Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Brutal with a Capital "B!"

Jury duty SUCKED. I got there barely on time, after driving around the fucking parking garage for 15 minutes trying to find a spot. I forgot I carry a mini-screwdriver in my purse, so going through security was a huge ordeal, with them emptying tampons and girly whatnots out on the table for all to see. Once I slapped that "Juror" badge on though, they had no problem with me coming and going. At least they let us come and go as we needed, as long as we signed out & back in.

The facilities were new since last time I had to serve. They actually had a break room with a fridge & snack/soda machines, a quiet reading room with comfy chairs, and the main area with 5 video screens hanging from the ceiling and they showed movies. They weren't all great, but at least they were looking out for us. Doesn't mean it still didn't suck...BORING!

I opted for the reading room, having brought a really good book. I was amazed that there were actually people SLEEPING in there.

10:30am, they called us all out into the main area and started calling names. I had my fingers crossed that I wasn't on the list.

Dummy me...when all the names got called, they told 'em all to go HOME. HOME!

They called us all back an hour later, called off MORE names, but they all had to go up into a courtroom to answer questions to see if they were worthy to serve on a trial. If not, THEY got to go home.

They gave us an hour and a half for lunch. SWEET. I just walked around downtown for awhile, but it was SO hot outside, I just grabbed a sandwich at the deli next door and went back in (actually one of the best turkey sandwiches I've ever had). OH! AND I was hit up by some whacko crack addict asking me for a buck so he could get some lunch. I said, "sorry," kept walking, and he yells, "YEAH, CRACKER, you ARE sorry...let me TELL you about how fuckin' sorry your white ass is..." Nice. I had some choice words for him, too, but I was afraid of getting shot so I just kept walking.

Okey dokey...yet another reason I don't go downtown, and I guess it's not safe even during the day!!!

Long story short, they kept us until 5pm. SUCK. THEN I couldn't find my car in the damn garage. I walked around in that smoggy thing for 20 minutes. I had even written down what section I was in, kept seeing my car on the next level down but couldn't for the life of me figure out how to get there. It sucks to panic when it's 115 degrees. The freeway was a complete parking lot, and I was low on gas. Drivers are assholes, so it took me two exits to get OFF there so I could find a gas station. After that, I just took surface streets home. It IS good to be home.

The end. LOL

Happy Hump Day, boys & girls!!!



captain corky said...

Does this mean your done with that bullshit for a while?

Have a great day K!

Lady K said...

cork ~ yeah, I'm done. Well, at least I have to go to traffic school. THEN I'll be done with all that bullshit. You have a great day, too!

limpy99 said...

Wouldn't it have been ironic if you wound up on the crack addict's jury?

Fridaysweb said...

Why traffic school? Are you exempt for 2 years, now? That's how they do it, here. That's per county, though. Since we moved, I could be called again, anytime. It makes me hesitant to register to vote, again. (I'll have to since I moved)

Lady K said...

limpy ~ LOL yeah, that WOULD have been fun.

birdy ~ OH, I got a ticket awhile back and they're requiring me to do it...damn photo radar!!!

Big Pissy said...

Good Grief!!!!
At least it's over!

Hope the rest of your week is better. :)