Saturday, May 12, 2007

The Results Are In!!!

Doc called me yesterday to let me know about my recent Hep, no Mono ~ YAY!


(ah shit, there's always a "but" these days)

My iron level is high. I don't know what that means, or what causes it, so I got online to find out.

Bad idea.

There are a zillion things that could cause a high iron content in the blood, including liver disease and a couple other diseases. I'm NOT going to freak out.

I think I'll just see what the ultrasound results say on Monday and take it from there.

Call it denial, but I'm just sick of worrying about shit that COULD happen.

Hope you're all having a good weekend! I gotta go bake 14 lbs. of beans now (yep, 14!). THAT'S gonna be cool...

Treble Chef


captain corky said...

Allyson is taking supplements for low iron. Apparently it's common in pregnant women. 14 pounds of beans sounds yummy!

Lady K said...

cork ~ I've heard a LOT about LOW iron. I'm sure the preganancy is making A's level low. Reading up on my HIGH iron levels is freaking me out. FUCK, man, SHIT!

SHE has nothing to worry about. MY thoughts and prayers are for a SHORT, PAINLESS labor. I wouldn't know, but they always tell you to BREATHE!!!!

Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Lady K, I've got low iron. You have high iron. Perhaps we could work out a deal?

Lady K said...

alkelda ~ I'm all over that deal. I'd rather have low iron than high. Damn WebMD for scaring me!