Monday, February 11, 2008

On My Way complete recovery, that is. Friday I had that "procedure" done to get the JP drain out of my side. Good LORD what a fiasco. The doc said this is only the second time this has happened to one of his patients. Leave it to me to be "unique."

Meanwhile, everything else seems to be healing up pretty nicely. I don't think I'm going to scar as hideously as I thought I was, except for where that little infection was near my belly button. The home-care nurses are still coming to change the packing (BTW, Limpy, only YOU would make a reference to that word in my last post, ha) and bandages, although I can handle it myself now.

The days here have been in the 70's, so Mads and I have been walking just up to the corner and back twice a day. Sometimes she pulls on the leash a little too hard, but thank GOD I taught her the word "heel" when she was younger. Those short walks and the fact that she doesn't want to leave my side have been really strong medicine.

Thanks again, y'all, for all the good wishes and vibes. I should be able to get back to work in a few weeks, depending on what the doctor says. Till then I'll continue with the crosswords, daytime trash TV, and anything else I can find to occupy me. Hopefully next week I'll have the wherewithall to download some pictures and maybe do some light gardening.

Have a great week!!!

Treble Way Too Happy


Callie said...

Glad you're on the mend, Lady.

Things are looking up my way, too. Yay!

The next time hubby starts talking about going hunting down your way, I'll make sure to join him, so you and I can get together for a drink. Forget this virtual crap. I need to get loaded.



Lady K said...

callie ~ No kidding!!! I'm all up for getting loaded after all this. We deserve it, right? LMAO

limpy99 said...

Good you're up and walking around again. The winos were starting to get restless.

Lady K said...

limpy ~ yeah, I know, they were really getting scared when you got excited about the word "packing." Jeez. I'm gone for a couple of weeks and look what happens!

Anonymous said...

Yeah my sweety is getting better!