Friday, August 10, 2007

I'm Home!!!

Hey kids, they sprang me from the hospital yesterday. I'll be at my parents for the next week or so, and they have (Gulp) dial-up. Birdy, I feel your pain. It was tough enough being away from the computer for the few days I was, but then again I was all hepped up on Demerol, so what did I care? LOL

I'm still in bed for the next few days or so, taking it easy, getting up only to walk a little bit to keep my circulation going to avoid blood clots. I'd rather do that than have those weird leg-massager things on my legs. After 2 days my legs were all sweaty & itchy. Eww!

I can't say that my recovery in there was the most pleasant of experiences. I mean, don't get me wrong, the demerol was FANTASTIC!, EXCUSE ME. Let her WATCH and LEARN, isn't that what it's all about? Anyway, they had this numbing medication going into my incision through little tubes tied to a portable carry-pouch (similar to a fanny-pack) to keep it saturated so the vessels could heal (I still don't know what it was) and it kept leaking and messing up my gown. All they did was give me clean gowns. They tried to change it once, but put even thinner gauze on it and some kind of weird clear tape, but still ~ leaking. Come ON! Then they had a "head nurse" come in and look at it (at this point I didn't CARE who saw my nether region) and she said the tubes just weren't in far enough. So what does this "teaching nurse" do? Tries to shove it in there further so it wouldn't leak. It hurt like hell. Damn, when they took the catheter out it didn't even hurt as much. Not to mention, We're trying to get the deeper tissues to HEAL, not mess up the internal stitches.

Enough of that. I got the staples out before I left. The incision is CLEAN, and there should be minimal scarring. Now if they could only keep me in bed HERE I should be alright. It only hurts getting in/out of bed and having to stand up straight. I'm thankful that nobody will be coming in every 2 hours to check my vitals...

Thank you all for all your support. I got lots of flowers and took lots of pics. I won't subject you all to the way my stomach bruised ~ just gross. I'll post pictures when I get home. I don't have the cable to do it here, not to mention this IS dial up, right?

Have a GREAT WEEKEND, people!

(ma's laptop doesn't have smiley central, but you know they're there in spirit) :0D


captain corky said...

Welcome home!!! I'm glad everything worked out for you.

Dial up?!? I think I remember dial up. I also thing I remember the spinning wheel too...

Get lots of rest and eat lots of home cooking this weekend K.

limpy99 said...

If they have dial-up, they can't be far away from discovering fire.

Glad you're on the rebound.

Nonny said...

Wow, you sound great! I'm glad you're home and recovering. I'll try and give you a call this weekend.

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Captain Corky: The difference between the spinning wheel and dial-up is that spinning wool has come back as a hobby, but no one will ever willingly go back to dial up. Aiee! Are you sure the surgery was worth having to deal with dial-up, Lady K?

Just kidding. Who needs the internet when you've got pain-killers up the wazoo?!

Blessings for speedy, healthy healing.

Junebugg said...

Glad you're back and healing nicely. It won't be long before you're up dancing in the halls. It'll make a world of difference now that all those nasty "innards" have been taken care up.

Big Pissy said...

So glad to hear you're back home!


Take care of yourself, let everyone pamper you and work this "bed rest" thing for all its worth.

SignGurl said...

Hope things are much better for you, especially the dial up part.

Callie said...

Now you feel my pain. People wonder why I don't post as much as I used to. Dial up sucks @$$.

Glad you're home. Glad you got through it okay. Just rest and relax. Try not to get online very much, as the dial-up will have you ripping your stitches in frustration.

Can't wait until you feel better!