Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Oh, Yes I DID...

There was NOTHING on TV tonight. My usual CSI reruns on SPIKE were replaced by fucking FAKE WRESTLING, and I've seen just about every episode of "Everbody Loves Raymond," so...
Yes...I got sucked in. I flipped between "Last Comic Standing" and "Celebrity Fit Club."

Yeah, I know.

I'm blaming it on nonny. That's all there is to it. (What??? Did you lose MY email address or something? ;-) (insert our usual insults here)

I actually laughed my ass off at a lot of the comics. Laughing really IS great therapy. There really are some talented people out there. Sure beats listening to off-key singers on the American Idol auditions, although that's comedy initself.

"...Fit Club" got me really pissed at Dustin"what's-his-name" (Screech) for his stupid drama. What a dickweed. I'm SO glad I didn't buy into his whole t-shirt scam to save his fucking house. He deserves to live in a cardboard box on lower Buckeye as far as I'm concerned. Selfish little prick. If he's trying to get "into character" for some porn movie he's making, I sure as hell ain't going to Castle Boutique anytime soon. I may never have sex again after seeing him with his new "products." (SHUDDER)

Anyway, I'm officially hooked on this Last Comic thing. Not hooked enough to get suckered into their stupid "text us for the punchline" thing at commercial break, but I must admit I love a good, long, hard.........


Happy HNT, pervs!
Treble Girl 6


Big Pissy said...

I LOVE Celebrity Fit Club! My favorites are "Ross the intern" from the tonight show. he's a HOOT! and of course..."Marcia, Marcia, Marcia!".....*LOL*

that dustin diamond is a total and complete prick...he's done a good job at getting everyone to despise him.

Never seen 'Last Comic Standing'. Sounds like something I need to watch.

Maybe Nonny broke up with you and just didn't know how to tell you....maybe she found someone new to trade insults with..... *LOL*

Lady K said...

BP ~ I can't believe I'm getting sucked into these shows, although they are "new" for me. I DO love the obviously VERY GAY Ross.

YES you really should watch Last Comic. It's hilarious!

WHAT? Aw, she wouldn't do that. Would she? That little ho...LOL

Callie said...

I love Last Comic Standing. I think hubby and I have watched every season but one. I only caught the first few minutes last night. I cringe watching the tryouts. They're just . . . painful.

Besides, Jumpin Jack Flash was on last night, and that trumps just about anything on TV ever.

Nonny said...

Why are you watching shit like Last Comic and Celebrity Fit Club when "So You Think You Can Dance" is on. Also, please watch the reruns of "Flavor of Love Girls-Charm School", that show is too unbelievable for words.

And I would never abandon Lady, she's the only person as sick and twisted as I am

limpy99 said...

See, if you got into baseball you wouldn't have these problems.

Since when does Screech qualify as a celebrity?

Lady K said...

callie ~ I'm really digging on it too, but you're right, the auditions are brutal.

nonny ~ OH how I've missed you. I've never heard of "Flavor of Love." WTF is THAT all about? I suppose I could google it.

limpy ~ I like baseball, if I'm the one playing it.

LOL um...probably not since Saved By the Bell, and even then, that's stretching it.

captain corky said...

Screech really is a big asshole. I'll never be able to watch Saved By the Bell again.

Big Pissy said...

nonny: I DO watch 'So You Think You Can Dance'....I LOVE that show.

I only watch Fit Club b/c of Ross.

I want to be his best friend.

you know...kinda like you and Lady. ;-)