Thursday, May 31, 2007


Alkelda tagged me on "8 Facts/Habits About Myself," and I finally gave it enough thought. I'm sure once I publish this I'll think of 8 more, but Brad the Gorilla also tagged me, so I suppose that gives me free license for another meme. It's all about me, right?

Here are the rules: Each player lists 8 facts/habits about themselves. The rules of the game are posted at the beginning before those facts/habits are listed. At the end of the post, the player then tags 8 people and posts their names, then goes to their blogs and leaves them a comment, letting them know that they have been tagged and asking them to read your blog.

Anyway, I'd like to preface this meme by saying I'm being completely honest; please don't judge me! Exit, stage LEFT!!!

1. I'm terrified of the dark, unless there's someone else there, and even then I'm pretty damn uneasy. Yes, I have a "night-light." I'm such a pussy. (Don't START with me, Limpy!)

2. I have a good number of "phobias." I'm claustrophobic if in a confined space for any length of time. I MUST stand right in front of the doors on an elevator. I'm working on that.

I'm mildly agoraphobic takes everything I have to be in a huge crowd without feeling anxious. I don't HATE people, and I'm not afraid to step out, it just makes me nervous to have someone all up in my "personal space." Could be part of being raped at gunpoint when I was 19. Shrug...don't know, but I'm over that. Just don't EVEN ask me to go to the mall around Christmastime.

Acrophobia is another, except on roller coasters and really cool amusement park rides. Looking over the edge of somewhere REALLY high makes me squinch up my butt cheeks, whether the space is enclosed or not. That scene in "Ferris Beuller's Day Off" where they're leaning on the glass of that really tall building freaks me out. It could also be a fear of falling (don't know the name of that phobia), because just being up high doesn't bother me so much as the fall. I DO want to skydive to prove to myself that I can be fearless. One good shove with a tandom diver ought to do it. Or scare me into a sanitarium, one of the two.

Each one of those "phob's" probably deserved its own number but this is MY meme, right? LOL

3. My major pet-peeve is spelling and grammar. I'm guilty of fucking up from time to time. "" is one of my bookmarks. I used to have a really bad habit of correcting people. "Deaf/death" is HUGE with me. If you can't hear, you're NOT "death." Christ on a trapeze. What, are you, DEAF? (No offense to anyone who's really deaf!)

4. I LOVE PINK FLOYD! (This one probably should have been first.) I can't get enough of them. I especially like listening to them through the headphones, when I have what I like to call, "down-time." While I'm being honest, Karen Carpenter was the reason I became a singer, and I like Neil Diamond and Cat Stevens. A LOT.

5. I had a GREAT childhood. Most, but not ALL, the memories are the best, but I think I turned out alright, and I'm best friends with my parents, who are still together and still in love, and THEY are still best friends. That's just RARE in this world.

6. Flying over water scares the fuck out of me. Hell, see #2, and that's only 1/2 of it! I've never been "across the ocean," but once, on a trip back to Cleveland, we flew a little bit over Lake Erie so the pilot could turn around and land on his designated strip. I nearly soiled myself.

7. I have a really bad habit of tuning people out when they're talking to me about something I have absolutely no interest in. Especially politics. The receptionist at work drives me BATSHIT with her rhetoric, goading one of the IT guys into some sort of debate (can you say, attention whore???). Sometimes I just want to scream, "Shut the fuck up, work is NO PLACE to voice your fucking political (and/or religious) opinion!!!" (Okay, I guess I had to vent a little there...)

8. I secretly like being tickled until my ribs hurt.

This sure has been fun. I, for one, learned some things about meme.

I hereby tag the following people in this Lady's kingdom (yeah, okay, there're sue me):

Big Pissy
Callie (if it's done fucking pouring)
Cap'n Cork
Jerry's Mad Penis

Happy Friday, and everyone have a safe, happy, healthy weekend!!!
Treble 3D Prom Queen


Alkelda the Gleeful said...

Friday's right: You really are brave, Lady K.

I get a little wiggy in crowds, too.

Lady K said...

alkelda ~ you are really kind to say that. A GREAT friend once told me, when things were really fucked up, "adapt and overcome." Since then, it's become a mantra. That, and "it's only pain." (Okay, I'm a real wuss with major pain, but the "adapt and overcome" thing stuck BIG time.)

captain corky said...

3. My major pet-peeve is spelling and grammar.

How can you stand to read my blog? ;)

When I first started blogging I had to write all of my posts in e-mail because my spelling was so bad. Blogger's spell checker sucked big time too. It's much better now and so is I.

Lady K said...

cork ~ wild horses couldn't drag me away from your blog. You're post's crak my up. :-D

Gordita said...

That was really intense for a meme...I didn't know a lot of those things about were raped at 19?!?!? Good Lord! I'm so sorry!

This meme might be hard for me since I'm constantly spilling my guts on my blog.

But I'll do it~since you asked. ;-)

Jerrster said...

well...god damn I don't do these things normally...but hell you tagged parts of me 3 I will do it.....currently I'm on a bit of a your state of AZ...there is a graduation to go to and tons of family to deal with...but before the weekend is over I'll git er' done.

I was a little surprised that we had so much in common after reading your phobias..hahahaha

Lady K said...

gordita ~ all memes are welcome!!!

jerr ~ you best call or email me while you're here. I know you're not THAT far! If not, have fun and enjoy the "dry heat." LOL

Fridaysweb said...

This is so much fun - learning new things about pals. If you're afraid of flying over water, what about bridges and tunnels? There's a stretch of nothing but bridges and tunnels across the Chesapeake Bay, in Chesapeake, VA that I adore! Haven't been in years, but it'd be cool as hell if you and I could travel it together. I'll drive and tell you all about the time we took my incredibly "bridge-a-phobic" (is there a word for that?) aunt along and the noises my dad would make just to freak her out. hahahaha

Loops O'Fury said...

I sometimes get anxious in crowds too. Concerts or shows are okay, because there's sort of an orderly focus of group energy. But festivals or airports where there are hundreds of people with hundreds of different trajectories? Hell. Makes me feel like Han Solo dodging asteroids.

Callie said...

I'll do it. Eventually. LOL. It takes me awhile to find some down time to write posts. :-)

btw - I hate crowds, too!!!

limpy99 said...

Give ma a couple fo days and I will get to it.

(OK, I made those typos on purpose)

Molly said...

getting high and watching Cat Stevens concert footage on youtube has gotten me through some rough days...(a few years ago it was getting high and listening to Cat Stevens, technology is pretty great!).

If I could clone Cat circa 1976 and make him fall in love with me my life would be complete.

Big Pissy said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Big Pissy said...

Oh! and fucking blogger has locked me out of my own blog!

So until "their humans" decide to unlock it, I can't post a damn thing.

Damn it! :(

Anonymous said...

I am awful at doing these things but I will try to sit down and do it this weekend.




Junebugg said...

Sorry it took me so long to respond, life has been a little hectic around here. I promise to give this some thought and post it, I've gotta try to think of something that I haven't already blabbed all over the 'net already!