Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Rocket Scientist Here


Where there's a will, there's a way, dammit! Last night I get a two-hour thunderstorm, and NOW THIS! Birdman, tell me how proud you are of my diligence!

I'm not a political person by any means, but Nine Inch Nails really kicks my ASS with this tune AND video:

I'm still afraid to publish this post, being my first "embedded video" and all. Is it supposed to be all "invisible" on my screen?

I don't even care that it was supposed to storm tonight but didn't. (freaking weathermen, anyway!) I am jumping for JOY that I figured this out. Now if I can just remember how I DID IT, I'll be really happy.

Maybe this means the doctors will be cute and the interns will be giving me sponge baths in a few weeks. LOL

Happy Hump Day, my funnies!

P.S. I tested it. It worked. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY!!!!!!
Treble Jumping Jacks<<<<<<<<---- this is ME. I REALLY jumped up out of my chair like a kid around a Christmas tree for the first time. YAY!


Lady K said...

Peeps, seriously. I cannot BELIEVE what a CHILD I have become about figuring out how to embed a fucking VIDEO to my blog. I have NO words to describe my inner JOY right now, except, "CARTWHEELS!"

Lady K said...

You guys,for REAL. I am a giggling DORK.

Nonny, yeah, I know that means a whale penis. I don't care. Jesus ON a dork, you'd think I just got my cherry popped on prom night or something. Relevations are relevations.

Holy SHIT that was the coolest things I've discovered since Google.

Fridaysweb said...

damn dial-up! I can NEVER load those things. I'm feeling so left out :( But, hey, congrats on getting it done!

Lady K said...

birdy ~ I am SO proud of myself for figuring it out! I thought dial-up was getting better, no? Hey, at least you get the image of a giggling dork, right? hee hee!

Nonny said...

Don't feel left out Birdy, I can't watch it either. Not at work anyway. I've only explained about 1000 times that I'm running windows 98 here. I just get the big box with "download plug-in" display. I'll try and watch at home.

Whale dicks, cherry poppin-sounds like a normal Tuesday for you.

I'm just jealous, I can't embed videos. Hell, I just figured out how to embed pictures last week.

Callie said...

I can't watch it, either. At work, all that stuff is blocked. I click on the invisible box, and nothing happens, or I get a pop-up that says "WEBSENSE - this site has been blocked because as a civil servant, you are not allowed to have fun at work", or some such nonsense. At home, I am stuck with dial-up because we live in the 5th largest economy in the fucking world, yet we still have po-dunk towns with no wifi, cable internet, or high speed internet.

Fuck a duck. I could have used some NIN this morning.

Lady K said...

nonny ~ you would know more about whale dicks than I would, DORKWAD

callie ~ hope you can catch it at home, it's a great song. I'd hate to think all my hard work went to waste.

Pink said...

you rock!

Anonymous said...


That's my girl!!!

I am so happy for you!!

I WISH I was there for a hug. DAMNIT!

Anonymous said...

Lady you have to check out Chapter 3 on Corky's Log
You MAY see something you like
(giggle giggle)

Junebugg said...

Congrats! I'm the same way about learning to do the acronym thingie on my blog.

Jerrster said...

works great here...now go make your own video...and share it!!!!if I can video tape my penis talking you can come up with something.....right?

captain corky said...

Is it true that everybody has a pool in Arizona? I heard that on the news yesterday. I also noticed that it was supposed to be a 113 today in Arizona. Ridiculous.