Saturday, August 25, 2007

Convalescent Pictures

I promised I'd post pics of the flowers and such when I had a chance. Here ya go!
Flowers just seem to make all the difference. That's me in the corner of the mirror. I didn't take pics while I was in the hospital. Have you ever tried to focus a camera with a demerol buzz? Yeah...didn't think so.

Cool balloon! When it finally started dying, I was still at the 'rents, so I pulled it open, walked out into the living room with a big breath of helium and said, "thanks for the really made me feel better." They laughed their asses off. Guess you had to be there, but I really needed my "tummy pillow" because we laughed so hard.

This is where I was, pretty much 24/7. God bless mom for lending me her laptop, even if it WAS just dial-up.

You know me, can't pass up a great cloud pic.

Owl Central...those little buggers kept me up with their screeching every night! I'm actually missing it now.

I took this the day I came home, hoping it was gonna rain. No dice. Friday night, though, we got a great storm, and there's promise of more where that came from tonight.

Hope everyone's having a great weekend! The smiley mug below held a beautiful bouquet of daisies and yellow roses. They think they know me, huh?


Teddy Bear Giraffe said...

Are there any teddy bears dressed up as other things in these parts?
Just checking!

Pud said...

Looks like you had a good recovery.

OMG!! Did you just say your parents are still on dial-up?!?

Callie said...

LOVE that smiley mug! I want one!

Hope you're healing well.

Big Pissy said...

Love the pictures!

Glad you're feeling better! :)

captain corky said...

Glad you're home! How are you feeling?

limpy99 said...

yeah, yeah, yeah. Now where's the scar??