Friday, January 18, 2008

Uh...Change of Plans

Hey kiddos! Change of plans, surgery has now been scheduled for this coming Monday, the 21st. Checking in at 12 noon, surgery commencing at around 2pm. Looks like they'll be taking out part of my colon and then fixing that nasty fistula. Honestly, even though I'm scared outta my wits, this is a relief, because I know once it's done, I'll be back to normal. Whatever THAT means, ha ha.

I'll be gone for about a week, but as soon as I get back on this crazy thing, I'll let you know what happened. I doubt they'll let me take any pictures, and besides...I don't want any "valuables" in there while I'm out of it, anyway.

Wish me luck, and keep the prayers and good vibes coming. I really appreciate all your good wishes.

Lots of luv,

~ Lady K

Treble Thumbs Up


Callie said...


I'm glad you're going in sooner. Get this crap taken care of!

Then, when you're out, and doing better, I'll send you a REAL meal.


I'll be sending all my get well vibes, sweetie!

Lady K said...

callie ~ THANK YOU! I got the dealio on what they're gonna do. I think I might just post about it while I'm listening to my squeakass dryer. LOL