Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Time Goes By...

Sorry I haven't been around, kiddos. Been having more health issues to deal with. Right now it's my FEET, which make me feel like I'm a stigmata victim or something. I have a doc appointment on the 4th (the soonest I could get in, believe it or not), so I'll know WTF more about that hopefully soon. Meanwhile, a lot of soaking, rubbing, and slathering of whatever I can get my hands on to make them feel better is going on. (watch it, Limpy ;-) ...)

They've been promising rain for about 2 weeks, then they say it won't. Typical end of July shit. Southern AZ got smacked pretty hard with all the tropical Dolly weather. Makes me want to move down that way. Just my luck, I'd just get settled in, and the weather would develop here.

Hope everyone is having a great month! By the way, I had a dream about NONNY the other night...anyone heard from her?

Treble Cactus


Big Pissy said...


What is it with you and your health?!?!? Has somebody got a voodoo doll of you or some crazy shit like that?!?!?

Get better soon. :)

as for Nonny....nope...not a thing... I miss her. :(

Callie said...

Nonny's fallen off the face of the planet. I miss her, too.

Hope you get better. Oh, and the appointment on the 4th - that's completely normal around these parts. Actually, the 4th would be a good one. I've actually tried to make appointments and been told there's nothing for 2 months. It's completely screwed.

*sending GET WELL vibes*

Lady K said...

BP ~ DUDE! Seriously, I'm beginning to think someone put a hex on me or some shit. This is getting ridiculous. Thanks for the good wishes.

callie ~ I feel like she's fallen and she can't get up, too. I really miss that pussbag.

Thanks for the vibes. Hopefully, this too, shall pass, and that'll be the end of it. I've grown quite tired.

limpy99 said...





Lady K said...

limpy ~




Fridaysweb said...

Didn't anyone ever tell you that foot jobs...oh, wait, I forgot; that only happens in the south where there's all this inbreeding, right? HAH! Hope you get it all straightened out, soon. I sorta like you and all that...I don't want you to feel bad :(

limpy99 said...

Then my work here is done. By the way, does KY come in BBQ sauce?

Jerrster said...

swing by for some jerrycandy girl