Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yeah, I Think I'm Gonna Say See Ya

It's not like I'm LOOKING for comments, it's just that I just don't feel like writing anymore.

Hell, I don't have anything to WRITE about anymore. Not like anyone cares that much, anyway.

I'll keep this post up until I decide to delete, just so I can keep in "touch" with all of you's, but even then, the last post I had up only had 6 comments. YAY, I'm SO popular. Laughing out LEWD, pun intended.

Those of you who know me can email me any ANY time.

I have some things going on in this life that really need my attention, and though I DO take pictures and want to post them to y'all, I gotta do what I gotta do. I just need a little break.


Treble Dove


limpy99 said...

I, for one, will miss you. But I understand if you must devote all of your time to handjobbing the homeless, so Pax Vobiscum.

If you find Nonny, tell her I said "hi".

Lady K said...

limp ~ ah, you know you won't get rid of me that easily. I have yet to read about the grand canyon state!

BTW, I'm surprised you didn't run into her behind the Giant Eagle while you were offering to buy beer for the new graduates in exchange for sexual favors. Here's to YOU, Mr. Robinson! (Now THERE'S a Bud Lite commercial for ya...) And Peace to you, as well, ya deviant. ;) I miss her, too, I was just thinking of her today.

Lady K said...

limp ~ P.S. the term "grand canyon" is off limits, I KNOW I ran through that door...LOL

Callie said...

I totally understand. I didn't post anything for a week, and then when I did, it was just a silly YouTube video.

I'm so lame.

Just don't go away forever!


Fridaysweb said...

Yo! You ain't gettin' off that easy, Missy! If you do NOTHING else, at least keep posting purty pictures so we know you're okay and we can be envious of the beautiful midwestern sky!

KC said...

You do what is truthful and right for you.. in spite of it all. Remember to breathe and cry where necessary... laugh your ass off in the face of adversity and sing when that's all you can do... is sing.

(I know .. you probably weren't expecting me)

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Hey! I get days like that too. If you do decide to go on hiatus, I may take you off the blog roll (oh no!) but keep you in the RSS feeds so that when you do decide to come back, I'll know. Hey, even Brad the Gorilla isn't on the blogroll anymore.

First Hitman J, then Brad, then Nonny, now you. The old gang is breaking up, I tell ya.

Lady K said...

eh, kids, I just need a little break here. No big dealio. Things will get better.

and kc ! I have MUCH to say to you. NO worries, though. And YES, I AM singing my little ASS off! :)

Brad the Gorilla said...

Oh yes, maybe you'll be like me and say you're quitting, then keep coming back, and forth, and back and forth....

Here's your spinach strawberry recipe a la Brad:

Take a bunch of spinach
Wash it (or not)
Cut up some strawberries
Throw the spinach and strawberries together in a bowl
Pour 1/4 cup of strawberry vinegar in a bowl
Add honey according to your tastes
Drizzle over the salad

Lady K said...

bradley ~ yeah, you're probably right, I can waffle like that. Speaking of waffles...they are GREAT with bananas!

Thanks for the spinach/strawberry recipe. It is deLICIOUS!

Pink said...


summer always sees a drop off in stats...

why not take a break - for now - and come back if you feel like it?

I feel a bit dried up too at the mo...I think its also because I've got no new readers - haven't been branching out much...I've got lots to say but the gang that reads right now wouldn't really dig all the things I have to say...we are not unidimensional even though people are always surprised to see our many facets.

I hope you won't stop blogging entirely...its nice to share the journey with others...but if you do, its been an honour sharing the occasional comment with you, dear.

K said...

TK... anytime... just email me (I can't your addy). And you also know where to find me... so feel free to stop in anytime. Mind numbing at best - but a distraction!


limpy99 said...

If that Bud Light commercial doesn't make it to Saturday Night Live it won't be for lack of my efforts.