Monday, May 12, 2008

Just Another Manic Monday

First, HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mom's out there! Hope it was a good one. Brotherman and I cooked dinner for our mom yesterday (Hawaiian Chicken) and it was pretty darn tasty. Sorry, I forgot to take pictures. I baked a French apple pie, and that turned out REALLY tasty, especially with some vanilla ice cream!

And, I gained a whole pound! Woot! the job I THOUGHT I had in the bag turned out to be a dead end. I know something will come along soon, if nothing else maybe unemployment will kick in (retro to March, I hope), since I actually sent all my reports via SNAIL MAIL, since their website won't recognize my Social, and nobody will return my phone calls. *sigh*

So far today I've applied for 6 jobs. This is getting to be a job within itself. What's really starting to piss me off is that a LOT of these companies are REQUIRING people to be bilingual now. What the fuck? Is this not AMERICA? Good grief. Now I'm being discriminated against because I'm a cracker who can't converse in Spanish? It's unnerving.

Maybe it's time to start thinking outside the box. I'll bet I could get a lot more thinking done at the pool, huh?

Hope everyone has a great Monday, and a great week!

Ciao! (ha)

Treble In The Pool


Big Pissy said...

Good luck with the job search!

I'm sure it's frustrating. :(

Callie said...

I always hated looking for jobs. You're right - it IS a job within itself.

Good luck! I'm sure you'll find something soon.

I'll join you in the pool. Margaritas for everyone!

Lady K said...

BP - yeah, it is really frustrating.

Callie ~ LMAO I'm ready for that Margarita.

Anonymous said...

You will get a much better job soon. Hang in there!

limpy99 said...

Ola = Hello

Mira = look

No = no

Si = yes

Cerveza = beer

Mas = more

Now you're bilingual.