Monday, June 25, 2007

Oh No You DIDN'T!!!

Yeah, I got nothin' for a Monday morning, so I'm recycling yesterday's post. LOL

I got up at 5:00 this morning, on a SUNDAY, no less, to get some water. Not unusual, it's my "pre-breakfast" thing on weekends. Then I usually just fall back into bed.

Pookie-dork-madnessty is usually sleeping in the "crook" of my knees, thinking she's small enough to do so, and raring to go out. When she's not, I pretty much know what to expect. Such is so...

Walk out into the living room and...

AW, crap. Literally. Bitch crapped all over the living room. AGAIN. I swear said bitch has it out for me for something I said or did or didn't do. (What? The whole "endless fetch" thing wasn't enough?)

I won't deface this blog with pictures. At least I didn't need the scrub-vac, but I CAN say, this early in the morning, breakfast will definitely become "brunch."

Picking up dog shit first thing in the morning sucks. Think I'll write a song about it. Wanna hear it? LOL
Treble Singer 2


Big Pissy said...


My Maltease, Momo, poops in the den on a fairly regular basis.

Luckily he does it on an indoor/outdoor rug and it's easy to pick up.

Still don't like it though :(

Hope your Sunday gets better! ;-)

Callie said...

One of the many reasons I have a cat. He knows how to use the litter box, thankyouverymuch. (Even with a broken leg! my poor baby!)

Lady K said...

BP ~ When she DOES do it, she usually sticks to the extra piece of carpet right in front of the patio door. Sometimes, though, she misses.

callie ~ It's been a dream of mine to teach my dog to use a litter box. So far, no such luck. Hope kitty's leg heals soon!!!

captain corky said...

I agree, there's better ways of waking up to Monday morning then picking up dogshit. ;)

Have a great day Lady K!

limpy99 said...

Our dog poops in the yard.

Good girl.

Cap'n H said...

I second Callie's assertion about cats.

Linus Lizardbane R.I.P.