Thursday, April 17, 2008

Can You TELL I'm Bored?

I should be cleaning, and it's too chilly today for the pool, so here I sit. None of the drives on my computer are working right now, so I can't play the CD's I want to play while I'm scouring all the websites and filling out applications. Daytime TV ain't what it used to be (except for ELLEN, whose show I'll miss the most WHEN I finally start working again).

Anyway, I've always loved Train (duh, see previous post, ha ha), so I thought this song would be appropriate for me today...

I'll never give up hope.

Wish I could have embedded it, but it's been denied. Oh well. If you can, enjoy!!!

~Lady K
Treble Angel 3


Anonymous said...

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Pink said...

hmm...i think that comment is a worm.

I like your bouncy angel thingy

I get bored too but its funny how you can get bored whether you're not busy or absolutely frantic, eh?

hope you found some inspiration

Lady K said...

pink ~ i think you may be right. e.g. the reason I didn't reply to it, although I thought it was cute. ha ha. you're such a little cutie.

KC said...

Hope you find normalcy again... but it helps that you're feeling better and I bet... looking hot - what more can a girl ask for?? LOL... oh yea... a job! Wishing you luck on that front... Take care...