Thursday, May 10, 2007

Comic Relief

My parents are a riot. They are my best friends in the whole world.

Preface: Got a call from the "ultrasound scheduling people" in the EVENING, no doubt. I joked with the girl that she was there late, and she says, "oh, yeah, well, we're here till 8...unfortunately." (I have discovered that the nicer you are to these scheduling people, the quicker you seem to get in when you finally get there.)

Ultrasound on the alleged distressed liver is Monday morning. HAPPY HAPPY JOY JOY! I am EXTREMELY ticklish, so this could be the laughter that is the best medicine. When the GI was feeling up my abdomen, I kept giggling. Seriously. He kept apologizing, I kept saying, "HEY, it's just who I am." GIGGLY.

Anyway, I called the 'rents to let them know...obviously they are BOTH feeling WAY better, because moms tells me that they BOTH think I should be wearing a surgical MASK anywhere I go, and pops thinks they should just put me in a bubble until my bloodwork comes back "normal."

"If you can't find some humor in adversity, you might as well give up hope." ~ ME, unless this is just a long-term historical quote that I'm plagiarizing. If so, my guess is that Eleanor Roosevelt would have said something like that. If not, then anyone...take it.

Our company picnic is this weekend. I'm hoping it's not as interesting as I think it may be...and I REALLY hope it's not going to be 102 degrees., although there may be relief if it IS hot...

Happy Weekends, kids, and for you "Muthuz" out there...Happy Mother's Day!
Treble Barbeque Flower


captain corky said...

"If you can't find some humor in adversity, you might as well give up hope."

That's good stuff! Have a great weekend K. Are you going to do anything with your mom?

Lady K said...

cork ~ Thanks! I think I came up with that one on my own. And yeah, I'm gonna hang with moms on Sunday. We'll either BBQ or order pizza. :-D

Big Pissy said...

You're so lucky to have your parents close by.

Have a great Mother's Day with your Mom! :)

Junebugg said...

Glad to see you in a better mood, enjoy the 'rents, I'd give anything to have mine back for a day