Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Stir Crazy

I am going nuts around here. It's too hot to do anything outside except hang out in the pool, which I can't until the doc says it's okay. My 2-week follow up isn't until Wednesday afternoon.

After that I'll be home and at least have high-speed and cable, but still...

The highlight of last week was a trip to Michael's with my mom, then to Walgreens to pick up a prescription.

OOOOOHHHH!!!!!! (Actually I was so stoked I could hardly keep still when we got home. )

I know, pretty pathetic, huh?

What do you do when you're well enough to be up and about but don't have the doc's release to go back to work? (Not that I'm complaining about the "vacation" time.)

I got a small cross-stitching kit at Michael's. Bad idea. I got about 10 stitches into it and lost my place on the guide, then ended up having to rip out all the stitches. I should have started with one of those kid's beginner patterns, or one that had the picture printed on the matting, but the picture I picked out would just go "perfectly" in my guest bathroom. How do people have the patience to DO this? At this point I'm thinking a paint-by-numbers dealio would be better for me.

Better yet, I DO have a big ol' porch now, and have $34 left on a Home Depot gift card, and they have a pretty good garden center. Gardening is therapeutic, right? I've always wanted a nice herb garden. I also have a window box I can mount on my porch wall pretty easily and get some cool flowers. Hmm...

Have a great week, peeps!!


captain corky said...

"What do you do when you're well enough to be up and about but don't have the doc's release to go back to work?"

This is my dream situation. One thing for sure is that I take lots of pain killers. Maybe then I write a post or scrub the toilet. All good fun! ;)

Lady K said...

cork ~ well, I'm out of pain meds, so that's out. Guess it's time to switch to vodka when I get home ;)

What is your obsession with scrubbing toilets??? LOL I'm glad I did all that before I had the surgery, now I just get to go home to a nice clean house.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps I am in the wrong state of mind, but I went to a very bad place when I read the phrase "mount on my porch"

And I siddenly wished I was in Arizona

Anonymous said...

I used to do latch hooking. I only did Winnie the Pooh prints, I would do it at night while I was watching tv and it relaxed me, then I would give them to people as pillows.

limpy99 said...

I can't wait to see what the DEA has to say about your "herb garden"

Lady K said...

birdman ~ if you were here, you could help me mount the flowerbox on my porch. ;)

Secondly, I used to do a lot of latch-hooking, too!!! I almost forgot about that! And Winnie the Pooh is my ultimate favorite. Either him or Mickey Mouse. My first "solo" driving trip is to Michael's for one of those kits, and HOme Depot for the herbs & flowers. Fuck the cross-stitching. LOL

limpy ~ I SWEAR it's oregano.

Junebugg said...

I'd stick with the gardening, you'll get lots more use out of the "herb" {{wink}}}

Myself, I always liked to embroider the back of demin jackets or shirts. I know they're so 60's but you'd be surprised at how many of my nieces steal them

Lady K said...

june ~ you just gave me a GREAT idea for my nieces' Christmas presents! Lord KNOWS I'll have the time!