Wednesday, July 9, 2008


Population: ME.

Dropped off my car LAST THURSDAY. I understand that they were closed for the 4th holiday and all that, but today is...

YEP! WEDNESDAY, JULY NINTH! The fucker STILL hasn't looked at my car. Gave me a TON of excuses, so tomorrow morning I think I'm going to just GET my car and get it into a shop that has people who WILL look at it AND keep me posted.

I am ONE PISSED BITCH right now. The common courtesy would have been at least for this assflicker to CALL and TELL me that he wasn't able to get to it, so I would have the option to take it somewhere else. THEN, I called him today, and his SON tells me that the "compression tester" they were going to put it on was BROKEN, and they had to order a new one, which is "supposed to be in first thing in the morning." BULLSHIT.

I believe seething is a good descriptive word here.

Not to mention, mother nature is teasing us with wind and dust and clouds every night, but no rain in sight. And YES, y'all, I'm taking my hormones, ha ha.

Okay. Done venting. I had to do it or my family and my dog were going to suffer.

Thanks for listening.

Thank god for my awesome cooking skills, even though I have NO appetite. I made some more home-made bbq sauce today, and really am thinking about patenting the recipe. I'll post pictures of some ribs this weekend, if I'm not too busy kicking that mechanic's balls into his throat.

I'm gonna go do some laps in the pool and blow some bubbles. The pool is like bathwater right now, but it'll at least help me sleep tonight, right? And blowing bubbles...come on! Who doesn't like that in the summertime, right?

Treble Bubbles


Big Pissy said...


Sounds like you have a "Jack Ingram" situation on your hands.

Hope it works out for you. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww, sorry for all the car trouble. I wish there was something I could do!

On another note, I think I may need to steal that BBQ recipe. My crew and I are having a "Rib Off" in September. And I tasted one of the competitors ribs last night and the competition is stiff.

limpy99 said...

Who doesn't like blowing bubbles in the summertime?

Well, I suspect that Bubbles certainly has no problem with it.

Brad the Gorilla said...

I could always look at your car. But then, after I'm done with it, you might end up with a unicycle.

Big Pissy said...

Hey! How's it going? :)