Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wastin' Away in Margarita....I mean...Mosquitoville

These little bastards are everywhere. My doors/windows are closed up tighter than a cork on a wine bottle, but they STILL manage to get in and bite the SHIT out of me. What pisses me off the MOST is that they wait till I'm SLEEPING and can't fight them OFF! Every year they seem to get smarter.

What GIVES? I's like the Island of Dr. Mosquito...they're MORPHING.

HEY! Maybe it's the MOSQUITO BITES that are making my liver enzymes so high...thoughts? Anyone? ... Bueller? Bueller?

I've been cooling the apartment down more because of them, trying to just kill them off, and sleeping undercover (just a's a hundred-fucking-FIVE outside). My next electric bill ought to be interesting.

Pops gets to go see whether he's gotta get his heart shocked back to normal rhythm tomorrow, and I get to go see if I need a liver transplant, ha. I'm sure he won't, and I'm sure I won't. Had to make bad jokes or I'd be wigging. We were joking that we're both sick of being poked, prodded, and stuck with needles. Last blood draw for me resulted in a REALLY ugly bruise in the crook of my arm. NOT gonna let THAT chick stick me in 2 weeks, that's for sure.

MOMS looked GREAT! She really DOES, for someone who's been working so much. I'm on Pop's side., though..time to retire, dammit! (I'm like her, though..."THEN what would I do?")

Shit man...TRAVEL or live off your kids!!! :-D

Happy Monday, my peeps! I'll update ya after they stop tickling me.

Treble O Onyinywxhukqu? (yes, dear, it's real.) Otis? Oswald? Osmond? Ocunnoqhwurst? Ohcumghache? Olusijbomi? (yep, those are real, too.) Orwyn? Oswald? Owen? Orlando? O! O! Ocanigetaclue? Oicantgiveuppricelessinfo? Oiamadickhead? Give it UP!!!


captain corky said...

105 IS Fucking hot!!! Summer is here already. Places like Kentucky and Arizona don't have Spring do they?

Lady K said...

cork ~ when it's already 91 at 8am, you KNOW summer has arrived. Nope, we have TWO seasons...HOT, and NOT so hot. The couple months out of the year where it reaches 118 are worth the rest of the year where it's in the 70's and 80's.

limpy99 said...

Get a mosquito net for your bed.

Lady K said...

limpy ~ LMAO! Don't think I haven't thought about it. I wonder if they sell those things at Home Depot?

Bostick said...

Skeeters and Gnats keep the yankees off my island so god bless them.

Other than for that reason I hate the sumabitches.