Thursday, August 30, 2007

More Storm Pics

I know I haven't been around much and feel guilty about being so lazy but hey, I gotta make sure all my insides stay in working order, right? I thought the first two weeks would be the toughest, but this last week has been a bear. Emotionally I'm great, it's just the physical shit that's killing me right now. I will say that the doc did an EXCELLENT job. Once this incision heals and fades, I'll hardly be able to see it.

Anyway, brotherman has been coming over practically every day since he got back from vacation to make sure I'm alright. Well, that and he knows I have food. LOL Yesterday we got a brief but pretty intense storm and I thought I'd share pictures, since that's pretty much my life right now. Oh, that and I got my flower box mounted and planted some Vinca. Enjoy, and keep the good vibes coming.
Hope everyone's having a great week, and has a safe, happy Labor Day weekend!!!
Treble Labor Day 1


captain corky said...

Feel better and get lots of rest because starting next week I expect lots of action from you. ;)

Lady K said...

cork ~ you KNOW I am all about the ACTION! I expect to be a featured figure in the Cork & Jr. series, soon to be found at a store 'round us SOON!

Lady K said...


Seriously. The pics aren't even worth mention? What the fuck?

Big Pissy said...

I lOVE the pics!

Especially the second one with the pink in it.

I also love the flower box. :)

captain corky said...

The pics are awesome! I was just glad to here from you, that's all.

Lady K said...

BP ~ there's more where that came from, just wish those clouds would bring some rain!!!

cork ~ I was just messin' with ya!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

I'm back! And I'm better than ever! Mwa ha ha.

I've missed you. I've missed all of you.

Pud said...'s never the initial healing that's the follow up healing that bites you in the ass!

Glad you're doing well though.

Anonymous said...

So beautiful!!