Sunday, May 18, 2008

Mama's Magic Balls

Holy crap, peeps! My mom made home-made POPCORN BALLS this week. She hasn't done this since we were growing up! Every year when we were in gradeschool (Catholic, mind y'all), she and my dad would LABOR to make 2 to 300 of these suckers for every kid in the school. They'd be buttering up their hands, rollin' 'em up into balls, and once they'd cooled off I'd tuck 'em away into baggies, and they'd go into a sack for Santa to hand out to the kids just before we got our Christmas vacation.

Lo and behold, I had a taste of this wonderful treat this weekend, and I started cooking and eating again. I even had a moment on the phone with brotherman that actually ended with a lot of childish antics and laughter. Good times!

I DID have the good sense to take a picture of these magical balls! (LOL I'm so juvenile I just like typing "magical balls..." ~ yeah, I'm a dork)

...She STILL won't give me the friggin' recipe.

Have a great Monday!!!
Treble Magic Wand


Callie said...

You should be able to find a recipe online, then try to decipher what you remember from your mom's magic balls and add it in.

You know, that just sounded so WRONG!

TheBirdman33 said...

Yeah the only time I've ever thought of these things is at Christmas, I hope you saved me one!

limpy99 said...

They look like Rice Krispie treats.