" (and I mean that MOST fondly) asks a question directed TO ME (even when she ADDRESSES ME DIRECTLY), said annoyance FLIES around the corner, putting her two cents in. I've been quiet about this shit for too long, dear readers. If she doesn't quit it I'm going to stroke out because I hold my tongue, or deck the bitch verbally. I've really HAD IT and I plan to say something to my boss about it tomorrow, because said annoyance doesn't know what the FUCK she's talking about; this has to do with the accounting codes I'm trying to teach. MIND YOUR OWN FUCKING BUSINESS, GOD DAMMIT!

Anyway, after putting up with THAT shit all day, I have the pressure of coming home to pack, when all I really want to do is put my feet up and relax after days like that (which, by the way, is pretty much EVERY FUCKING DAY.) Not to mention that I'm STILL telling her to turn her FUCKING MUSIC DOWN every day, two-three times a day. FUCK I can hear it all the way back by the filing cabinets for christ on a Harley. Some people have SUCH an aversion to ANY sort of authority it's not even funny, and do things just to spite you. What the fuck is THAT all about? I'd LOVE to be a fly on the window if she ever got stopped by the cops. LMFAO!

Whew. I need to calm down. If I don't, my blood pressure will skyrocket and I'll flunk my pre-op EKG and will be SCREWED for surgery once again. I abhore nosey people like that. Can't STAND 'em, I tells ya!!!

She HAS to be blowing someone. Most of us think so, as often as she "spaces" it. Fucking airhead.

Okay, I vented, I feel much better, and I have packed enough for one night. Well, more like making a zillion hobbling trips to the dumpster in this humid heat. I can't believe how much shit I'm throwing out. HEY, at least I'm burning calories and sweating out all the toxins, right? PLUS it's less shit to move. LOL

Pretty soon I'll be posting HNT pics of my own! Wheeeee!

Happy Hump Day, kids!
Treble Shut Up Sweating 2


Nonny said...

Sounds like somebody needs a hug.

I honestly don't know how you have put up with that bitch this long. You need to go off. Seriously. If she can get away with all her bullshit I fail to see how you verbally bitch slapping her would have repercussions.

limpy99 said...

Click on the word "Title" and you'll be able to make it work again.

In my younger days I did more moving for free pizza and beer than I care to remember. Honestly, Domino's should open a moving van division and just make money hand-over-fist.

Next time that bitch comes around the corner just punch her in the face and blame your pre-op medications.

Lady K said...

nonny ~ LMFAO I am ABOUT TO DO THAT this morning. SERIOUSLY. She tried to horn in on a meeting that had NOTHING to do with her this morning, and I really almost went OFF. My whole day started out fucked up and now THIS? If she doesn't stop it I'm gonna quit. SERIOUSLY.

Lady K said...

limpy ~ LOL would if I could, but there are no pre-op meds. Oh wait, THEY don't know that, right? LMFAO

Big Pissy said...

I totally agree with nonny.

Do it!

then tell us about it. ;-)

Fridaysweb said...

Tell your trainee how stoooopid the other chick is, then ask her to go along with you on a little joke. Make up some major bullshit, let the annoyance "overhear" it and believe it. Something like snipe hunting would work. When she says she's been snipe hunting, you'll all get a good laugh at her expense.

I feel for you in the heat. Here's a good one - and this is incredibly unusual for us... when I set up for the flea market this past Sunday, it was 100.5°. We didn't stay long and while we were there, we stayed in the truck with the a/c on and only got out when someone stopped at MY tables.

captain corky said...

Moving sucks! I won't do it again until I move into a house. Hope all is well.

8 days until we come home. All is good. Hosptial food sucks.