Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Field Trip!!!

Ya know those paper things on your office phone that tell you everyone's extensions, or which button to push to do an overhead page? We call them "desi's." (designation templates)

Part of my job is to print those, and provide the plastic covers that go over the buttons.

Thursday I get to go up to one of the grocery stores in Phoenix and figure out how many/which model phones they have (certain models have certain desi's) and what they need printed on them, depending on the programming on each phone. It's just a follow-up for a remodeling job we did for the store. I can't wait, because 1) it's getting me OUT of the office again, and 2) the store I'm assessing is right across the parking lot from one of my favorite restaurants, Kokapelli Grill. They have the most AWESOME burritos there. I haven't been there since I had to do the commute up there every day over 4 years ago. The building I used to work in is pretty much right next door. I REALLY hope it's still there.

Then I get to go give my last bloodwork. Next week we'll see if surgery is "yay or nay." I mean, it's already "yay," according to my G.P., but the liver guy wants two more tubes to see how the enzymes are doing. I'm not thrilled about another bruise on my arm, but if it means I'm thismuch closer to living with no pain, it'll be worth it.

Woo HOO!

AND, it's almost the weekend!

Have a great day, kiddos! (Nonny, if you're there, the monkey's just for you. Freaked me out a little.)
Treble Monkey 2


Junebugg said...

Are you sure the liver guy isn't a vampire who just likes to snack on your "red"? Hope the trip goes well and that your fave eatery is still standing.

Lady K said...

june! you're ALIVE! Hope sweet thang is doing better, I know that's part of the reason you've been a little mia lately. No KIDDING about the liver guy. Maybe he IS secretly stashing my sweet blood. LOL. I am LOVING that they're sending me out on yet another mission. It rules! And hey, if my eatery isn't standing, there's always the buck-twenty-nine coveted ultimate cheesy quesadilla at taco bell, right?

captain corky said...

Eat an extra burrito for me K. I love me a good burrito with lots of meat! Only one more day of work left for me this week. Yeehaw!

Lady K said...

cork ~ that's a big 10-4!!! I always get the pork carnitas with cheese, sour cream, guacamole and fresh salsa. It's HUGE and I can only eat about 1/2. Nice that you get a long weekend! Enjoy!

Callie said...

Oh, man, does that sound good.

Now, I'm hungry.

And my cereal and yogurt doesn't sound half as good as it did this morning when I packed it.


Have fun on your field trip!!

limpy99 said...

I would kill for some good guacamole' right now. Fortunately, our cafeteria doesn't make good guacamole, so everyone's safe.

Bostick said...

I always write in the extensions with a fine point sharpie.