Thursday, February 7, 2008

Second Round

Okay, this is it, for the love of pete.

Tomorrow I check in at noon for yet another 2:00 surgery. This one is outpatient, unless he has to cut me open again. He's taking me into the O.R. to get that drainage tube out. Said he might have to make a "small" incision if it doesn't come willingly, but even if they put me under just the "twilight" sedation it would probably hurt like hell.

Ain't life grand? After this, it's all gonna be smooth sailing, right?

The infection on that part of the incision is healing nicely, I'm told. The nurses that come every day to change the packing are really cool and personable, so that's a plus. I need people with a sense of humor. I'd drive myself crazy if I didn't have one, although I'm starting to lose it.

Thanks for all the good vibes and virtual booze! Callie ~ I SO hope Munchkin gets well soon! I'm sending well wishes her way, too!

Have a GREAT Friday, peeps!

Treble Nurse


Callie said...

Thank you Lady!!!

After this is all through, we're all going to visit, and go out to have a REAL drink, okay???

Lady K said...

callie ~ you GOT it, girl. I'm SO ready for this all to be OVER!

limpy99 said...

hee hee, you said "packing"