Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Some More Good News

It just keeps getting better, right?

My GP's office called me and said the latest test results showed dramatic improvement in my liver enzymes. WOO HOO! He also said he'll clear me to have surgery if I PROMISE not to touch ONE drop of alcohol from now until then.

The liver doc still wants me to get one more panel done next Wednesday, and I'm going to do that just to be on the safe side. By then I should be within normal levels and we can get this show on the road. FINALLY!

Moms told me to start shopping for that bubble they're going to keep me in until I go. I don't blame her, there's some nasty stuff going around down here right now. I'm drinking plenty of juices and tons of water, and drinking Airborne (kind of like alka-seltzer but boosts your immune system).

It's about time. This daily pain really gets to me, especially since I really can't take anything to alleviate it.

Have a good Tuesday!
Treble Doctor


Callie said...

No drinking????

That bites.

Tell ya what - I'll drink double to make up for it.



Lady K said...

callie ~ LOL I'll just sit back and watch everyone else. Do a shot for me!!!

Big Pissy said...

Who's gonna blow up the bubble? ;-)

Take care of yourself, girl! :)

Nonny said...

HI :)

captain corky said...

He didn't say anything about shooting heroin did he? That's where I would draw the line.

I'm sorry, I just lost my shit. I just scrolled down and saw a ghost.

Is that Nonny?

Big Pissy said...

OMG! Nonny is alive!!!!! yea!!!

Lady K said...


BITCH, where the FUCK have you BEEN? We've all been worried SICK!

HI back :) Fucking POST something for christ on a golf cart.

Lady K said...

Is it Ceasar or Caesar? I can NEVER remember that shit.