Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The Clusterfuck Continues...

My life has elevated to a mongolian clusterfuck (thanks, Limpy). I've been in pain for the past 3 weeks or more, sucking it up and eating ibuprofen like candy, which doesn't do a THING for it (OR my liver, thanks). Not to get too personal, but I have been starting to bleed again like a stuck pig. Okay, I'm exaggerating, but still... I thought it was part of the healing process at first, but another trip to the trusty gyno today told me otherwise. It's NOT normal to be having a "period" when they took everything OUT 3 months ago! HOLY SHIT!

Lots of deep breaths later...

He ordered a couple of tests involving dye being injected into my veins and some bloodwork. I've become an EXPERT at peeing into a cup without a DROP getting on my hands OR the outside of the cup. Needless to say, I'm a little scared, because if internal organs are starting to fuse together, I may be in for another bout of surgery. Jingle fucking bells, right? YAY.

This didn't stop me from my now-becoming-obnoxious Christmas light qwest. My brother is awsome with them; he finally finished my outside porch lights, and they look fantastic!!!!!!!!

Then, while writing this post, I was having issues with my internet connection. I GOTTA tell you, the COX IT support guys are amazing. They're patient. They have a great sense of humor, even though, in the background, drunk brotherman kept yelling that they were idiots. I can't tell you the number of times they had me restart this contraption before we finally realized it's probably the stupid ethernet cable. Thank GOD I work for a communications company and may have time to just go in and make myself a NEW one...let's just hope it's the cable and not the input connection to the tower that's jacked up. Maybe I should just ask Santa for a laptop for Christmas this year...

Happy Hump Day, kids. Hope SOMEONE out there is humping. I'm not allowed, AGAIN. Doesn't mean I can't have sex dreams, right???

Oh, and GOD BLESS the person who invented Vicoden. Really.
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