Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Lady Got Some Hits and a Lick!


I got a couple of "hits" on the resume I posted on, and will be calling these people back on Monday morning. YAY. If I don't get some income soon, you'll be hearing from me even less frequently than now. LAWD KNOWS they don't have electricity from a cardboard box under a bridge, right?

Since my last post, I have:

Lost 5+ more pounds (much to my dismay, sort of...I'm now 5' 1/2" and down to 115 lbs. ) My mom thinks I'm anorexic and shit. Believe ME, I EAT!!!

Cut my nails and ALMOST learned a new song on my guitar, although I'm trying to transpose it DOWN a step. NOT as easy as I thought it may be! It's easier vocally for me.

BABIED the carnation seedlings I planted so they don't die and so I can give a couple pots to my mom for her new gardens

Gotten in touch with music again

Gotten in touch with old friends and family

Tried to throw a pot. LOL, OH, how I TRIED. I can honestly say, I SUCK at pottery, but this is NOT stopping me. I am determined. I may not be showing pics of ME, but I WILL show pics of SOME sort of pottery that I "throw." LMFAO. My hands are SO dry from this clay it's not even funny, but this is pretty fun. (And let me tell ya, I can't get that stupid scene from "Ghost" outta my friggin' head.) Next week is supposed to be back down into the 80's, so that will be PERFECT for me to practice again...perhaps just in time for Mother's Day. If not, I'll just mush it down like I did when I was a kid and carve something into the clay...

Went to PetSmart, got some dog food and some stuff to clean the gunk outta my dog's ears. She's been suffering, since the weather's warming up, and when I finally cleaned all the stuff out (ewwww), she was running around here like she was a kid in an amusement park, knocked me down and licked my face like there was jelly on it or something. I perceived that as a "thank you, mom!"

I took her to the park and HOLY COW she was just a new person. Kinda like me, after a nice, long hot soak, which is where I'm headed right now.

Have a Happy Monday, kids!


Big Pissy said...

Love the title of this post! LOL

good luck with on the job front....hope something works out for you soon. :)

Lady K said...

BP ~ thanks! I thought it would be kinda cute. Look for pics soon. I mean it! OH! and thanx for the well wishes! I can FEEL IT!

limpy99 said...

I think you need more vanilla shakes, and maybe some onion rings.

Lady K said...

limpy ~ that sounds fantastic!

Jerrster said...

best of luck on the prospects

Callie said...

Good luck with the job search. And a nice hot soak sounds lovely. Think I'll do that later today.

captain corky said...

Good luck with the job hunt. Can't be fun, but at least you are getting to enjoy yourself a bit. When in doubt, drink. ;)