Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Home Alone

Shit man, FUCK! My boss is on vacation all week, which makes me the official "babysitter." I try not to look at it that way, but some people in the office need...uh..."guidance." I'm doing my best to be diplomatic yet cool, but I can't help but think, "when the cat's away..."

They'd NEVER chit-chat this much if bosslady was around, but my "appointed authority" means NOTHING to certain individuals. I'm doing as much as I can to keep everyone busy, but even *I* am running out of work. Some of us are taking initiative to get shit done and maybe learn something new, while the others just see it as an opportunity to fuck off all week. Luckily, I can talk to the "big boss" and get some advice from him. We're supposed to meet tomorrow.

I even got to go out this afternoon (field trip! ha ha) to one of the grocery stores we service, to look at some of their "post-remodeling" aesthetic phone needs, and check out any other problems they were having. There are a boatload of problems, but their corporate just doesn't want to spend the money. NOT our problem, although we're trying to accommodate them the best we can. I really have to say I learned a great deal. Note to self: follow up with the service mgr, I got some ideas when I was in that store.

TALK ABOUT OPENING A CAN OF WORMS!!! One of the IT guys and I finally got back from the store (TWO hours later), and I immediately just grabbed a smoke, went outside, and deciphered the notes I took. I needed quiet time, as the minute I walked in the door, it was "happy hour," without the alcohol. UGH. Talk about wanting a DRINK when I got home.

Speaking of coming HOME, did you guys happen to catch NONNY'S comment on my last post? I guess that's her way of letting us know she's still alive. If I know Nonny, she's probably got something up her proverbial sleeve sometime soon...

Happy Hump Day, PEEPS!!!
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Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Thanks for letting me know about the Nonny comment! Boy, she really threw us for a long loop. Nonny, if you're reading this, know this and know this now:

um, we missed you.

Lady K said...

alkelda ~ she's got no new post. I'm hoping like HELL that someone hasn't hijacked her blog again and isn't just messing with us.

captain corky said...

Sounds like your really busy this week and you really care about your job.

Have a great day K! Hopefully Nonny's going to start blogging again. Blogging's fun.

Jerrster said...

Let me Guess...you work for the Dept. of Home Land Security.

Lady K said...

cork ~ yeah, it's crazy but I gotta admit I'm loving it. YOU have a great day, too!

I hope the nonster starts posting again, but I'll admit I'm not holding my breath. LOL I agree, blogging is fundamental!

jerr ~ hee hee!!! I might as well, right? Think I'd pass the background tests?

Big Pissy said...

I heard from Rat last night that he'd emailed Nonny and she'd emailed him back.

She's going to start posting again in July and is concerned that she won't have any readers!

As if!!!

Nonny, come back!!!!!!

p.s. I left you a comment on Jerr's blog. ;-)

Nonny said...

Hey, does Thorny Nips still work with you? I'm gonna be floored if she does. I'm slowing coming back to reality. What have I been doing the last 3 months? Too much to get into here, let's just say I was in a deep depressive state for about a month and I'm just now starting to feel back to normal (or as normal as I get anyway). I will DEFINITELY be back in time for the birth of Corky Jr.

Callie said...


Nonny's back.

I must have ESP or something. Do you want to know what I was doing yesterday (when I should have been working)? I was searching various white page engines trying to find Nonny.

That's right - I was trying to be a detective. I had a list of people I was going to call today who may or may not be related. LOL!!!


Oh - and Lady . . . sadly, I'm one of the people who were declaring happy hour. When I'm bossless, I goof off. Bad Callie!!!

limpy99 said...

That comment from Nonny was spooky.

Hold me.

limpy99 said...

Not the new one, the one where she just said "Hi". The new one fills me with optimism and hope for July.

Either that or my oatmeal is repeating on me.

Fridaysweb said...

Well, I'll be a monkey's uncle - err, aunt. Welcome back to Ms. Nonny!

As for your plight: lead by example. If you all run out of things to do, a little spring (okay, SUMMER) cleaning could be in order. You can't tell me that everyone's desk is squeaky clean. Files can be updated, filing cabinets consolidated, etc. You may also consider sending a memo to your cohorts, asking if they'd like to make suggestions regarding making things smoother with the stores you service, etc. It could break the monotony and keep people busy. Or, you could just fuck off and make it seem like you are just up to your eyeballs in busy-work...while you blog your little heart out ;)