Thursday, May 31, 2007

Going Crazy

The front desk dispatcher had an appointment this morning, so I'm stuck answering phones and doing dispatch.

I abhore doing this. Seriously. I hate feeling like I'm chained to my desk. It's bad enough I had dreams about work last night, and now this.

I'll write more this afternoon or tonight when I get home.

Have a great HNT.

Treble Crazy At Work Moony


Fridaysweb said...

Answer the phone in a foreign accent. You could mix your words up, too. I saw something cute on tv last night that would be a great example: "I must have had tee many martoonis" It would, at the very least, leave you laughing through the day :)

Hey, I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO happy about your liver thingy going well! Now, let's get the rest of you well so you can have the yankerouttayou taken care of :)

JoeinVegas said...

Oh, come on, it's the desk of power.
But I like the foreign language idea - just spout out some Hindi or something then hang up after the third HUH? When they call back just pretend they dialed wrong the first time.

captain corky said...

That sucks. Having to deal with people and all. Well, hopefully you didn't have to deal with too many assholes.