Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Just Shoot Me...

I've been so bored I can't stand it. Making myself stay put is killing the fuck out of me. I went to Michael's the other day and got a latch-hook rug for one of the bathrooms. OOH. Yesterday I made/simmered spaghetti sauce. Yea. Everything wears me out. And they're only showing the "jump the shark" episodes of "Charmed" in the morning (the ones with that stupid "BILLIE" ho), so I'm forced to watch The Price is Right. Don't get me wrong, Bob Barker is cool and all, but come ON...bring on the Drew already.

Today, I woke up and the "nummies" are gone in my belly. Holy fucking SHIT, the pain is indescribeable. And my incision itches. I "rub/scratch" it, but because the numbness has worn off, the nerve endings just scream. I'm out of pain meds, and ibuprofen barely handles this shit.

I know I made the right decision, getting this done and all, but FUCK I wish it was over already. I thought it was, but the second part is sucking pure hairy ass.


Callie said...

Is there any way the docs can prescribe you more meds?


Oh, and if it makes you feel any better - still watch Charmed, only any time Billie speaks, just say, "Shut up Billie" or any variation of obscenities you can think of. It always helped with me.

limpy99 said...

Which one is Billie? I never watch the show, but if I'm flipping through I usually pause long enough to see how much boob Rose McGowan is showing.

captain corky said...

Wont they give you more meds? Sorry about the pain.

Hopefully things will get back to normal for you soon!

Lady K said...

callie ~ I've taken your advice. It was working, but now they found Christy. Good grief, talk about jumping the shark!

limpy ~ Billie is the blonde one that looks like a spoiled brat. Acts like one, too, for that matter.

cork ~ I can get by with just ibuprofen. One more week off and hopefully things will be better. We'll see. Thanks!