Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Off to See the Wizard

Well, let's just hope he's a wizard. My GYN surgeon is sending me to a colon surgeon today. YAY, hooray for me. Just what I need, more stuff shoved up my ass. I couldn't be more thrilled...NOT!

I think today is just a consult, but GYNOMAN faxed over all the test results from Friday and I got my blood drawn yesterday. I guess they're putting a rush on all this shit (no pun intended) because of the severity/urgency of the situation. I can almost guarantee a colonoscopy will be ordered very soon. I can't wait for THAT roto-rooter test. Thank GOD they knock you out. The barium enima while I was awake was already pushing it. Can you say, EXIT ONLY?

Sorry I haven't been around y'all's blogs, but I have been thinking about you guys a lot. I've just been putting in long hours at work to make up for all the time I've had to take for this medical stuff. Let's just hope this doesn't turn into yet another surgery for me. Yes, I'm a fighter, but one can only take so many punches before the spirit gets weak, ya know?

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies and good vibes/wishes. It's nice to know I've got such a great support system.

Happy Tuesday. How many more days till Christmas? I only have ONE MORE gift to get, then it's on to the wrapping and stuff. I DID finally get my house done, and managed to make that whole 20lb turkey this past Sunday. And yes, I got pics of everything. Just need to get 'em all organized and posted.

Comfort & Joy,
Lady K
Treble Xray Christmas Lights


limpy99 said...

I'm rooting for you. Get it? Roto-rooter? Rooting for you?

Oh, I slay me.

Good luck. Send pictures of your colon!

Callie said...

Well, I don't need pics of your colon. Just send them to Limpy.


Hope everything goes okay. Keep us posted.


Lady K said...

Oh, you kids crack me UP over here! I'll give more info in my next post. Are we having fun yet?

TheBirdman33 said...

Wow baby, I'm sorry that I was away and missed all this stuff goign on with you!

I hope you are doing good. Keep thinking about what you are getting me for Christmas, it will keep your mind on happy things.