Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Here are my demands: I want a Philly CheeseSteak. The best in the country. I want the bun grilled/toasty, I want the peppers and onions PERFECT, and I want the cheese melted and gooey. AND i WANT IT WITH mushrooms AND a little garlic. AND I want some fries with vinegar.

The next day, I want a Big Mac with NO lettuce, a PLAIN BUN, extra sauce and extra pickles (the DILL kosher kind ;) ), NO middle bread, AND a fish sandwich. And fries. LOTS of them, and I mean FRESH, not those LIMP shit ones. Don't skimp on the ketchup packets, and I want some extra tartar sauce to dip those fries in, got it???

Next, I want anything off the Taco Bell menu. Then order me a pizza with extra cheese, extra pepperoni, and mushrooms.

OH! Wait. HONEY BEAR'S BBQ, shredded pork or chicken, and ANY kind of BBQ falling-off0the-bone beef ribs. Shoot, right now I want to make my OWN damn ribs. I make some really good baby backs.....

Don't get me started on ham and peas and stuff... ANY KIND OF MEAT!!!!

My mouth is watering, and I wish I had it in me to research any kind of pics, but I'd only be making you guys more hungry! LOL!

I'll just sit here and eat my fucking mashed potatoes and pudding.



Callie said...


I'm sorry, sweetie. But, after your surgery, and your recovery time, you can eat the biggest steak in the state, and a side order of fries. Okay?


limpy99 said...

You're really kind of a whiner aren't you?

The solution is easy, just chuck some ice cream, chocolate syrup, a couple of Oreos and some milk into a blender and make shakes.

Lady K said...

callie ~ I know...

That doesn't mean a little dab of A1 sauce can't tide me over, right? LOL

Lady K said...

limpy ~ YUP. see my next post. If I were thinking of you at this point, I'd be asking them to send MALE nurses. You know, the ones you service behind the hazardous waste dumpster? LOL